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What Everyone In West Palm Beach Needs To Know About…

termites swarmers alates on a wooden support

Did you know that termites don’t need to sleep? If that doesn't make you worried about the coming termite season, it should!  Spotting springtime termite swarms in or around your property is often… Read More

The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your West…

mosquito sucking blood

When you bought your property, did you expect to fend off mosquitoes every time you went outside? Most new homeowners don’t think about these blood-feeding pests before they sign on the dotted line… Read More

Are The Spiders In West Palm Beach Dangerous?

brown recluse spider on a rock

Have you ever stopped and considered whether spiders are dangerous? They have been embodied as the pinnacle of scary pests in horror and Halloween decorations. But despite their reputation, most… Read More

How To Keep Centipedes Out Of Your West Palm Beach Home

house centipede on the floor

The more abnormal something is, the creepier it seems. In the case of the centipede, this long pest’s multiple crooked legs, odd coloration, and snake-like body make it one of the creepiest pests in… Read More

The Trick To Keeping Mice Out Of Your West Palm Beach…

little house mouse up close

Many benefits come from living here in West Palm Beach, Florida. We have year-round warm weather, beautiful views of the ocean, and a busy downtown that is full of culture and good food.  Read More

A Handy Guide To Ghost Ants For Boca Raton Property…

ghost ants feeding in a kitchen

Do you have a preference for where you would like to live one day? Would you enjoy living in the mountains up north? What about in a house on a lake? If you enjoy temperate weather and endless ocean… Read More

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