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Flea Control in West Palm Beach, FL

Flea Control in West Palm Beach, FL

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Enjoy your flea-free yard with our ornamental pest control in West Palm Beach. 

Schedule an appointment now that works for you and say goodbye to those pesky fleas for good.

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Let Us Take Care of Your Flea Problem in West Palm Beach

Native Pest Management, a family-owned company founded by third-generation Florida natives, offers complete residential and commercial flea control services to homes and businesses throughout West Palm Beach.

During our initial visit, we will identify the severity of the flea infestation and note any other present pests. We can then determine what cultural management practices (i.e. over-irrigation, mowing too short, or under-fertilization) may be contributing to the host plant material being more susceptible to pest infestations and will recommend corrections to those practices where possible.

Why Us?

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No more hanging around all day wondering when the pest control service will show up. We’ll provide you with a 2 hr time window and if we don’t show up within that range, we’ll credit you $25.

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Pet & Kid-Friendly

We use the safest products and treatment methods available for flea control. Our precise 30-point protection program effectively targets fleas while remaining kid and pet-friendly.

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We not only get rid of your existing fleas problem but also take steps to help your lawn recover from any damages. Customers have been so impressed with our work that 88% would recommend us to a friend.

3 Easy Steps for Peace of Mind

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Book your initial ornamental pest control appointment today. We will contact you once we’re on our way, then knock on your door when we arrive.

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Our monthly lawn and ornamental service utilizes systemic and translaminar products to keep your yard flea-free and thriving!

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After completing the treatment, we will email you a report on what was done, products used, and include notes on any concerns.


How can I prevent fleas?

  • Keep grass short. If the sun is able to heat the soil, it will keep it too dry to foster flea larvae into adults.

  • Remove dense vegetation, piles of leaves, and compost sites from your yard.

  • Prevent flea-carrying rodents by sealing gaps in your walls, keeping trash covered, and putting food away.

  • Regularly wash bedding and linens, including pet beds

  • Vacuum frequently

  • Brush and wash your pets frequently

  • Use a flea-prevention measure for pets year-round

  • Enlist the help of a professional control company like Native Pest Management for all-year protection

What time of year are fleas most common in West Palm Beach?

Flea season peaks in West Palm Beach in spring and summer, but due to the area's warm and humid climate, you can find fleas throughout the year.

What are the signs of a flea infestation?

  • Your dog or cat is scratching and biting excessively.

  • You notice small red bumps and bite marks on your legs and arms.

  • If you wipe away dirt and see red streaks.

  • There are small white or creamy oval-shaped objects on your furniture (these are likely eggs!)

  • Your pet is losing fur.

  • Your dog or cat has red bumps throughout their bodies.

  • You spot a flea hopping around your home.

Do I need to prepare my yard for ornamental pest control services?

No, we do not require any sort of preparation for ornamental pest control services.

Are fleas dangerous?

Although tiny in size, fleas do pose some dangers to both people and animals. Having fleas living in your yard or home is not optimal, and their presence should be dealt with quickly.

Fleas will bite anything that is warm-blooded and accessible. As such, both pets and humans are at risk of fleabites. In general, the bites are small, itchy, and result in painful red bumps that possess a "halo" around the bite center. They are usually found in groups of 3-4 in a straight line.

Fleas bite us and our pets to feed, leaving behind red itchy welts. In those allergic to their saliva, the itching sensation is very intense and uncomfortable. Secondary infections can occur because of frequent scratching at the bite sites. Large flea infestation on pets can lead to hair loss and the development of anemia.

In most cases, the bite remains small and fades in time. However, they may cause allergic reactions in pets as well as humans in the form of dermatitis. Save for allergic reaction cases, the bites subside on their own without medical intervention needed.

Keep in mind that fleas are the most common transmitter of the bubonic plague. In addition, they're also known to transmit tapeworms, anemia in pets, murine typhus, and other diseases, which is why it's important to pay attention to any symptoms that develop after discovering fleabites on your person.

In addition, fleas are a secondary host for tapeworms and can pass them onto people and pets. The spread of disease by fleas in the U.S. is not a significant concern, but they can transmit diseases to people, including murine typhus, tularemia, and bubonic plague.

How often should I get lawn and ornamental services?

We recommend that all clients get monthly lawn and ornamental service. For clients who don’t have a lawn or do not need the lawn care aspect, an ornamental service can be done independently.

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