Termite Control West Palm Beach

Termite Control In Florida

Termite Control In Florida

Termite control in Miami, FL.

Termites can be intimidating pests to deal with, and because you’ll rarely see them, there may be a lingering feeling in the back of your mind that there termites are in your home, causing damage.

Without a thorough termite inspection or termite prevention, it is impossible to know if termites are present. Here at Native Pest Management, we prefer to take the unknown out of termite control, so you can have the peace of mind that your home is protected.

From termite fumigation, to "no tent termite" control, to termite bait stations, and termite pretreats, we warranty all of our termite control treatments.

Optional annual termite renewals allow you to have control over your home's termite coverage for as long as you are in your house, and those warranties can be transferred to anyone that buy's your home, adding to your home's value if you ever decide to sell.

At Native Pest Management, our top-rated termite control reviews speak for themselves, with over 3000 five star reviews on Google, Yelp, Nextdoor, Facebook, and Angie's List.

As winners of the Better Business Bureau's 2021 Torch Award for Ethics, we aim to always exceed our customers' expectations, and will always be here for your termite control needs. As an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company in the United States, we are here for the long haul and will be available to back up our termite warranty should any issues arise.

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Drywood Termite Control

drywood termites on wood in south florida

Drywood termites feed on the dry, un-decayed wood in your home, which may result in costly repairs if left unaddressed. The most common areas to find drywood termite colonies are inside door frames, windowsills, baseboards, wood furniture, attics, and wooden studs behind walls.

Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termites do not require any contact with the soil to survive.

Drywood termites can get into structures when you unknowingly bring infested wooden furniture inside. They also produce reproductive swarmers that may find their way into your home through cracks and gaps on the exterior.

Drywood termites create very small 1/8 inch diameter holes to enter the wood in your house where they will create chambers for their queens to lay eggs.

One way to identify the presence of drywood termites is to look for termite frass. These termite droppings are hard and can be various colors. They may appear to look like small piles of dirt inside your house against walls or on windowsills.

If a colony is in the attic or ceiling of your home, the frass may fall onto the floor or carpet in the middle of the room below.

When a drywood termite colony matures, which takes three to five years, termites with wings may begin to appear.

This appearance is called a termite swarm, and for drywood termites, it occurs most often from April through July and frequently after heavy rain. While this is the most common time to see flying drywood termites, they can swarm throughout the year if the right environment conditions occur. 

Drywood Termite Control Methods

Termite Treatment in Florida

No-Tent Termite Control

With relatively recent advancements in termite control technology, fumigation is no longer the only option to eliminate termites from your home. If your termite infestation is still small and localized to specific areas, we offer a no-tent termite control option.

During an inspection of your home, if a drywood termite colony is present, we will find localized areas of termite activity and apply our treatment directly into the termite galleries hidden within the window frames, door frame, and the wall(s) of your home. We will also use a borate-based dust into your attic.

By injecting an expanding termiticide foam into the areas of activity, the product applied will flow directly into the active drywood termite galleries. As termites come into contact with the product inside the wall, they will inadvertently transfer the termiticide to the rest of the colony and the queen.

This no-tent method of termite control is often less costly than tent fumigation. It also does not require your family or your pets to leave the house for any amount of time, and none of the prep work necessary for termite tenting is needed (bagging food, adjusting screens and fences, etc.).

We are confident in the results our no-tent termite control provides, so we warranty all treatments for a year following the initial treatment. We will then offer an optional annual renewal if you choose to extend your warranty.

During every annual renewal, we will arrange for a licensed termite inspector to do a full inspection of your home, including in your attic, for any new termite activity or conducive conditions that may attract termites in the future.

Tent Fumigation For Termites

The traditional tent fumigation method is always the most effective way to guarantee complete termite eradication from your home. While it is often more costly and requires preparation and days spent away from your house, it is sometimes the only option if a termite infestation is severe.

Every year we tent hundreds of local homes and businesses for drywood termite control.

Due to the liability involved with termite control, we continuously train our termite inspectors on the laws, labels, and procedures to safely and effectively provide fumigation services.

We have provided tent fumigation for homes, businesses, yachts, boats, cars, buses, hotels, condo buildings, and apartment complexes. When it comes to termite tenting, we’ve seen it all.

Contact us today to schedule a free termite inspection to determine which termite control plan we recommend.

Our Termite Control Process

West Palm Beach free termite inspection

Free Inspection

Whenever a home is under our care for termite control, we have a trained and licensed termite inspector do a complete visual inspection of the interior and exterior of your house.

Upon completion of our inspection, we will recommend the course of treatment that will work best for your situation.

West Palm Beach termite tent treatment


We use the most advanced methods and products in our termite treatments. Determining the type of treatment we provide hinges on if you have an active infestation, the type of termites that have invaded your home, and the severity of the infestation.

Family with termite warranty in West Palm Beach


All of our termite control methods include a one-year warranty. If termites get into your house within the year, we’ll return to re-treat at no additional cost.

This warranty is transferable if you sell your home and you have the option to renew your termite warranty for additional years.

Subterranean Termite Control in Florida

Subterranean termite in West Palm Beach

If subterranean termites are present in your home, they’re usually not visible because they spend their lives underground or within the wooden structures of your house.

Often, people become aware that an infestation is present when winged termites swarm into their home during their annual flights. After these flights, you will likely find piles of detached wings near windows, sinks, and bathtubs.

If you find winged termites or even termite wings in your Florida home or business, contact us immediately to schedule a free termite inspection.

presence of a termite swarm indicates that a large and well-developed colony is somewhere nearby and likely already in your house. It usually takes at least three years for termite colonies to produce reproductive swarmers that can fly. 

Subterranean termite colonies may contain as many as a million termites, and termites can forage up to 150 feet in search of food. They can enter your home through small cracks or joints in the foundation or by building mud tubes on foundation walls. Just like finding discarded wings, finding these mud tubes is another indication of a termite infestation.

Mud tubes are usually found on exterior and interior foundation walls and are about the width of a pencil. Other common entry points for subterranean termites are the plumbing penetration points through the concrete slab under your home. Termites travel up these tubes from their underground colony to access food.

By the time you discover you have subterranean termites, the damage they have caused may already be severe. Even in concrete block and new construction homes, we have seen these termites destroy the wooden studs within walls.

Since subterranean termites cause more extensive damage at a quicker pace than drywood termites, we always recommend termite prevention for your home or business to stop these termites before they can get inside.

However, if you suspect that termites are already present in your home, we can still help by eliminating the active colony and preventing any future ones that try to get inside.

Subterranean Termite Control Methods

two native pest management techs

At Native Pest Management, we perfer to use eco-friendly termite control when it is available to minimize the impact on the environment. To stop subterranean termites without the need for termiticide chemicals to be applied in the soil surrounding your home, we now offer the Trelona Advanced Termite Bait System.

What Is The Trelona Advanced Termite Bait System?

The Trelona Advanced Termite Bait System is a termite control system manufactured by BASF, a leading product manufacturer. Termite colonies across the country are being hit in as quickly as 15-45 days with the use of these advanced bait stations, which have the active ingredient Novaluron.

Termite bait stations have become the most popular method of subterranean termite control in recent years. To protect your home or business, we install termite bait stations at regular intervals around the foundation of your house to actively bait subterranean termites and destroy their colonies before they can cause any damage.

How Do Termite Bait Stations Work?

The Trelona Advanced Termite Bait System that we will install at your home or business each come pre-loaded with two Termite Bait Cartridges. As recommended by BASF, stations will be installed in the soil surrounding structures approximately every 10-20 linear feet.

We then will inspect these stations annually. The bait in these stations will remain effective for 2 to 4 years under typical conditions, at which time our termite inspectors will replace the bait in your stations so that they remain effective at protecting what matters to you most.

The Trelona System uses an active ingredient that, when consumed, prevents termites from molting, which eventually leads to death.

Worker termites not only consume the bait and alert other workers to its presence but also bring it back to the other colony members, eventually eliminating the entire colony.

Our termite baiting system treatment includes annual follow-up visits to check the bait stations, refill them if necessary, and perform an inspection for any signs of termite activity.

Why Do We Suggest Termite Baiting?

At Native Pest Management, we believe in Integrated Pest Management - because pest populations should be prevented before an infestation is present.

It is our opinion that termite bait stations are the most effective preventative option for subterranean termites in our service area which includes all of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, and Indian River counties.

What is Termiticide Foundation Trenching?

By applying a pet friendly barrier of termiticide around your home’s foundation, we can prevent subterranean termites from gaining access to your house. Subterranean termites will come in contact with the barrier we create on the exterior of your home.

If they consume it, they will die, but it also has a “transfer effect” that allows termites to spread it to each other. This effect acts like a virus to “infect” the entire colony, eliminating them all.

We can protect your home with the protection it needs to protect it from termites, regardless of whether you have an active infestation. For an existing home, we will dig trenches around the foundation so we can apply a barrier of liquid termiticide, which will provide a long-lasting vertical barrier for termite control.

Typically, each liquid termiticide application applied via this method will last approximately five years, at which time we recommend either having a new application or switching to the Trelona Advanced Termite Bait System. 

What are Termite Pre-treatments?

In Florida, home builders are required by law to provide a new construction termite pre-treatment during construction before pouring the foundation, to create a horizontal barrier for termite control.

Native Pest Management can provide same day termite pre-treatments. Our termite pre-treatments include a blue dye so that building inspectors can verify the treatment was applied correctly. 

We also regularly apply termite pre-treatments for home additions and remodels, as well as termite pre-treatments for commercial and industrial businesses and HOAs and even for government buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If there are tree stumps or dead trees on your property, it's only a matter of time before termites enter your house. Now is the time to take action to eliminate them before they get inside.

We recommend removing the stumps or dead trees immediately and scheduling a free termite inspection. 

We often find that trees or tree branches die as a result of insect damage from whiteflies. At Native Pest Management, we provide guaranteed whitefly control in Florida to protect your trees, which ultimately helps prevent the presence of dead wood on your property is attractive to termites.

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If you suspect that either drywood or subterranean termites may be in or around your home, contact Native Pest Management immediately.

As a top-rated provider of termite control in Florida, we do our best to provide our customers with convenient, safe, and non-invasive termite control and prevention.

With offices in Miami, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Margate, FLWest Palm Beach, FL, Port St. Lucie, FL, and Tallahassee, FL, we have the experience and ability to treat for termites throughout the state. We also service all  all of Leon, Palm Beach, Broward, Martin, Miami-Dade, St. Lucie and Indian River counties.

We look forward to helping you prevent and control termites so that your home continues to stay termite-free. 

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