weeds growing in south florida

The Best Way To Control Weeds In West Palm Beach

crabgrass growing in south florida

There are many things that can threaten your West Palm Beach-area lawn. Rainy periods can cause over-saturation and drown your grass roots. Drought can cause your lawn to wilt and die. Over-fertilization and under-fertilization each have their pitfalls. Reliable lawn care in West Palm Beach is a must.

Pests can invade and chew on the blades of your turfgrass or eat the roots. But one of the worst threats to your lawn in our West Palm Beach service area is a threat that often goes unnoticed, at first. As you can probably guess, that threat is weeds.

The Nature Of The Problem

weeds growing in south florida

Why do weeds go unnoticed? Because weeds may not look so bad at first. Some weeds have pretty flowers and you might even think they add color to your lawn. Unfortunately, those pretty weeds can take over and steal valuable nutrients from your turfgrass.

Some weeds like carpetgrass can blend in, but before you know it, they've taken over. And when one weed takes root, it isn't long before other weeds move in and your lawn stops looking beautiful and even, and starts looking like an eyesore.

Your First Move

When you start to become bothered by weeds developing in your yard, you may turn to over-the-counter weed killers. While these products can sometimes be effective, they're difficult to apply properly. If you use the wrong product, it won't kill any weeds or worse, it'll kill your lawn. If you use the right product in the wrong way, you may also not kill any weeds and may kill your lawn.

First you need to know exactly the type of weeds you're trying to get rid of and what products work best for that type of weed. And it is important to know when you don't have to apply any products.

Temperatures in the West Palm Beach area often get above 85 degrees, which is a temperature at which many herbicide products can damage or kill your turf.

The Role Of Weed Killer

Weed management isn't a simple matter of carpet bombing your lawn with chemicals. Proper weed management takes finesse. It is possible to add too much weed killer or not enough. You have to know how to identify the weeds and how to select the right products and methods to address them.

What You're Up Against

Everything grows well in Florida, including weeds. This can make it difficult to deal with weed problems. As you throw different products at your issue, you can start to feel overwhelmed when things don't go quite as you planned. When you add to this that some unwanted lawn vegetation isn't even weeds, it can make your head spin.

What do we mean? Crabgrass can be as frustrating to deal with as weeds, and more difficult to address. You can't just throw a weed control product at crabgrass. You need to apply a process that gives your turfgrass what it needs, while stunting the growth of the crabgrass.

The Best Choice For Weed Control

If you have weed issues in your West Palm Beach lawn, the best solution is to contact the lawn care professionals here at Native Pest Management. We offer comprehensive lawn care and home pest control services in West Palm Beach.

Our service professionals are turf specialists. We know how to deal with Florida lawn pests, such as dollar spot, pythium blight, brown patch, take-all root rot, Florida pusley, dollarweeds, virginia creeper, purple cudweed, shiny cudweed, and a variety of sedges. We also have recommendations for how to handle crabgrass, carpetgrass, goosegrass and other grassy weeds. There's no guesswork.

Professional Lawn Care Makes A Difference

Your lawn care begins with a professional inspection to determine the type of turfgrass that is prevalent in your yard, such as Bermudagrass, Zoysia grass, St. Augustine grass, Bahia grass and Seashore Paspalum.

We know these grasses, and we know what is required to help them flourish in your yard. We also know your soil. Our blended fertilizers are custom designed for the alkaline rich soils of South Florida, with sulfur coating to help reduce soil ph. 

If pests are present, such as whiteflies, chinch bugs, grub worms, armyworms, sod webworms, fire ants, and others, we know what is required to get control of those pests. We are a full-service lawn care company.

Restoring the beauty of a Florida lawn isn't easy, and maintaining a beautiful lawn can be even harder. Let us do the hard work and get you the results you're looking for.

Reach out to Native Pest Management today and ask us about our lawn care services. We can help you make your West Palm Beach lawn the best and greenest it can be.

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