spider on thee ground in south florida

The Secret To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your West Palm Beach Home

spider on ground in south florida

If you were to go outside and walk around your home, how many spider webs do you think you would find within five feet of your exterior walls? Three? Twenty? A hundred? Those webs are an obvious sign of spider activity. But not all spiders leave webs around your home. Some spiders don't make webs to catch their prey. Some make webs inside holes and within voids.

If you're finding a lot of webs, it is an indication that you have a lot of spiders - and possibly a lot more spiders than the number of webs. Not only this, each of those webs could have eggs on them. A spider can store hundreds of eggs on one web. Those eggs can release a few hundred spiderlings onto your exterior walls, spiderlings that could find tiny entry points into your home. The first secret to keeping spiders out of your West Palm Beach home is to properly dispose of webs. You can purchase a tool to do this. Let's take a look at a few more tips that can help you reduce spiders and to keep them out of your home.

Insect Control

spider on floor in south florida

Spiders eat insects. If you have lots of webs around your home, it is likely that those spiders have found a food source. You might think that it is a good thing to have spiders around; after all, spiders will eat insects and reduce their numbers. But we assure you, it isn't good to allow spiders to handle your pest control. While spiders can catch insects, even harmful insects like mosquitoes, they won't get complete control of insects in your yard, or keep them from getting into your home. It is far better to have a licensed pest control provider in West Palm Beach do that. If you don't have routine visits from a licensed professional, you should make the effort to reduce insects. Doing so will work to reduce spiders in your yard, and decrease your spider troubles inside your home.

  • Keep exterior trash inside covered receptacles, and try to keep your receptacles as clean as possible. The scent of garbage attracts insects.
  • Keep exterior lights off at night. If this is a security concern, replace exterior white lights with yellow lights, which are more resistant to insects.
  • Keep your shades and blinds closed at night to keep the light from leaking out.
  • Address any issues that cause moisture around your home. Many insects are attracted to damp conditions. An example of a condition that causes moisture is a clogged gutter system. Make sure your gutter system is doing its job.
  • Some insects are drawn to vegetation. Reducing vegetation in your landscaping can reduce insect populations. We're not talking about your pretty plants. We're referring to the weeds and unnecessary vegetation.

Seal Entry Points

It can be hard work to inspect your exterior and seal every entry point you find, but it is well worth the effort. This job can be made a little easier by knowing where spiders might get into your home.

  • Check your exterior windows. Spiders can get through torn screens, broken window panes, damaged seals, holes created by wood-destroying pests, and through gaps around windows.
  • Check your exterior doors. Spiders can slip under a door that has no door sweep, and get through a gap in weatherstripping. They'll also get in through gaps around the frame or holes created in the frame.

Hiding Places

When a spider comes into your yard, it will feel more at home if you have clutter, especially organic clutter. Spiders hide in clutter. That's why you see webs in old tires, cinder blocks, rock piles, wood piles, or the carcass of a 1972 Chevy. Whatever you happen to have in your backyard, consider whether or not it needs to be there. If it doesn't, consider stowing it away or throwing it away. Spiders thrive in clutter.


Another place spiders hide in your yard is within holes. If you have holes, spiders may take advantage of them. Filling holes in can remove potential hiding places. If you have a pest that is creating holes in your yard, like a gopher, seek professional assistance to have the animal trapped and removed.

West Palm Beach Pest Control

Remember that Native Pest Management is always available to assist you with your pest control issues. We provide one-time and year-round home pest control service options in West Palm Beach. Connect with us today. We can help you get control of spiders, and the insects they eat.

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