clover weeds in south florida

What West Palm Beach Property Owners Need To Know For Effective Weed Control

Weed Control in West Palm Beach

clover weeds in south florida

Are you discouraged by your lawn? Do you walk around your yard and wonder why there are so many weeds and brown spots? 

Do you always feel like you're in a losing battle in trying to keep your lawn green and healthy? We understand. 

It is surprisingly easy for lawns in West Palm Beach to die or to become infested with weeds. First you see a brown patch. Then the next thing you know a few weeks later it's covered in weeds that are spreading to the rest of your lawn.

How do you stop it? It takes a lot of work to properly care for a lawn and to keep it green.

Many of the products that are used to kill weeds can also kill your grass. Today, we're going to list some of the pitfalls and challenges of West Palm Beach lawn care and weed control

Hopefully, this will give you some insight into the complexity of lawn care in a tropical environment.

There are Lots of Weeds in West Palm Beach Lawns

Are you familiar with broadleaf plantain, crabgrass, clover, chickweed, Florida pusley, nutsedge, matchweed, sedge weed, spurge, or dollarweed? 

These are only a few of the many weeds that can be in your South Florida lawn. If we were to list them all, you'd get bored with reading them and move on. 

If you're not a horticulturist or lawn care specialist, you may have a hard time identifying all of the the weeds in your yard and choosing the right products to get rid of them.

Weeds Can Be Grass

weeds growing in south florida

Some of the weeds in our area are other forms of grass, such as crabgrass, goosegrass, or dallisgrass. These grasses can look like a blight in your lawn. 

They're thick, noticeable, and they lay down, rather than stick up like the grass you want to have in your lawn. These patches of grass are an eyesore and do nothing to help the curb appeal of your home.

How do you deal with a type of grass you don't want in your yard? Well, it depends on how much unwanted grass you have in your lawn. 

If there are only a few small patches, you may be able to take care of them with a product designed to kill the type of grass that has invaded your lawn. 

If you have a widespread issue, it takes careful analysis and a strategic plan to address the problem, which most homeowners are unequipped to develop and implement.

There Are Lots Of Weed Control Products

If you look online for weed-control products, it is likely to make your head spin. There are so many products. And all of those products promise to take care of your weeds. Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as spraying here and there and calling it a day. When you apply these products, they can be detrimental to your turfgrass.

Weed Control is a Science

When you invest in lawn care, you hire a scientist. How does a scientist deal with weeds?

  • A lawn care professional uses a combination of techniques and products to improve the health of the desired turfgrass so that it can outcompete the weeds.
  • A lawn care professional uses a moisture meter on every visit to identify areas of the lawn that are too dry or too wet.
  • A lawn care professional uses pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds before they appear. The timing of these applications are carefully selected to provide the best results.
  • A lawn care professional applies post-emergent herbicides to get rid of weeds before they spread.
  • A lawn care professional will identify and treat insect pests and fungus, which will damage lawns in West Palm Beach.

Are Weeds Taking Over Your Lawn?

If you have a weed problem in your West Palm Beach lawn, let Native Pest Management help you get your lawn looking healthy again. 

We provide all of the weed control services listed above. We are your Florida lawn care specialists. Achieving a healthy lawn is a process. 

Our service professionals have the training and experience to get the results you want through a process of inspection, analysis, and treatments. 

It is a multi-pronged approach that takes into consideration the complexity of your lawn care requirements and gets your lawn looking healthy and beautiful.

Do you have questions, or would you like to begin lawn service for your West Palm Beach lawn? 

We're here to help you with all your lawn care and weed control in West Palm Beach. Call today for your free quote!

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