Dallisgrass & Crabgrass Identification In South Florida

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What Are Dallisgrass & Crabgrass?

Dallisgrass and crabgrass are both types of weeds that make themselves at home in South Florida lawns. The biggest reason that people view these plants as unwanted is that they disrupt the beauty of their lawn. Both of these weeds are clumping grasses, but there are some significant differences between the two weed species.

Dallisgrass grows in a solid clump of grass. Dallisgrass is hard to control because it grows back from a root system each year. Dallisgrass thrives in well-fertilized lawns making it very difficult to control.

Crabgrass spreads out and grows in a star-like pattern. Crabgrass grows from seeds each year. Keeping your grass well-fertilized, thick, and healthy helps to keep crabgrass at bay.

What Problems Do Dallisgrass & Crabgrass Cause?

Dallisgrass and crabgrass have the potential to take over and make maintaining lawns difficult. Crabgrass, under the right conditions, can spread out and cover areas of your lawn in a mat-like fashion.

On the other hand, dallisgrass grows much faster but does not spread like crabgrass; instead, it forms bunches. Both are frustrating to control and have caused many headaches for homeowners. They interrupt the appearance of a uniform and well-groomed lawn.

Dallisgrass in Florida

Why Do I Have A Dallisgrass & Crabgrass In My Lawn?

Dallisgrass and crabgrass move into lawns because they have found a void that they can take advantage of. Both of their seeds spread every time the plants bloom. The seeds are then spread by animals, the wind, or our lawnmowers.

Dallisgrass is a perennial grass. Perennial weeds are difficult to control because they don't die at the end of each season; they just lay dormant. In addition to spreading by seed, they also spread by root; even a tiny piece of viable root could lead to an infestation.

Crabgrass is one of the few annual weeds; this means their entire life cycle lasts one season. Preventing problems with crabgrass is a bit easier because we can apply a preventative to avoid the new seeds from being able to crack open and being their life cycle.

Where Will I Find Dallisgrass & Crabgrass?

Dallisgrass is common throughout much of the United States and prefers to be in areas that are wet or heavily irrigated. This grass often appears dead in the winter or when it is too dry outside, but will come back to life when conditions improve.

Crabgrass prefers to grow in warm, sunny areas. It will take over in lawns that have a lot of bare areas or very short grass. Crabgrass thrives in very hot, dry conditions.

Crabgrass in Florida

How Do I Get Rid Of Dallisgrass & Crabgrass?

At Native Pest Management, we understand that having a lawn full of weeds is not ideal. Controlling and managing dallisgrass and crabgrass is difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating.

To help you maintain your lawn and sanity, we offer lawn treatments monthly or every other month that will eliminate dallisgrass or crabgrass and give you peace of mind knowing that your lawn will become and stay healthy throughout the year.

If you are experiencing problems with weeds, contact Native Pest Management. We would be happy to help you get rid of your dallisgrass and crabgrass. Call today to learn more about our effective lawn care and exterminator services in South Florida!

How Can I Prevent Dallisgrass & Crabgrass In The Future?

Preventing problems with dallisgrass and crabgrass is difficult. The best solution to your dallisgrass or crabgrass problem is to partner with the professionals at Native Pest Management. We know South Florida lawns and how to keep them free of invasive weeds.

In addition to giving us a call, doing the following can help to slow the growth of weeds:

  • Make sure that your lawn is healthy and lush. Any bare spots should be quickly re-seeded.
  • Do not overwater or underwater your lawn.
  • Know what height to keep your lawn. Do not allow your grass to grow too tall or be cut too short.

Preventing problems with either type of weed is best handled by a professional who understands the weeds and how to manage them properly. If dallisgrass or crabgrass have taken over your South Florida yard, contact Native Pest Management, we can help!

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