Termite Control in South Florida

Termites can be scary. They are a pest you usually don’t see but that you know could be present right now in your home causing unseen damage. At Native Pest Management, we take the unknown out of termites and provide you peace of mind that your home is protected with our termite control programs.

All of our termite control options are guaranteed for a minimum of one year. Annual renewals to extend your home termite protection will be offered, at which time one of our licensed termite control technicians will thoroughly inspect your home for termite activity and any conducive conditions.

Drywood Termite Control

Drywood termites will feed on undecayed wood in your home. They do not require any contact with the soil to live like subterranean termites do, so they do not build mud tubes. This type of termite can often be moved into your home unknowingly when infested furniture is brought inside.

Drywood termites will create very small 1/8 inch diameter holes to enter wood in your home, in which they will create chambers for their queens to lay eggs.

An easy way to identify the presence of drywood termites in your home is if you find termite frass (pictured above.) These pellets are hard and can be various colors and often may appear to look like small piles of dirt inside your home against walls or on windowsills.

When a Drywood termite colony matures after a few years within your home, termites with wings will appear inside. This is called a termite swarm, and for Drywood termites it occurs most often from April through July and frequently after rains.

No-Tent Termite Control

With advancements in termite control technology, fumigation is no longer the only option to eliminate termites from your home.

During an inspection of your home, if a drywood termite colony is pwe will find localized areas of termite activity, if present, and apply our treatment directly into the termite galleries hidden within the wall(s) of your home.

By injecting an expanding termiticide foam into the areas of activity, the product applied will flow directly into the active drywood termite galleries. As termites come into contact with the product inside the wall, they will inadvertently transfer it to the rest of the colony and the queen.

If termite activity is found to be in multiple areas of your home or if you would prefer a greater peace of mind that your home is protected from termites, a more extensive tentless termite treatment is available. This intensive treatment includes applying a long lasting residual into the attic of your home and within common hotspots of termite activity, to provide long-term termite control.

This no-tent method of termite control is often less costly than tent fumigation. It also does not require your family or your pets to leave the house. We are confident in the results our no-tent termite control provides and we guarantee control of all treated areas.

Tent Fumigation

The traditional tent fumigation is always the most effective way to guarantee complete termite eradication from your home. While it is often more costly and requires lots of preparation and days spent away from your home, it is sometimes the only option if a termite infestation is severe.

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Subterranean Termite Control

If subterranean termites are present in your home, it’s usually not visible. People usually first become aware an infestation is present when winged termites swarm in their home during their annual flights. After these flights, you will likely find dead termites with wings attached near windows, sinks and bathtubs.

Subterranean termite colonies may contain as many as a million termites and forage up to 150 feet in search of food. They often enter your home through small cracks or joints in the foundation or by building tubes on foundation walls. Termites travel up these tubes from their underground colony to access food.

By the time subterranean termites are discovered, the damage caused by them may already be severe. For that reason, we always recommend termite prevention for your home to stop termites before they are able to get into your home.

Advance Termite Baiting System

Baits have become the most popular method of subterranean termite control in recent years. To protect your home, we will install termite bait stations around your property to monitor for termite activity in the area.

When termites feed on the bait placed within these stations by our licensed termite technicians, it will be shared with their colony which will eventually result in total elimination.

Termidor Foundation Trenching

By applying a pet safe barrier of Termidor around your home’s foundation, subterranean termites can be prevented from gaining access to your home.

In Florida, your home builder is required by law to provide a new contruction termite pretreatment during construction before the foundation is poured, to create a horizontal barrier for termite control.

For an existing home, we will dig trenches around the foundation of your home to inject Termidor, which will provide a long lasting vertical barrier for termite control.

Subterranean termites will come in contact with the barrier we create on the exterior of your home, stopping them before they are able to get inside.

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