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Benefits Of Professional Lawn Care For Your West Palm Beach Property

As a homeowner, it can be easy to get lawn jealousy. It’s not that you don’t put in the effort, it’s just that no matter what you do, your grass just doesn’t have the same shine or fullness that your neighbor’s lawn has. Is there something you aren’t doing right, or perhaps a product your neighbor has that you don’t? Chances are they have done one of two things. Either they have studied and put in the countless hours needed to maintain a happy and healthy lawn, or they have hired a professional. We are here today to help you decide, which option is best for you.

What It Takes To Maintain A Healthy Lawn

Many different factors go into maintaining a happy and healthy lawn. The first thing you have to understand is how to identify weeds and which methods work best to stop each type. This requires a fair amount of research.

Another thing you need to know is how to measure the pH of the soil to find out if it is more acidic or alkaline. This factor will determine which fertilizer your grass needs. If you have ever walked into the lawn care section of a home supply store, you know how many options for fertilizer exist. Purchase the wrong kind for your lawn and you could do more harm than help.

One thing many homeowners do not take into account before applying fertilizer is how able their soil will be to absorb it. Often unhealthy lawns are caused by densely packed ground soil. To combat this problem without harming your grass, expensive tools and equipment have to be bought and used. One method that works well is core aeration. This is a process where cylindrical tubes of soil are removed in an even pattern throughout your yard to allow compact soil to spread out.

Sometimes all it takes to keep you from the lawn of your dreams is simple pests. Gophers, voles, and moles dig unsightly holes. Aphids, beetles, and spiders can eat through leaves, grass, and garden plants. Grubs can tunnel beneath your lawn and kill your grass by eating its roots. If you don’t know how to treat or eliminate these pest threats, everything else you do to keep your lawn taken care of properly could be in vain.

Finally, to maintain a happy and healthy lawn you have to understand how to deal with thatch. Thatch is the tightly intermingled layer of dead and living roots, leaves, and stems that builds up between grass and soil. Dealing with thatch is a delicate process that can be done with a lawnmower, rake, or other more reliable heavy-duty lawn care machinery.

How Professional Lawn Care Works

Properly maintaining a lawn is a very intensive process. Get one thing wrong, and hours worth of work could be for nothing. To avoid unneeded stress, and potentially even save yourself some money in the long run, consider professional lawn care services for your property today. At Native Pest Management, we use only the latest and most effective methods, products, and machinery to ensure the lawns we care for have the best chances of remaining happy and healthy year-round. Plus, with us, you have the added benefit of high-quality pest control services. If pests cause trouble for your lawn and landscaping, we can handle them, if bugs and rodents keep getting into your home, we have a solution.

Give us a call today to find out more about our lawn care and pest control services in West Palm Beach, or to schedule a visit for your property.