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How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Tallahassee, FL?

Tallahassee, the vibrant capital of Florida, is known for its rich history, but also for its warm, humid climate that (unfortunately) can become a breeding ground for a variety of pests.

If you have a pest problem, you might have tried a DIY (do-it-yourself) method to fend off those pesky pests. And, as it goes, that DIY method may not have worked.

We understand that the cost of professional pest control can feel daunting, so we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to walk you through the various factors that might change your bill!

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of professional pest control in Tallahassee, Florida, can range from $150 to $200 per visit.
  • Pest control costs in Tallahassee can vary depending on pest type, treatment method and frequency, infestation severity, property size, and time of the year.
  • DIY pest control methods offer cost savings but may risk effectiveness and safety. However, professional pest control services offer thorough solutions tailored to specific needs.

Average Costs of Pest Control in Tallahassee

In the Tallahassee area, including Leon County, the cost of pest control solutions can fluctuate and vary widely based on a variety of factors, such as:

  • the type of pest
  • the type of treatment
  • the frequency of treatment
  • the severity of the infestation
  • the size of the property
  • the time of the year

For general pest control treatments, it may cover common invaders such as ants, roaches, wasps, and spiders.

General Pest Control

Estimated Cost

Initial Visit

$150 - $200

Monthly Maintenance

$40 - $70

Quarterly Maintenance

$100 - $300

Just like any other service, costs escalate when dealing with pests like termites or bed bugs due to the specialized nature of the treatment needed.

Specialized Pest Control

Estimated Cost

Termite Control

$1,200 - $2,500

Bed Bug Extermination

$500 - $1,500

Rodent Control and Removal

$150 - $450

You should contact your local pest control services for an accurate pest control cost assessment.

Factors Affecting Pest Control Costs

The costs of Tallahassee pest control are influenced by various factors, which you should consider when budgeting for these services.

Type of Pest Infestation

Different pests require unique treatment approaches, which can significantly affect the overall cost of pest control services.

Here's a quick look at the cost estimates based on the type of pest infestation:

Pest Type

Cost Estimate


$120 - $1,500


$70 - $400


$100 - $400


$100 - $300


$100 - $300


$150 - $1,000


$100 - $300



  • Termite treatment can include bait systems or chemical treatments, influencing cost.
  • Early detection of species like Subterranean termites and Drywood termites can prevent costly damages.



  • Mosquito control may entail one-time events or ongoing control services.
  • Often includes targeting breeding sites to prevent future populations.



  • Roach infestations might need more extensive treatments, including follow-ups.
  • Cockroaches can carry diseases, making eradication crucial for health and safety.



  • Spider control typically involves targeting both the infestation and preventing future entry points.
  • Some treatments focus on natural repellents and maintaining ecological balance.



  • Flea treatments often extend to pets in the household, creating additional costs.



  • Wildlife control (raccoons, squirrels, skunks, etc.) can require trapping and relocation, reflecting higher expenses.



  • Control methods for silverfish are typically less complex, keeping costs moderate.
  • Reducing moisture can help prevent silverfish infestations.

Type of Treatment Method

The method chosen to treat a pest infestation plays a critical role in determining the cost. Below are the cost estimates for various treatment methods:

Treatment Method

Cost Estimate

Chemical Treatments

$100 - $1,200

Bait Systems

$100 - $1,000

Heat Treatments

$250 - $3,000


$1,000 - $4,000

Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments involve the use of pesticides that come with varying levels of toxicity and corresponding costs.

As an insect control, these treatments must comply with both local and federal regulations to ensure safety.

Bait Systems

Bait systems are commonly employed to control ants or termites, offering the potential for long-term cost savings.

The placement of these systems requires specialized knowledge to achieve the most effective impact.

Heat Treatments

Specialized equipment is necessary for heat treatments, making them particularly effective against bed bugs but also more costly.

This method is appealing to those who wish to avoid the risks associated with pesticide exposure.


Fumigation is best suited for addressing severe infestations, though it comes with the highest costs due to its comprehensive scope.

This method necessitates you vacate the premises during treatment.

Severity of Infestation

The extent of the infestation affects how much intervention is needed, thus impacting the cost. Here are the cost estimates based on infestation severity:

Infestation Severity

Cost Estimate


$100 - $300


$300 - $700


$700 - $4,000+


  • Minor infestations are quicker to manage, resulting in lower costs.
  • Early intervention can prevent escalation to more severe levels.


  • Requires more resources from pest services, leading to higher charges than minor infestations.
  • Accurate identification of infestation extent is critical for effective treatment.


  • Extensive infestations necessitate significant efforts and the highest costs.
  • May involve multiple treatments and follow-up visits to ensure complete eradication.

Size of Infestation

The size of the area infested can also dictate the cost of pest control, with larger spaces generally requiring more extensive treatment.

Cost estimates based on the size of the infestation are as follows:

Infestation Size

Cost Estimate (Initial Visit)

0 - 2,999 sq ft

$199 - $349

3,000 - 4,999 sq ft

$299 - $449

5,000 - 8,999 sq ft

$399 - $649

Frequency of Treatment

How often pest control services are required can also influence the overall cost, with more frequent treatments generally leading to better long-term control.

Here's a breakdown of the cost estimates by treatment frequency:

Treatment Frequency

Cost Estimate (Per Visit)









  • Less frequent than monthly, offers a balance between cost and effectiveness.
  • Can be adjusted based on pest activity trends.


  • Ideal for minor or preventive measures, with a cost-effective rate per visit.
  • Targets seasonal pests with timely interventions.

Cost of DIY Pest Control in Tallahassee

For those in Tallahassee facing pest problems, DIY pest control is a practical alternative to professional Florida pest control services.

The following details highlight the costs associated with various methods.

DIY Method

Cost Estimate

Chemical Pesticides

$10 - $50

Traps and Baits

$5 - $20

Preventative Sealants

$10 - $30

Garden Modifications

$20 - $100

Is It Time to Call a Professional Pest Control Service?

If you seek to maintain a pest-free home in Tallahassee, you must consider professional pest control companies (like us, Native Pest Management) as an efficient solution.

Local pest control services respond quickly to concerns, ranging from wildlife removal in the attic to dealing with unwelcome insects in the kitchen.

Choosing the Right Company

When selecting the best pest control company in Tallahassee for a free inspection at the first sign of a common pest infestation, consider the following points:

  • Check Licensure: Always ensure the company is licensed to operate in Florida. It guarantees that they have met state requirements to provide animal control and pest removal services.
  • Availability: Opt for local pros who are known to respond promptly to calls and inquiries. It is essential for tackling pest issues swiftly.
  • Free Estimates: A reliable pest control service often provides free quotes, allowing you to budget accordingly without commitments.
  • Specialized Knowledge: Consider companies specializing in wildlife removal if you're dealing with animals in the attic or similar concerns.