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Chinch Bug Identification in Florida

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What are Chinch Bugs?

Chinch bugs are typically found on turfgrass, most often St. Augustine or Zoysia grass. They’re about the size of a grain of rice, so they may be difficult to identify without a microscope. Young chinch bugs are wingless orange bugs with white stripes. As adults, they develop black and white wings, and have black bodies and orange legs. 

What are the Signs of Chinch Bug Damage?

The most common signs your lawn is damaged from chinch bugs are yellow to brown patches of grass–however, discolored grass doesn’t always mean chinch bugs. It could also mean too much or not enough water, lawn fungus, weeds, or other lawn pests such as grub worms or armyworms. 

Chinch bugs in Florida

How Do I Get Rid of Chinch Bugs Naturally?

One natural way to get rid of chinch bugs is by using dish soap or natural insecticidal soaps. You can also try spraying a mixture of water, dish soap, and vegetable oil. The dish soap will suffocate the chinch bugs. 

Another strategy to keep away chinch bugs is taking care of your lawn. Chinch bugs love dry lawns, so water your lawn regularly, about twice a week for 10-30 minutes a time depending on how dry or rainy it is. 

Adding shade can also repel chinch bugs, so adding trees can be beneficial to your lawn. Make sure to keep your grass long enough, 3-4 inches tall, and avoid over-fertilizing. 

What If Chinch Bugs Keep Coming Back?

If you’ve tried all kinds of remedies to keep chinch bugs off of your lawn with no luck, professional lawn pest control is the best option. A lawn technician can use professional insecticides to eliminate chinch bugs, and give you lawn care guidance.

Native Pest Management uses pet friendly, eco-friendly products to keep away nuisance lawn pests like chinch bugs, as well as weeds and other insects. 

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