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Do I Need to Hire an Ant Exterminator?

Types of Ant Infestations Once you recognize what’s invading your home it becomes much easier to drive it out. Making an informed decision concerning your ant control plan ultimately requires basic… Read More

Do I Need Professional Cockroach Control?


Common Cockroaches in South Florida There are many types of roaches in the area, but some are more common than others. These four cockroaches are the most common in West Palm Beach, FL, and the… Read More

How to Deal with Tiny Ants on the Kitchen Counter

ants on spoon on kitchen counter

Why Are There Ants on My Kitchen Counter?   You’re more likely to find an ant in the kitchen than in other parts of your home because it’s an ideal location for finding food. The kitchen is… Read More

Spring Pest Control

Spider Control West Palm Beach, FL

What is Spring Pest Control? Every local pest control company knows what the Spring season entails. Tons of calls requesting an immediate pest control treatment.  Each year as the temperature heats… Read More

How to Find the Best Pest Control Companies Near Me

Best Pest Control Companies Near Me

Considerations There are a lot of considerations to take into when it comes to finding an exterminator in your area. The best option will often depend on your specific needs. When looking for a… Read More

What Does Termite Damage in Port St. Lucie Look Like?

Termite Damage Port St. Lucie

Termites Damage Wood Termites feed on wood, as it’s one of their primary food sources. They quickly move through wood structures and wood surfaces to create tunnels and chambers. They’ll continue… Read More

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