Big Headed Ant Identification in Florida

What Are Big Headed Ants?

Colony of big headed ants in Florida

Big headed ants, also called African big headed ants, are known for their unnaturally large heads. They're on the list of the top 100 most threatening invasive species in the world, but don't panic - no, they're not a threat to us specifically. They don't sting and won't bite unless they feel threatened.

They are, however, a threat to the ecosystem. Big headed ants have taken over native ant populations all over the world and have threatened habitats and even animals. For example, they're known for injuring and killing baby seabirds in the Pacific.

How Do I Identify Big Headed Ants?

Much like the name, big-headed ants have large heads that are disproportionate to their small bodies. Besides that, they're a reddish brown color and their overall size depends on whether they're a major or minor worker. Major workers are 3-4mm long, while minor workers are only about 2mm long.

Big-headed ants often nest in dirt mounds, similar to fire ant mounds. Their habitat and red color can make it difficult to distinguish between the two.

One way to tell the difference between bigheaded ants and fire ants is to look at the sizes of the ants. Bigheaded ants are dimorphic, meaning they have two sizes (major and minor). Fire ants are polymorphic, which means "many sizes." If you see a colony of red ants where the ants don't have a uniform size, they're likely fire ants. If you see only to main sizes with only slight variations, they're likely bigheaded ants.

How Do I Get Rid of Big Headed Ants?

If you see bigheaded ants, first: Don't ignore them. While these ants won't harm you, they're harmful to other organisms, their natural habitats, population dynamics, and the food chain.

Instead, call a professional pest control company. It's difficult to get rid of bigheaded ants alone because they can grow into supercolonies of over a million ants.

Big Headed Ant Control in Florida

For the most reliable ant control services, Native Pest Management is your best bet. Our professionally trained technicians can identify the nesting areas of the bigheaded ants and use granular, non-repellent baits to eliminate the entire colony. We'll also caulk any ant-sized entry points to your home so that big headed ants can't get back inside your home in the future.

For more information about our professional ant control services, reach out to our office today and you'll receive a free quote! 

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