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Rodent Control in West Palm Beach.

Which Is Worse In West Palm Beach: Mice Or Rats?

Rodent Control in West Palm Beach.

If there was a list of the most hated pests on earth, mice and rats would probably compete for the number one spot. These are some of the most pervasive animals to enter homes and businesses in West Palm Beach. Given that they are much larger than bugs, have sharp teeth, and can spread deadly diseases, it is no wonder that people are afraid of them getting into their homes.

Just thinking about mice and rats might make you uncomfortable, but the subject has to be brought up. You have to understand the differences between them in order to properly prevent them. Further, you have to know what you’re dealing with when it comes to their respective risks. Find out which is worse, and how Native Pest Management can help you get rid of rodents in South Florida.

Mice & Rats: Appearance, Behavior, & Risks

In general, mice are smaller than rats. Their little frames help them get through foundation holes of any size. They also reproduce at a faster rate; it takes almost no time for a mouse infestation to happen. Typical house mice are about seven inches long and have short brown, gray, or black fur. Their undersides are lighter colored. Wall voids, cabinets, and basements are where they prefer to nest because of the darkness, low traffic, warmth, and/or moisture.

Rats are ominous with their larger size and aggressive behavior. They range in size and color. Many are about 15 inches long, with tails extending to 7 inches. Color-wise, they’re often black, brown, or gray. They’re known to burrow in lawns and surround roofs, garages, attics, and insulation. Dampness, darkness, quiet, and humidity attract them too.

Land near grassy or wooded areas will likely be impacted by these rodents. It’s rare to have issues with both mice and rats simultaneously. Chief signs of an infestation are:

  • Finding droppings and/or footprints
  • Seeing rub or grease marks along walls and baseboards
  • Hearing scratching or squeaking noises behind walls
  • Spotting them out in daylight; mice and rats are nocturnal

The dangers of having these creatures around are many. They have ever-growing teeth that they’ll file on walls and wires. Not only does this create structural damage, but electrical fires can occur. They also have parasites in their fur and contaminate food and surfaces by crawling on them. Additional tainting happens when they urinate and defecate. Humans can contract illnesses as a result. Mice and rats are equally bad.

Mice & Rats: Prevention

By exercising quality building and lawn maintenance, you can reduce the chances of having to face down a mouse or rat. Thoroughly and consistently cleaning the inside of your home and/or business will be beneficial as well. Make the effort with these actions:

  • Put food and trash in canisters with tight lids.
  • Have your plumbing and moisture problems repaired.
  • Seal off gaps around windows, doors, foundations, rooflines, and utility lines.
  • Trim your lawn and greenery. Keep plants and flowers a few feet from exterior doors.
  • Clean your vents and gutters with regularity.
  • Cut down on indoor clutter.

Mice & Rats: Native Pest Management Extermination

You can’t be lukewarm in your elimination approaches with mice and rats. That’s why Native Pest Management is thorough when we come to treat your West Palm Beach property for pests. We’ll survey, treat, and repair entry points so that crawling intruders won’t be able to get in again. Our team will set traps and baiting stations in very specific places to catch and poison rodents. Last, we’ll use disinfectant fogs and other products to sanitize affected locations. You’ll be safe, sound, and pest-free when we get through.