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Big-headed ant

Ant Pest Control FAQs

Here are some FAQs about ant pest control from Native Pest Management.

Why am I still seeing ants after your technician just treated them?

It seems counter-intuitive, but the products we use are meant to keep the ants alive for a few days after treatment. This is so they can carry the products back to the colony to eliminate them. If we just used sprays to kill the ants on contact, they would come back over and over again since the colony would never be eliminated.

Why am I seeing ants on my driveway/patio/pavers after treatment?

A. Ants are very attracted to pavers because the sun heats them so they are very warm underneath. After we treat them, the dirt mounds will stay there until a heavy rain washes them away even when there are no ants. Are you seeing live ants in them? If so, I’d be glad to schedule a free follow-up treatment this week.

Where are the ants in my house coming from?

There are bugs on outdoor shrubs and trees like aphids and whiteflies that eat the nutrients from plants and secrete a substance called honeydew. Ants eat honeydew, so it is like there is a buffet of food outside your house attracting ants. Once ants are outside, they usually find their way into the house in search of water which is why they are often in the kitchen or bathrooms.

Do you only use baits for ants? I can get baits at the store.

On the exterior of your home, we use liquid products called non-repellants, that the ants inadvertently cross and carry back to the colony to eliminate the colony. We use this in addition to professional-grade baits with high active ingredient percentages that work much better than baits sold at stores like Publix and Home Depot. 

Have you heard of big-headed ants? Do you treat those?

Yes, we specialize in the treatment of big-headed ants. There are millions of them and they have massive colonies. Since there are so many, it often takes 2-3 treatments to eliminate them from your property. Would you like to schedule a free inspection tomorrow?

Have you heard of white-footed ants? Do you treat those?

Yes, we specialize in the treatment of white-footed ants. While some companies require attics to have special treatment to eliminate white-footed ants, we have found that this is not necessary. Our program which includes a product applied inside the attic access on the initial service guarantees control of white-footed ants. Would you like to schedule a free inspection tomorrow?