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South Bay is a city in Palm County, within the South Florida metropolitan area. Though many people enjoy living in our area, one of the downsides is that a wide range of pests also consider this area home. To protect your South Bay home or business from the South Florida’s toughest pests, the professionals at Native Pest Management are proud to provide comprehensive pest control solutions.

With our licensed technicians by your side, you can rest easy knowing that your property will remain free of pests all year long. Our eco-friendly pest management programs are designed to eliminate pests without harming the environment. No matter what pest problem you’re facing, you can count on Native Pest Management to solve it. Contact us today to find out more about our residential and commercial pest control solutions.

Residential Pest Control In South Bay, FL

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You should never have to share your South Bay home with invading pests. That’s why the professionals from Native Pest Management are proud to help homeowners keep their properties pest-free throughout the entire year by offering superior home pest control services in South Bay. We have a deep understanding of area pests and how to keep them away from your residential property. Whether you’re looking for general pest management or ongoing solutions, you can count on Native Pest Management to get the job done right.

It’s our top priority to protect people and properties from pests by providing effective and eco-friendly service options. If you’re tired of dealing with rodents, insects, spiders, and other pests in and around your South Bay home, get in touch with Native Pest Management today. We’re ready to find the right solutions for all of your residential pest control needs.

Commercial Pest Control In South Bay, FL

Here in South Bay, we see no shortage of pests. Our warm, semi-tropical climate provides the perfect environment for many pests to thrive both inside and outside of your commercial facility. To prevent pests from infesting your business and driving away your customers, you need commercial pest control services from Native Pest Management.

Our licensed technicians are dedicated to keeping your South Bay business free of pests year-round by providing top-of-the-line treatments and prevention methods. No matter what type of business you own, you can trust our skilled professionals to protect it from a wide range of pests. We offer comprehensive commercial pest control services in South Bay by utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. Reach out to Native Pest Management today to learn more about our commercial pest control services.

Mosquito Control In South Bay

Mosquitoes are the worst part of the warm weather. These annoying insects feed on the blood of humans and animals, leaving behind itchy red welts in the process. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are dangerous pests that spread a variety of diseases, including malaria, West Nile virus, and tularemia. Our warm, humid weather provides the perfect conditions for mosquitoes to breed and reproduce. When it comes to avoiding the problems mosquitoes cause, it’s important to minimize factors that might attract them to your property. Reduce your mosquito exposure by implementing the following mosquito prevention tips:

  • Eliminate sources of excess moisture on your property, such as leaking taps and pipes.
  • Dump out items that may allow water to accumulate, such as tarps, kiddie pools, and buckets.
  • Clear debris out of your gutters to prevent water from building up.
  • Wear insect repellent when spending extended periods of time outdoors.
  • Wear long-sleeved clothing when you go outside.
  • Install fans around outdoor living spaces.

If mosquitoes are causing problems around your South Bay property, don’t hesitate to give a call to the skilled professionals here at Native Pest Management. We’re ready to offer superior mosquitoes solutions in South Bay for all of your residential and commercial pest control needs.

Fire Ant Control In South Bay

Did you know that there are thousands of unique ant species found throughout the world? Thankfully, only a few of them are commonly found in and around South Bay properties. 

The two most common species of ants in our area are sugar ants and red imported fire ants. Fire ants are one of the larger ant species here in Florida and have reddish orange-colored bodies with darker abdomens. They are outdoor pests easily identified by the large mounds of dirt they build for their nests. 

Though most ant species are nothing more than a nuisance, fire ants are dangerous pests that will defend their nests against any perceived threats.

Fire ants are aggressive insects that attack threats in large numbers and can sting multiple times. Though one or two fire ant stings aren’t much to worry about, multiple stings can cause serious skin irritation and allergic reactions in some individuals. 

To minimize the presence of fire ants around your South Bay property, turn to the professionals here at Native Pest Management. We provide services to cover a wide range of pests, including fire ants. 

Contact us today for more information about all of our South Bay fire ant control options.

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