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Why Year-Round Mosquito Control In West Palm Beach Is Necessary

Why Invest In Mosquito Control?

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If you live in South Florida, you know mosquitoes are a problem here. It is also likely that you are aware of the threat mosquitoes can present. They're not just annoying pests that leave itchy welts on your skin; they can spread deadly viruses. This is the most important reason to invest in year-round mosquito control in South Florida.

Let's take a look at how mosquito control works to protect you from viruses, improve your quality of life, and prevent itchy wounds.

Mosquito Viruses

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Do you know how mosquitoes spread viruses? Mosquitoes aren't born with viruses. They pick them up. They can get them from infected humans or animals.

When a mosquito draws blood, it brings that blood into its gut. If a pathogen is picked up, it goes through the gut and enters into the salivary glands of the mosquito.

When that mosquito bites another person, they have the potential to spread the virus. Not all mosquitoes spread the same viruses. Some mosquitoes are prone to spread West Nile virus. Others aren't.

Some mosquitoes spread malaria and Zika. Others don't. In the West Palm Beach area, we have mosquitoes that spread every virus that is out there. Your mosquito control program needs to address all of them.

Breaking The Vector For Disease

There are a few ways a mosquito control program will break the vector of mosquito-borne disease. The programs we use at Native Pest Management take into consideration all the mosquito species we have in our area. We consider every detail to make sure you get the greatest level of protection.

  • We know that Aedes mosquitoes spread deadly viruses such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, and chikungunya. These mosquitoes breed in stagnant water resources. On every visit to your property, our mosquito control technician will apply a biological larvicide to areas of standing water to eliminate mosquito breeding sites. This larvicide targets mosquitoes but doesn't harm people, pets, birds, or fish.
  • We know that Celux mosquitoes are primary vectors for West Nile virus, which claims more lives in the United States each year than any other mosquito-borne illness. These mosquitoes tend to breed on damp ground, such as the ground found in your landscaping. Our technicians use pet safe mosquito fogging to eliminate these mosquitoes before they can reproduce near your home or business. These fogging treatments, which use insect-growth regulators, eliminate mosquitoes as they land in harborage areas and prevent mosquitoes from developing from egg to adult.

Improving Your Quality Of Life

When you invest in mosquito control, it's you taking your yard back. It's way easier to have cookouts, birthday parties, graduation parties, reunions, spend time by the pool and all of the other important outdoor gatherings of life without mosquitoes around.

Even if mosquitoes didn't present a serious threat to health and safety, they are never welcome guests to an outdoor event. Mosquito control in West Palm Beach can help you get ready for an important outdoor gathering or keep your yard ready all year long for any outdoor fun you choose to have. Call us today for a free quote to protect your property from mosquitoes. 

DIY Mosquito Control Isn't The Way To Go

There are many products that promise to help you get control of mosquitoes in your yard, yet they fail to deliver. If you've been trying to control mosquitoes and have found that they still manage to bite you, you're probably nodding right now.

If you're considering buying these products and doing your mosquito control yourself, be aware of the pitfalls.

  • There are many products that produce a smell that mosquitoes don't like. But female mosquitoes will put up with that smell to get a blood meal. A female mosquito must get a blood meal in order to reproduce. If she doesn't reproduce, her species could go extinct. She keeps her head in the game and will not be deterred by a citronella candle or some smoke from a fire.
  • There are many plants that produce scents that can deter mosquitoes. Along with not preventing female mosquitoes from getting blood meals, these plants need to be rubbed in order to release their scents. If you plant them and forget them, they won't do anything to deter mosquitoes.
  • You may spend money and get a bug zapper. You should know that studies have shown that zappers are only effective at killing male mosquitoes. This won't prevent bites because only female mosquitoes bite.
  • Mosquito systems apply the same product over and over again, which can allow mosquitoes to develop a resistance to that product. They also do nothing to stop mosquitoes from breeding on your property. Plus, who wants pesticides sprayed on their property 365 days a year?

If you live in West Palm Beach or surrounding areas from Fort Pierce to Fort Laurderdale and even down to Miami, contact Native Pest Management today for effective home pest control and commercial pest control programs. We'll help you take your yard back and make your yard a no-fly-zone for mosquitoes.

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