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Large rodent

Rat Pest Control FAQs

a norway rat inside a house in south florida

May 03, 2021

Here are a few FAQs about rodents, and what Native Pest Management can do about them.

What do you charge to trap for rats?

Rats enter homes from the exterior, often from the roof. To guarantee rodent control, we have to identify and rodent-proof all potential exterior entry points. This requires identifying how many roof vents and potential entry points there are. Since every house is different, would you be available for a free inspection tomorrow so we can provide you a competitive price?

Why haven’t your technicians caught any rats?

We often find that during the initial rodent exclusion process, rats flee the home. If the home is sealed while rats are outside, the trapping program would not catch any rats in the attic. We do warranty the service though, so if you continue to hear them inside you are covered. If you still hear rats in the home and we haven’t caught any, it is often because rats are trap shy and are smart enough to avoid the traps until we change the placement or bait used.

Do rats go outside to find water if I use poison bait in the attic?

No, this is a myth. Rats often die in inaccessible areas of the attic or walls when bait is used inside. This will cause the house to smell for weeks while the rats decay, so we never recommend using bait inside.

How are the rats getting into my house?

99% of the time we find it is roof rats getting into homes in South Florida. Roof rats are very skilled at creating entry points with their sharp teeth. They can also climb up trees and climb along power lines, so are good at getting onto roofs where they can enter through various vents or other entry points. 

I smell a dead rat or animal in my house, do you provide rodent removal?

Yes, this would be a flat price of $250. The rat may be inside of a wall or in an inaccessible area of the attic though, so if we are unable to locate it, there will be no charge. We are able to inspect attics but are not able to go inside of crawl spaces under homes.

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