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Silverfish Control in West Palm Beach, FL

Silverfish Control in West Palm Beach, FL

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Enjoy your silverfish-free home with our silverfish control service in West Palm Beach. 

Schedule an appointment now that works for you and say goodbye to those pesky silverfish for good.

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Let Us Take Care of Your Silverfish Problem in West Palm Beach

Native Pest Management, a family-owned company founded by third-generation Florida natives, offers complete residential and commercial silverfish control services to homes and businesses throughout West Palm Beach.

During our initial visit, we use long-lasting bait and insect growth regulators inside your attic and behind kitchen outlets to eliminate existing silverfish. We then strategically place insect monitors and treat the exterior foundation with granular bait to prevent silverfish from returning.  This comprehensive approach eliminates current silverfish and keeps new ones out, letting you enjoy a silverfish-free home.

Why Us?

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No more hanging around all day wondering when the pest control service will show up. We’ll provide you with a 2 hr time window and if we don’t show up within that range, we’ll credit you $25.

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Pet & Kid-Friendly

We use the safest products and treatment methods available for silverfish control. Our precise 30-point protection program effectively targets silverfish while remaining kid and pet-friendly.

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We not only get rid of your existing silverfish problem but also take steps to ensure silverfish don't come back in the future. Customers have been so impressed with our work that 88% would recommend us to a friend.

3 Easy Steps for Peace of Mind

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Book your initial silverfish control appointment today. We will contact you once we’re on our way, then knock on your door when we arrive.

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Our quarterly silverfish treatments utilize baits and insect growth regulators in hard-to-reach spots. We also use insect monitors and treat exterior entry points.

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After completing the treatment, we will email you a report on what was done, products used, and include notes on any concerns.


How can I prevent silverfish?

  • Avoid problems with silverfish by sealing cracks in your foundation, filling in spaces around pipes and wires entering your home, and covering vents and drains.

  • Create a crushed stone barrier between any mulch or soil and your foundation.

  • Keep landscaping plants cut back from your home’s exterior to allow the sun to hit the ground around your foundation and keep it dry.

  • Store trash cans and recycling bins up off the ground and away from the outside perimeter of your house.

  • Regularly vacuum your home to get rid of hair, dust, and dry skin that silverfish like to feed on.

  • Store dry goods in hard-sided containers with airtight lids.

  • Use dehumidifiers to keep your home free of excess moisture.

  • Repair leaky pipes and fixtures.

  • Make sure bathrooms, kitchens, and crawl spaces are well-ventilated.

What time of year are silverfish most common in West Palm Beach?

There isn’t a particular month or season that silverfish are more common. In West Palm Beach, they can be found year-round. 

Where do silverfish hide?

When silverfish move into a structure, they move to areas that will meet their moisture requirements. If silverfish are in your home, the following areas are where you are likely to discover them.

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Laundry rooms

  • Utility rooms

  • Crawl spaces

  • Cabinets under sinks

  • Wall voids near leaky pipes

  • Cardboard boxes and areas of clutter

  • In the attic on or around the insulation

Do I need to prepare my home for silverfish control services?

No, we do not require any sort of preparation for silverfish control services.

Are silverfish dangerous?

Silverfish are nuisance pests because they don’t bite or sting, nor do they pass diseases to people that make us seriously ill, but these pests are annoying and damaging. Their quick movements startle people, and their appearance often causes people to become frightened.

When silverfish decide to make themselves at home in our Florida homes, they cause damage to many things we all have in our homes, including clothing, papers, wallpaper, carpets, upholstered furniture, and dry goods stored in pantry areas.

How do I get rid of silverfish in my home?

Silverfish are repelled by strong scents, so using the following common items can sometimes be an effective way to get rid of them:

  • Dried cloves

  • Cucumber peels

  • Ground cinnamon or cinnamon sticks

  • Lemon, lime, or orange peels

  • Cedar oil

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