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Miami Shores is, like the name suggests, a village community of Miami that includes a gorgeous stretch of the beach. As with many shoreline communities, our tourism industry and outdoor recreation are part of our very way of life, but all that fun in the sun comes with a cost: pest activity year-round. That’s why it’s important to know how you can prevent pest problems in your Miami-Dade County property. Contact our Miami Shores pest experts today to get started!

Home Pest Control In Miami Shores, FL

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No one likes a pest inside their home or prowling around in their yard, but pest problems hit local homes frequently. Often, people don’t really think about the ways that pests are attracted to their homes until it’s too late to avoid them. This is why early prevention is key, instead of simply reacting to problems as they arise. That, and allowing the experts to assist you, will help keep you safe from the following dangers:

  • Damage: Pests can damage your property in any number of ways, from stains and bite marks to full-on holes in your walls.
  • Disease: One of the more serious threats pests pose to people lies in the diseases they may carry. From salmonella to plague, pests have spread sickness for centuries.
  • Allergies: With the dander and other airborne particles they help track in, pests can even worsen people’s allergies. For those with respiratory illnesses like asthma, the mere presence of pests can have negative effects.

To keep your home free of these and other dangers, contact Native Pest Management and find out more about our Miami Shores residential pest control programs.

Commercial Pest Control In Miami Shores, FL

Of course, Miami homes aren’t the only properties that are targeted by pests -- so are businesses. In fact, businesses often contain all the same attractants that pests can find inside of residences and more. This is why smart business owners turn to professionals for help ensuring that their property never falls victim to a pest infestation.

At Native Pest Management, we can help protect your business from all the following types of infestations:

  • Bugs: Unsightly insects crawling all over your property can discourage customers and even result in fines. Keeping insects from invading your property is just good business.
  • Rodents: Mice and rats aren’t just freeloaders who will eat up all your food, they are also prolific spreaders of disease.
  • Parasites: While most of these tend to also be insects, they are in a category of their own in terms of their habits and ability to spread diseases.

For commercial pest control services in Miami Shores that you can trust, reach out to Native Pest Management.

Miami Shores Guide To Rodent Control & Prevention

While we touched on it briefly, it’s important to dig further into the specifics of one of the most common invasive pests: rodents. While this category refers to a wide range of species that share similar traits, we’re mostly talking about mice and rats: the two most common rodents to invade homes and businesses. These nasty creatures can damage your property by chewing incessantly on hard surfaces to file down their teeth, not to mention the many diseases they are known to spread.

Below are some steps you can keep up on around your home to reduce your risk of a rodent infestation.

  • Food Storage: Rodents can chew through even well-packaged foods to access the meals stored inside. That’s why proper food storage and deep cleaning for crumbs are crucial.
  • Trash Storage: Rodents can also get what they need straight from the trash, so proper trash storage and security are also necessary.
  • Declutter: Mice and rats look for cramped, tight spaces to hide within to lay low during the times of the day when people are active. Decluttering both inside and out can reduce these harborage areas.

Prevention steps are helpful, but for total protection against rodents in Miami Shores, there is no substitute for professional pest control.

Termite Control: Answers For Miami Shores Homeowners

While many different kinds of pests can invade your property, some of the scariest and most destructive are termites. These tiny bugs can do a large amount of damage to their wood-boring, and people often don’t realize they even have a termite problem until it’s too late. Indeed, termites are one of those pests that demonstrate exactly why professional assistance is the right way to go.

At Native Pest Management, our experts can inspect your home for signs of termites long before the damage they can cause becomes apparent and costly to repair. If termites are discovered, only professional treatments are guaranteed to completely wipe them out. At-home solutions often don’t get rid of the whole colony, meaning the surviving members will continue to chew through your structural woods. Rather than taking a chance, contact Native Pest Management to make sure you’ve got proper termite control in Miami Shores.

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