termites in wood in south florida

The Best Way To Protect Your West Palm Beach Home From Termites

Termite Damage Is Costly

termites in mound in south florida

Termites cost U.S. property owners more than $11 billion annually. Most of that cost is paid out by property owners in temperate climates and along coastlines. This makes termite control in West Palm Beach essential. When it comes to protecting your West Palm Beach home from pests, there are two options. You can do it yourself, or you can put your trust in an experienced and educated termite control professional.

Reasons To Choose Professional Pest Control

termite in mound in south florida

Here are a few reasons you should choose Native Pest Management:

The Environment Matters

We have the education and experience to know what level of response is required to meet the threat of termite infestations. This allows our termite control professionals to select pet safe and eco-friendly termite solutions that are appropriate to meet the threat with as little impact to the environment as possible.

All Termite Control Is Not Created Equal

Just because a business is licensed to deal with termites, doesn't mean they have the expertise to select the most effective termites control products. Some termite control options are better than others. Some are far better.

As an example, our on-staff experts have selected the Trelona® ATBS Advance Termite Baiting System. University research indicates that this termite bait system, developed by BASF Corporation, works faster than its Sentricon counterparts. When termites come to feed on your property, we want to give them as little time as possible to feed on your property (and do damage) as possible.

No Compromise

When it comes to soil treatments, we don't cut corners. While it is cheaper to select a termiticide that repels termites, we prefer to go with Termidor because of its transfer effect. Repellant termiticides discourage termites from entering a home, while products like Termidor and Dominion kill the colony completely.

Termite workers that pass through the Termidor product do not detect it. They pick it up on the outside of their bodies and transfer the active ingredient to other termites as they groom each other, which they do a lot. Slowly, the product works its way through the whole colony and the colony dies. So, rather than kill termites on contact and repelling them, the products we use secretly move through the attacking colony and eliminate it. At face value, you can see why this is the better option, but there is more to the story.

Do you know that worker termites are relentless? It's true. They keep coming and coming… and coming! Products that kill termites on contact can end up letting termite workers get through because workers find a path through. Over time, as the product wears out, these potential pathways increase in number and size.

Not only does Termidor stay active in the ground longer than repellent termiticides, all it takes is for a few termites to go through the wrong patch of ground and the entire colony is impacted. It's okay if there are a few pathways.

From Beginning To End

Our services give you control over termites no matter what season of life you're in. We offer:

  • Pre-treatments before your home is built.
  • Termite extermination if you've just found termites.
  • Termite protection for the life of your home.
  • Annual inspections to identify conducive conditions and any areas of termite activity.


Termites, especially subterranean termites, are extremely difficult to detect. These insects feed and travel on the inside of wood. You're not likely to ever see them crawling on the outside.

It takes training and experience to locate signs of termites, and to catalog areas that are conducive to termite activity. This is best done by a certified professional.

Our termite control professionals are some of the best in the industry. When you need an inspection, you're in good hands.


We customize your treatment for your specific needs, and your specific budget. We'll also create your plan, taking into consideration what matters most to you, such as the ecosystem around your home. We guide you through the entire process and help you find the right fit for you. There are no cookie-cutter plans here.

Take The Next Step

It doesn't cost anything to get started. If you need assistance with termite control, you can begin by scheduling a free termite inspection to evaluate your home. We'll help you figure out the details and provide options to help you make sure your equity is protected. Connect with us today and get started with effective home pest control and commercial pest exterminator services in West Palm Beach. We're standing by to help.

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