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Tamarac is a thriving city in Broward County, located on the Atlantic coast between Boca Raton and Miami. Though many residents enjoy our sandy beaches and warm weather, people aren’t the only ones living in our area. Many pests also live here in Tamarac and are a significant problem for home and business owners alike. Give your residential or commercial property the protection it needs by trusting the professionals here at Native Pest Management.

We are dedicated to finding a complete pest control solution that will eliminate your pest problems in a quick, affordable, and eco-friendly way. With decades of combined pest control experience and a commitment to protecting people and property from pests, Native Pest Management has the skill and products needed to keep your Tamarac property pest-free. Get in touch with our Tamarac pest experts today to learn more about all of our residential and commercial pest control services.

Residential Pest Control In Tamarac, FL

tamarac fl pest control

When you prevent pests from invading your Tamarac home, you go a long way toward avoiding the damage, contamination, and health risks they cause. But preventative precautions aren't always foolproof: the most effective way to ensure common area pests stay away from your residential property is by working with the professionals at Native Pest Management to set up a year-round home pest control plan in Tamarac. We use the safest products and treatment methods available to get rid of your pest problems once and for all.

Our eco-friendly pest control solutions are designed to eliminate pests without harming the environment. At Native Pest Management, we rely on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies to develop a comprehensive pest control plan tailored to meet the needs of your home. Whether you’re looking to get rid of ants, rodents, termites, or other pests, Native Pest Management has you covered. Reach out to our experienced pest professionals today to learn more about all of our home pest control options or request a free quote.

Commercial Pest Control In Tamarac, FL

There are many reasons why you don’t want to find pests living in or around your Tamarac business: invading pests can damage important equipment, spread dangerous diseases, distract your employees, scare away your customers, and ruin your reputation. To protect your commercial facility from pest infestations, turn to the professionals here at Native Pest Management.

We provide a variety of eco-friendly commercial pest control options in Tamarac designed to eliminate current pest issues and prevent them from returning. At Native Pest Management, we understand that a single pest sighting in your commercial facility could cause a significant loss of revenue, which is why we work hard to keep your business free of pests year-round. Don’t wait for pests to threaten your reputation and drive away your loyal customers. Instead, give a call to the licensed pest technicians here at Native Pest Management today.

Are Fire Ants Dangerous In Tamarac, FL?

Fire ants are an invasive species native to South America. These tiny pests are named after their striking reddish-brown color and painful burning stings. 

Fire ants typically stay outdoors and create dome-shaped nests that can be over two feet wide and seven inches tall. Although small, fire ants are very aggressive and will attack any human or animal that disturbs their nests. Fire ant stings often cause a painful, burning sensation and can be accompanied by a slight swelling.

Although a single fire ant sting isn’t something to be worried about, fire ants tend to aggressively swarm their victims and are capable of stinging multiple times. 

That's what makes these pests so dangerous to small children, pets, and individuals who are allergic to fire ant venom. The best way to get rid of a fire ant infestation is to partner with the professionals here at Native Pest Management. 

We understand how to remove fire ant infestations in Tamarac and apply treatments that will prevent them from ever returning. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Native Pest Management to schedule your free pest control inspection today!

How To Identify Termite Damage In Tamarac, FL

Termites are small, social insects that feed on cellulose, a material found in wood. Due to their silent nature and tendency to avoid the light, these destructive pests are capable of causing extensive damage to your home or business without being detected. If termites are living in or around your Tamarac property, signs of damage may include:

  • Squeaking, spongy, or buckling floorboards.
  • Cracks in your ceiling, which may look like water damage.
  • Discarded termite wings around your windowsills and doorways.
  • Hard-to-open doors and sticking windows.
  • Visible mazes within walls or furniture.
  • Mud tubes on your exterior walls and foundation.

If you notice signs of termite damage in or around your Tamarac property, you should always contact the professionals right away. Native Pest Management provides excellent services to combat all kinds of pest problems, including termites. Our experienced pest technicians have what it takes to identify, eliminate, and prevent Tamarac termites throughout the entire year. Reach out to us today to get started. 

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