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Broadleaf Weed Identification In Florida

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What Are Broadleaf Weeds?

Weeds are those plants that grow in areas where we don't want them to - usually our yards. They pop up quickly, spread even faster, and are hard to get rid of. As their name describes, broadleaf weeds have flat leaves that extend from the stalk of the weed in pairs. You can identify their leaves by the noticeable net-like veins that run throughout them. Many species of broadleaf weeds hide their real identity by having pretty flowers. Below is a quick description of West Palm Beach and South Florida's most common broadleaf weeds.

  • Dollarweed: Dollarweed has leaves that are round, bright green, and look like miniature lily pads.
  • Clover weed: Clover weeds have three oblong leaflets with serrated edges in a clover shape. They produce white flowers.
  • Virginia buttonweed: Virginia buttonweed is considered one of the most invasive weeds in the south. It has lance-shaped leaves that produce small, four-lobed, white flowers that mature into seed pods. When the weed first grows in the late spring and early summer, its leaves are purple.
  • Chickweed: Chickweed produces small white flowers with elongated petals. Its egg-shaped leaves have pointy tips.
  • Florida pusley: Florida pusley is a low branching weed that produces star-shaped flowers. It can survive drought conditions.
  • Dandelion: Dandelion is one of the easiest to identify and widespread weeds, dandelions have large yellow flowers that mature into round seeded puffballs.
  • Spurge: Spurge has small, oval leaves, and opposite leaves vary from dark green to red, and have a brown splotch on the surface.
  • Beggarweed: Beggarweed grows groups of three leaflets marked with fine hairs that cause the plant to stick to you. This weed produces a purple flower and can grow up to nine feet high.

Are Broadleaf Weeds Dangerous?

Broadleaf weeds aren't dangerous in a way that will affect your health or the health of your pets. However, they will cause your lawn to become unhealthy. Weeds are parasitic to the grass you are trying to grow in your yards. The weeds come in and take away the things that a healthy lawn needs to flourish, such as sun, water, and nutrients from the soil.

In addition to making your lawn unhealthy, they ruin its aesthetics. Instead of your yard looking like a green blanket of healthy grass, you have areas of spiky or sticky weeds growing in varying heights. Another problem with broadleaf weeds growing throughout your lawn is that their flowers attract bees and other stinging insects. As you walk around your yard, this can lead to stings after you accidentally step on one that is feeding on the flowers.

Why Do I Have A Broadleaf Weed Problem?

In order to ensure their survival, broadleaf weeds produce massive amounts of seeds. As the seeds are blown by the wind, carried by wild animals, or moved from place to place in things like bags of soil, grass seed, or potted plants, they invade new areas. Weeds are opportunistic and will take advantage of any property that offers them a place to grow. These aggressive plants know how to move into weak areas and take over, killing grass and other plants in the process. In addition, their seeds can lay dormant for decades, and a broadleaf weed infestation can pop-up at any time once their environmental needs are met.

Where Will I Find Broadleaf Weeds?

Where broadleaf weeds prefer to grow depends on their species. Some prefer the sun, while others prefer shady spots. Some species like the dollarweed thrive in areas of excessive moisture, while others like the Florida pusley can thrive in dry or even drought conditions. The one thing that is most often true is that these weeds usually don't take over dense, lush, healthy lawns. The best way to get rid of weeds and control them long-term is to partner with a professional that can accurately identify the type of broadleaf weed and then provide the routine services needed to eliminate them and stop them from returning in the future.

Broadleaf Weeds in Florida

How Do I Get Rid Of Broadleaf Weeds?

At Native Pest Management, we understand that having a lawn full of weeds is not ideal. Controlling and managing broadleaf weeds is difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating. To help you maintain your lawn and sanity, we offer lawn treatments monthly or every other month that will eliminate weeds and give you peace of mind knowing that your lawn will become and stay healthy throughout the year. If you are experiencing problems with broadleaf weeds, contact Native Pest Management. We would be happy to help you rid your lawn of broadleaf weeds. Call today to learn more about our effective lawn care services!

How Can I Prevent Broadleaf Weeds In The Future?

Preventing problems with broadleaf weeds is difficult. The best solution to your broadleaf weed problem is to partner with the professionals at Native Pest Management. We know South Florida lawns and how to keep them free of invasive weeds.

In addition to giving us a call, doing the following can help to deter broadleaf weeds:

  • Do not cut your grass too short. Know what type of grass is planted in your yard and cut it to its ideal height.
  • Do not overwater or underwater your lawn.
  • If bare spots of dirt pop up in your lawn, re-seed them. Broadleaf weeds are notorious for taking over bare spots in lawns.
  • Fertilize your lawn to your specific grass's needs to keep it lush, dense, and healthy.
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