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Providing pet friendly pest control services in the city of Royal Palm Beach, FL., we are owned and operated by third-generation West Palm Beach natives. With over 50 years of combined experience, we can solve all of your pest control and exterminator needs.

We provide guaranteed control of ants, roaches, spiders, rodents, termites, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, rats, mice, and whiteflies. We also provide lawn spraying and fertilization.

Ant Control In Royal Palm Beach, FL

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In Royal Palm Beach, the main pest we see affecting homes and businesses are ghost ants, often called sugar ants.

Ghost ants are very tiny and hard to see, so they are appropriately named! These ants come from outdoors but they can also nest within structures.

Indoors, ants usually are first seen in the kitchen or bathrooms since they are attracted to water sources. They usually colonize wall voids, so most ant sprays are ineffective at killing the colonies.

Often, popular baits don’t work either since the active ingredient is so low that it is not able to completely kill the colonies that are present in and around homes and businesses.

At Native Pest Management, we specialize in controlling ghost ants, as well as fire ant control and prevention in Royal Palm Beach.

Cockroach Control In Royal Palm Beach, FL

The second most common pest we see in Royal Palm Beach are American cockroaches, often called Palmetto Bugs. American roaches are very common in South Florida due to our tropical environment.

Usually, they live outside or in sewers since they prefer humid environments. Often, they end up in homes due to the scent of food. Roach sprays and cockroach baits sold in local stores usually do not control American Cockroaches because these treatments do nothing to target the source of how these cockroaches are getting inside your home.

By focusing on insect-proofing homes and eliminating the exterior population of Palmetto Bugs, we are able to offer guaranteed home pest control in Royal Palm Beach to all of our clients. In addition to ghost ants and American Cockroaches, we commonly see spiders, silverfish, common household ants, carpenter ants, rats, mice, millipedes, fleas, and ticks.

Termite Control In Royal Palm Beach, FL

Termites in Royal Palm Beach cause a massive amount of structural wood damage on an annual basis. From the subterranean termites that enter your home from the soil to the drywood termite swarmers that leave termite wings on your windowsills, we are local termite control experts.

The most common evidence we find of termites in Royal Palm Beach is of drywood termite droppings, which are called termite frass. This frass is what termites push out of kickout holes as they consume wood. The frass may either appear in a small pile or widely disbursed over a large area, depending on how high up in the wood the kickout hole is located. We have seen termite frass on attic insulation, on windowsills, on doorframes, along baseboards, and even on beds and in cabinets. 

Drywood termites are unfortunately commonly found in kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets and other wooden items that are brought into homes after the home is built. A lot of these wooden products are stored in warehouses prior to being installed in homes and some of these warehouses have major termite problems.

We specialize in various forms of Royal Palm Beach termite control and prevention, from termite pre-treatments to tent fumigations, termite bait stations and whole-home, no-tent treatments. All of our termite control programs are warrantied.

Fire Ant Control In Royal Palm Beach, FL

Royal Palm Beach is unique in South Florida in that it is known for its proximity to the equestrian community of Wellington, FL. Every year thousands of riders and tourists from all over the world come to Wellington for its Winter Equestrian Festival, the largest horse show in the world.

With many horses coming into the area every year, fire ants in Royal Palm Beach can be a cause for concern. At Native Pest Management, we have a quarterly fire ant program designed specifically for horse farms and paddocks. We only use products labeled as safe for grazing for fire ant control and guarantee all treatments.

Many families in Royal Palm Beach have pets and kids that spend a lot of time in the yard. No one wants their pets or kids being bitten by fire ants. Spraying fire ant mounds with products from big box stores rarely solves the problem for more than a few days, since fire ant colonies go a few feet underground and they can have multiple satellite colonies in the area.

Rodent Control In Royal Palm Beach, FL

Rodents are very common in the Royal Palm Beach area. The main rodents in the area that can get into homes and barns are roof rats and mice. While roof rats are extremely common throughout South Florida, mice are not. The reason mice are prevalent in the Royal Palm Beach area is mainly a result of hay that is imported from out of state that can contain live mice.

Roof rats have tails longer than their bodies and have a body that is about the same size as a squirrel. Juvenile roof rats are often mistaken for mice. Roof rats climb extremely well and often nest above ground in trees and attics. They are nocturnal so they can often be heard in attics at night if they are present and can be seen outside as well.

Since mice are much smaller than rats, they can often get into very small holes to get into homes and barns that roof rats are unable to fit through. Mice droppings are visibly smaller than roof rat droppings.

For rodent control in Royal Palm Beach, we recommend a trapping program and rodent proofing be completed on your home if rodents are currently inside the home. If rodents are not yet inside your home, we recommend the installation and maintenance of tamper-proof bait stations on the exterior of your home in addition to rodent proofing of the home.

Once the Native Pest Management team removes rats from your home, we offer attic remediation services that include removing contaminated insulation and reinstalling fresh blown-in insulation into your attic. During this process, we are able to disinfect your attic with a fogging treatment to remove bacteria and viruses that may have been present from the rodent droppings.

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