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Spider Control in Miami, FL

Spider Control in Miami, FL

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Enjoy your spider-free home with our spider control service in Miami. 

Schedule an appointment now that works for you and say goodbye to those pesky spiders for good.

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Let Us Take Care of Your Spider Problem in Miami

Native Pest Management, a family-owned company founded by third-generation Florida natives, offers complete residential and commercial spider control services to homes and businesses throughout Miami.

During our initial visit, we use long-lasting bait and borate dust inside your attic to eliminate existing spiders. We then strategically place insect monitors and treat the exterior foundation with granular bait to prevent spiders from returning.  This comprehensive approach eliminates current spiders and keeps new ones out, letting you enjoy a spider-free home.

Why Us?

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No more hanging around all day wondering when the pest control service will show up. We’ll provide you with a 2 hr time window and if we don’t show up within that range, we’ll credit you $25.

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Pet & Kid-Friendly

We use the safest products and treatment methods available for spider control. Our precise 30-point protection program effectively targets spiders while remaining kid and pet-friendly.

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We not only get rid of your existing spider problem but also take steps to ensure spiders don't come back in the future. Customers have been so impressed with our work that 88% would recommend us to a friend.

3 Easy Steps for Peace of Mind

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Book your initial spider control appointment today. We will contact you once we’re on our way, then knock on your door when we arrive.

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Our quarterly spider treatments utilize baits and borate dust in hard-to-reach spots. We also use insect monitors and treat exterior entry points.

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After completing the treatment, we will email you a report on what was done, products used, and include notes on any concerns.


How can I prevent spiders?

  • Take care of your yard: Trim shrubs & bushes, mow your lawn.

  • Eliminate cobwebs by vacuuming and dusting. 

  • Turn off porch lights and other outdoor lighting unless necessary.

  • Seal openings out the exterior of your home.

What time of year are spiders most common in Miami?

Spider season peaks in Miami between October and January. But due to the area's warm and humid climate, you can find spiders in your home throughout the year.

What types of spiders are in Miami?

There are 59 species of spiders that have been confirmed to live here in Florida. The good news is that most of these species rarely invade homes. That said, here is what you should know about Miami’s most common home-invading spiders.

  • Wolf spiders: The wolf spider is a hairy, large-bodied pest. Identify this arachnid around your home by its black, gray, or brown colored body and eight forward-facing eyes. This pest can bite but poses no serious threat to humans or pets.

  • Cellar spiders: The cellar spider is a small-bodied tan or gray colored pest with long, thin protruding legs. This small pest does not pose any risk to humans or pets.

  • House spiders: The house spider is the most common species of home-invading spider here in Miami. Identify this arachnid by its long, brown or gray colored body, larger hind section, and the dark chevron markings along its body. This pest is harmless to humans unless you are terrified of spiders and have heart problems.

  • Widow spiders: Many species of widow spiders live here in Miami, and the most common is the black widow. Identify these pests by their black, blue, or red bodies and large abdomen. As their name implies, the black widow is black and has a red hourglass shape on its abdomen. All widow spiders are dangerous and have potent venom that causes serious painful symptoms in humans.

  • Brown recluse spiders: The brown recluse spider is often mistaken for other common spiders around Miami due to its brown coloration and traditional spider shape. To identify this pest, look for the dark backward violin mark located just behind its head. This pest is dangerous and causes moderate to severe symptoms in humans with its venom.

Do I need to prepare my home for spider control services?

No, we do not require any sort of preparation for spider control services.

Are spiders dangerous?

It depends on the spider. House spiders and cellar spiders are harmless, wolf spiders may bite but do not pose a threat to humans, but brown recluse and widow spiders have strong venom that can be painful and symptomatic.

If you are ever bitten by a widow spider or a brown recluse, seek medical attention immediately. A medical physician will know how to minimize your symptoms and reduce your pain. If you are allergic to insect venom, a bite from one of these pests could be life-threatening. Talk to your doctor if you are unsure if you are allergic or not.

How do I get rid of spiders in my home?

  • Get rid of any spider webs you find, just to make sure there isn’t a spider currently living there

  • Remove the food source (small insects) by cleaning and decluttering

  • Seal cracks and crevices in your home

There is no better way to reduce bugs and the spiders that eat them than to invest in a pest control plan. This is where we can help. The team at Native Pest Management can help you find the right plan for your specific needs and budget. Reach out today!

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