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Guide To Protecting Your West Palm Beach Lawn

The Sunshine State has plenty of beautiful lawns to go around, but it’s not always a simple proposition for homeowners to keep their lawn looking green and healthy. That takes some serious time and effort, and you’ll need all the help you can get to protect from pests and invasive weeds that can undo all your hard work. Learn why you should partner with professionals to keep your lawn looking pristine all year long.

What Could Go Wrong?

With our sunny, tropical climate, the sun doesn’t quite bake our lawns and decorative plants like it does in other hot areas of the country. However, even if you manage to keep your lawn well-hydrated, there are still a lot of other problems that are harder to manage. Invasive weeds and pests can undo weeks of hard work out in the garden and destroy decorative plants and flowers.

Here are just some of the lawn blights to be on the lookout for:


Anyone who’s spent an afternoon yanking weeds out of the grass knows just how prevalent invasive plants can be. Crabgrass and other weeds spread like wildfire, and manually pulling them out doesn’t always kill them off.


In addition to invasive plants, your lawn also has to contend with pests that chew through foliage or use up all the nutrients in the soil. Worms and caterpillars are some of the most common culprits, but the list of yard pests that might invade is as long as the Gulf Coast.


As if encroaching plants and insects weren’t enough, you’ll also have to prepare for different strains of fungi, which can prey directly on your lawn or contribute to worsened soil conditions.

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy & Safe

With so many enemies to have to defend against, the best way to keep your yard protected is to take steps to prevent these problems in the first place.

Below are some helpful tips on how you can avoid some of these problems, though professional help is always best.

  • Landscaping: Overgrown grasses and shrubs make it hard to spot problems forming in the soil, not to mention the cover that excess vegetation provides for invading pests. Keep your yard trimmed down and set well back from any structures.
  • Yard debris: Piles of trimmings, soil, or bark all provide nesting grounds for all kinds of nasty pests. Make sure your yard is clear of debris and clutter.
  • Lawn treatments: The surest way to protect your yard from all of the above threats is with thorough treatments that ward off weeds and insects. Ask your local pest professional to get started right away.

The Benefits Of Professional Lawn Care

While the above steps can make your lawn less attractive to pests and help you stay on top of weeds, there really is no foolproof way to protect from all of the invasive plant and animal species that might try to move onto your property. The only assurances come from thorough solutions applied by experts.

At Native Pest Management, we’ve honed our process for total lawn protection in South Florida, which can help with all of the following:

Worm Control

Between chinch worms, armyworms, grub worms, and many others that can eat up nutrients in your soil, there’s little likelihood that you know how to ward all of them off. Our lawn treatments protect against every local variety of invasive worm.

Weed Control

Pests aren’t the only thing to worry about, as you well know. Our lawn treatments also protect against a wide range of local grasses and weeds such as crabgrass and sedge weeds that compete against your lawn.

Fungus Control

In addition to invasive weeds, our program also protects against fungi and spores that cause harm to your lawn.


Not only are our treatments safe for your decorative plants, but your lawn will also actually be bolstered by the nutrients provided by our applied fertilizers.

Trust Native To Keep Your Lawn Green

There truly is no end to the tasks you must keep up on in order to keep your yard safe from all the dangerous organisms that might plague it. Rather than take it all on yourself, use your time and money wisely by partnering with local lawn care professionals. At Native Pest Management, we offer monthly and bi-monthly lawn treatments, which protect your lawn from the many invasive species that might threaten it throughout the year. To get started on an inspection so that we can tailor treatment to your property and budget, contact us today.

Don’t let your gorgeous West Palm Beach lawn become overrun with destructive weeds and pests; turn to Native Pest Management today for effective pest management and lawn care services.