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The Key To Wolf Spider Control In West Palm Beach

Wolf Spiders In West Palm Beach

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What's big, hairy, eight-legged, and commonly gets into West Palm Beach homes? The answer is wolf spiders. But they don't have to be common spiders in your home. There are several ways you can deter spiders from your West Palm Beach home. Here's what you need to know.

Step One: Reduce Moisture

wolf spider in south florida

Water is one of the building blocks of life. Not only do wolf spiders need water to keep themselves hydrated, but their prey also needs water as well. A damp perimeter is a pet-friendly perimeter. Your first goal in wolf spider control is to reduce moisture. Here are some suggestions.

  • Clean your gutters to prevent water overflow and saturation in the soil near your home.
  • Repair damaged downspouts or splash blocks on your gutter system.
  • Remove weeds and any unnecessary vegetation in your landscaping.
  • Keep grass trimmed.
  • Water plants in the morning to allow the sun to dry the moisture in the early day.
  • Create space between plants in your landscaping to provide better airflow and allow the topsoil to dry quickly after watering.
  • Trim tree canopy to allow sunlight into shaded areas and dry things out.
  • Fix any exterior plumbing leaks.

Step Two: Reduce Insects

Wolf spiders eat many things, including other spiders. It is important to understand this because, while wolf spiders are hunter spiders that don't create webs to capture flying insects, they feed on spiders that do.

Reducing flying insects can help to reduce wolf spiders, other spiders, and of course, the flying insects themselves, which can also be pests around your West Palm Beach home.

  • Keep exterior lights off at night where it isn't a safety concern.
  • Keep shades and curtains drawn at night.
  • Replace exterior white lights with yellow lights that are less attractive to insects.
  • Keep your bagged trash in covered or sealed containers.
  • Routinely clean trash containers to eliminate smells that attract insects.
  • Remove stagnant water to remove breeding sites for mosquitoes.

Step Three: Remove Hiding Places

Wolf spiders look for hiding places in your yard. They use these hiding places to protect themselves from predators, and also to strike out at prey.

  • Get rid of any lawn clutter such as discarded toys, construction materials, unused plant pots, piles of rocks, and lawn equipment.
  • Remove organic debris, such as palm frond, leaves, and branches.
  • Fill in ground holes.
  • Address ground-burrowing pests as quickly as possible.

Step Four: Seal Entry Points

If wolf spiders can get into your home, they may just do it. You can resist them by filling in holes, cracks and gaps. Pay close attention around moisture points, such as where your pipes pass through your foundation wall.

  • Replace or repair weatherstripping, screens, door sweeps, and vent covers.
  • Use a caulking gun to temporarily fill in holes created by wood-destroying pests.
  • Apply a seal around door and window frames if gaps are present.
  • Install weep hole protectors if you don't have them.
  • Seal cracks in your foundation walls.
  • Repair damaged window panes.

Step Five: Take Simple Precautions

Wolf spiders can bite. The bite of a wolf spider is often compared to a bee sting. While not as dangerous as a bee sting, it is still unpleasant. You can avoid being bitten by a wolf spider by doing the following:

  • Shake footwear before wearing.
  • Shake clothing and towels before using them.
  • Wear gloves when working in the yard.
  • Be cautious when getting boxes and other stored items out of secluded locations.

Spider Control

Once you've done what you can do (or long before), reach out to Native Pest Management. We provide West Palm Beach homeowners with pest control solutions that address spiders and the insects spiders eat.

Your residential pest control plan will come with quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly treatments to reduce and repel pests around your perimeter and in your yard. With fewer pests around your home, you're a lot less likely to have an infestation inside. If pests ever do get in, you'll have quick access to a pest control technician who understands your specific pest control needs.

Let our Angie's List Super Service Award-winning team give you the protection you need to get control of the pests on your property.

Are you ready to say goodbye to pests in West Palm Beach? Contact us today. We have an agent standing by to assist you.

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