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Palm City, FL is a scenic census-designated place located in Martin County and is part of the Port St. Lucie, FL metropolitan area.

Like many areas in South Florida, Palm City, FL is home to a wide range of pests including ants, cockroaches, spiders, termites, mosquitoes, rodents & more. 

At Native Pest Management, we are proud to offer affordable, eco-friendly pest control services to protect residential and commercial properties year-round.

With over 2000 five star reviews on Google, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and Nextdoor, and over 200 years of combined pest control and termite control experience, we are here for the long-term to stand by our pest-free guarantee.

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Residential Pest Control In Palm City, FL

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You should never have to share your Palm City home with pests that can damage your property, spread dangerous diseases to your family, and contaminate your food items. When you reach out to Native Pest Management, you can count on us to provide year-round home pest control that will eliminate current pest threats and defend your home against future pest activity.

As a family-owned and operated pest control company, we care about keeping people and properties protected from pests. Get in touch with Native Pest Management today to ask about all of our residential pest control options.

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Commercial Pest Control In Palm City, FL

To gain a competitive edge in your business industry, you need effective commercial pest control from Native Pest Management. Our licensed pest technicians are skilled in providing advanced pest control solutions for a wide range of businesses, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Power plants
  • Hotels & motels
  • HOA’s
  • Office buildings
  • Airplane hangers
  • Medical facilities
  • & many more!

No matter what pest problems you’re dealing with, you can depend on Native Pest Management to get rid of them in a safe, effective way. Our goal is to deal with pests so that you can focus on the needs of your Palm City business. Give us a call today to request your free inspection.

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Spider Control In Palm City, FL

Spiders are one of the most disturbing and creepy pests that invade homes and businesses. They have eight legs, multiple eyes, and are expert predators. Despite their frightening appearance, spiders play a major role in the environment by catching and eating insects.

Without spiders, many insect populations would grow too large. No matter how beneficial spiders are when they remain outdoors, you don’t want to find them living inside or near your Palm City property. Spider bites are often painful but rarely require medical attention.

The only two species of dangerous spiders found in our area are brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders. Although most other spiders are considered nuisance pests, all spiders have venomous bites used to paralyze their insect prey.

Spiders invade for the same reasons as many other pests: food, moisture, and shelter. The main difference is that a spider’s source of food is insects. This is why spiders tend to set up their webs wherever insect activity is high. If you start seeing spiders roaming around in your Palm City home or business, it’s likely that you already have a significant insect infestation on your hands.

Keeping pests away from your property is hard work, but with the technicians from Native Pest Management on your side, you can rest assured that your pest problems will be dealt with in a quick and eco-friendly manner. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we deal with spider infestations.

Bed Bug Control In Palm City, FL

Most people have heard about the horrors of bed bug infestations at some point, even if they haven’t dealt with bed bugs themselves. Unfortunately, just because you’ve never found bed bugs in your Palm City, FL property before doesn’t mean you won’t find them at some point in the future.

Bed bugs are hardy pests that can live almost anywhere that humans live. They have been found in airports, libraries, movie theatres, office spaces, and other public areas. Unlike most pests, bed bugs don’t hop or fly to get from place to place. They get around by hitching rides on the clothing, bags, luggage, and personal belongings of unsuspecting individuals.

Once they’ve invaded your home or business, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of them without professional bed bug control services. Keep these bed bug prevention tips in mind to avoid dealing with bed bugs in your Palm City, FL property:

  • When traveling, store your clothing in vacuum-sealed bags to make your belongings less accessible to bed bugs. This will prevent bed bugs from getting into your clothing and making their way back home with you.
  • Learn to identify the early signs of bed bug infestations, such as clusters of bites, bloodstains on your sheets, and tiny, white bed bug eggs.
  • Always inspect used or second-hand clothing and furniture before bringing them into your home. Bed bugs often travel from one location to another by hiding in furniture, electronics, and other items. 
  • Keep your belongings off the floors of public spaces.
  • Vacuum your floors regularly. Despite common belief, bed bugs aren’t just found in and around beds. They can hide in furniture and in carpet fibers too. 

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult types of pests to get rid of, which is why bed bug infestations require professional treatment.

To eliminate bed bugs from your Palm City, FL home or business, get in touch with the professionals here at Native Pest Management to schedule a FREE bed bug inspection. 

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