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Mosquito Control in South Florida

Living in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami Dade, Martin, or St. Lucie Counties, you’ve likely been recently bitten by at least one of the eighty species of mosquitoes in Florida. Did you know that of these eighty species, thirteen are capable of transmitting pathogens that cause diseases?

With the recent outbreaks of mosquito-transmitted diseases, like West Nile virus and Zika virus in South Florida, Native Pest Management has helped educate the public regarding mosquito control and prevention through various community outreach efforts.

Providing the best mosquito control in the West Palm Beach, FL area, Native Pest Management has been featured by The Palm Beach Daily News, The Palm Beach Post, and CBS News Channel 12. While mosquito control can be a challenge due to the various mosquito breeding sites in your neighborhood, Native Pest Management has a variety of options available to minimize their presence and ability to reproduce.

Our Mosquito Control Options

an in2care mosquito trap

Although you can never eliminate every mosquito, Native Pest Management can undoubtedly reduce the populations that surround your home so that you can enjoy being outside again.

Monthly Mosquito Fogging 

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in slow-moving or stagnant water, and eliminating such conditions can drastically improve your chances of controlling populations around your home. By draining tires, unclogging gutters, and removing other slow or standing water sources, you may be able to make a dent in the local mosquito population on your own.

While reducing standing water in the area will help, this likely won’t be enough to stop the daily mosquito bites. Every mosquito treatment Native Pest Management performs includes the application of biorational larvicides (organic and harmless to people, pets, birds, and fish) in areas of standing water. This treatment will prevent the ability of mosquitoes to breed in treated areas for up to 30 days.

In addition to our monthly larvicide application, we will apply a combination of insect growth regulators (IGRs) and microencapsulated insecticides through a backpack fogger, to discourage mosquitoes that breed on neighboring properties from seeking shelter in your yard.

We perform our backpack fogging and standing water treatments monthly to keep mosquito populations low on your property all year long. Contact us today for your FREE mosquito control fogging quote.

In2Care Mosquito Traps

Around the world, the Aedes mosquito is spreading dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, and Zika virus in tropical regions like South Florida. Aedes mosquitoes are difficult to control since they divide their eggs over various small and hard-to-find breeding sites. Furthermore, in some areas, they’ve become resistant to chemical insecticides.

Native Pest Management installs and maintains In2Care Mosquito Traps that attract and kill Aedes mosquitoes with novel and green ingredients that target both larvae and adults. The real benefit of these traps is that their effectiveness is not limited to the traps themselves. Their mosquito control capabilities also extend to the surrounding areas.

Gravid female mosquitoes are attracted to the traps we place on your property, and after landing in the trap, they fly out carrying the bioactives contained within the trap. These mosquitoes then spread the larvicide powder to areas of standing water on your property and neighboring properties, killing mosquito larvae. Within a few days, the original mosquitoes that went into the trap die before transmitting any diseases.

If you choose to have our In2Care Mosquito Traps installed, we schedule a service appointment to come to your property and install the system. During this initial visit, we’ll also perform a backpack misting treatment to knock down the mosquito populations that are active on your property before the mosquito traps take effect.

After installation, we will return every month to check the traps and refill them. For more information about our In2Care Mosquito Traps, please contact us today for your free quote.

Natural Mosquito Control Options

When it comes to mosquito control, there are a ton of do-it-yourself products that claim to be the most effective tool for mosquito control. While some of these products may help, they most likely will only provide temporary relief.

Citronella Candles
While there are studies that claim citronella candles can repel mosquitoes from the vicinity when lit, this method of mosquito control will likely only be temporary and protect a small area. It simply does not produce enough smoke or aroma to deter most mosquitoes.

Bug Zappers
Contrary to popular belief, mosquitoes will not be attracted to bug zappers. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide and water vapor that mammals exhale, making you the target, not the light. Bug zappers are much more likely to be effective against flies and moths.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to control mosquitoes?

The best way to control mosquitoes on your own is to eliminate as many areas of standing water on your property as possible. For the areas you can't eliminate, you need monthly mosquito control from Native Pest Management.

Can pest control get rid of mosquitoes?

No pest control treatment will eliminate mosquitoes entirely. However, with our two-step mosquito control service, we can greatly reduce their numbers on your property and keep them low with monthly re-treatments.

How to control mosquitoes in the yard?

Eliminating the areas of standing water necessary for mosquitoes to breed is the first step in effectively controlling the mosquitoes in your yard. You'll then need the services of a pest control company that can treat adult mosquitoes.

Do mosquito control services work?

When you choose to have professional mosquito control performed on your property, you will see a dramatic reduction in the mosquito populations around your yard. By maintaining monthly treatments, these results will continue.


Pet Safe Mosquito Control in South Florida

Our pet-safe mosquito treatments mean to provide you with a comfortable, livable, and enjoyable outdoor living space again. We are so confident in our proven methods of mosquito control that all of our customers are afforded protection under our Native Pest Management Guarantee.

If you believe our mosquito control treatments have not significantly reduced the mosquito populations on your property, we will provide free follow up treatments at no charge. Call us to schedule your FREE inspection in the West Palm Beach area today.

Is your property overrun with mosquitoes? We can help!

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