The Trick To Keeping Rodents Out Of Your West Palm Beach Home

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They didn’t get their name because of any domestic prowess, but these invasive mammals have their hearts set on taking over your household!  As one of the most common home-invading pests, house mice are almost completely dependent on human activity. Not only do they love the constant food and garbage output, warmth and moisture, and private living quarters, but they will likely reward your hospitality with dangerous illnesses or food contamination in return. If you spot a pest with large round ears, a sharp-pointed snout, and a fuzzy tail that measures only a few inches long, you may have found a house mouse inside your West Palm Beach home.

The Dangers, Damages, & Prevention Steps Of West Palm Beach Rodents

Mice can cause dangers a-plenty in West Palm Beach homes. Here are just a few of the most dangerous and concerning ones:

  • Mice easily spread disease from place to place, including strains of bacteria, viruses, and several types of parasites. 
  • Mice gnaw through anything and everything for a chance to nab a quick snack. They have been known to chew through drywall, wooden beams, cardboard, and even some types of concrete. 
  • Mice are fleet footed magicians that make your coveted food favorites up and disappear. They quickly contaminate the food items they break into, rendering them inedible.

You probably aren’t looking to pick up any freeloading tenants this spring, but you may find yourself in a pickle should certain attractant factors be in place. Mitigate these concerns with the prevention steps listed below:

  • Seal up any and all entry points that catch your eye. Even holes as small as a quarter could be letting mice indoors, meaning that every crack, gap, and crevice needs to be addressed right away. Use a waterproof sealant to repair smaller concerns, and hire a team for more complicated tasks. 
  • Run a dehumidifier in chronically damp areas of the home. Not only will this prevent mice from finding suitable habitat spaces, but it could prevent lots of other pest concerns, too. 
  • Do not allow food items to remain exposed in the open air for very long. Sweep, mop, and otherwise clean up any food crumbs that could be attracting mice to the home.

Mouse Circumstance? Not A Chance. Choose Native Pest Management!

Mice are certainly a dangerous bunch, but homeowners in West Palm beach often overlook their dastardly deeds in lieu of an innocent, even charming appearance. See, the thing about mice is that they are nearly impossible to get rid of once they enter a house – and no, we’re not kidding. Mice reproduce quickly, grow up quickly, and eat through the house and home even quicker. Should your home be lacking proper rodent protection this spring, you may need to reevaluate your next action steps.

Call the West Palm Beach office of Native Pest Management to schedule a house mouse inspection right away. Our team is more ready than ever to address your unique concerns with fast-acting treatments and affordable pest plans, concentrating three generations of pest experience into a single home visit. Enjoy eco-friendly services, integrated pest management techniques, and customized pest control solutions every time you call us out for a visit.

Contact the professional crew at Native Pest Management to deal with the rodents invading your home. We make it easy to stay safe and keep mice and rats at bay for as long as we are partnered with you. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the folks that can make a difference by reaching out to Native Pest Management now!

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