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Pest Control in Juno Beach, FL

Juno Beach, FL is a small town located just North of West Palm Beach, FL and is home to beautiful coastal views and friendly communities. Although there are many wonderful things about living here in Juno Beach, FL, residents in our area must deal with pest problems year-round. If insects, rodents, spiders, or other pests are living in and around your Juno Beach, FL property, the technicians here at Native Pest Management have what it takes to get rid of them in a safe, effective, and eco-friendly way.

We have over three generations of experience when it comes to dealing with common area pests. Whether you want to eliminate termites, prevent rodents, or reduce mosquitoes, Native Pest Management has you covered. We provide comprehensive pest control programs to protect residential and commercial properties from all kinds of pests. Keep pests away from your Juno Beach, FL home or business by reaching out to the local pest technicians here at Native Pest Management.

Home Pest Control in Juno Beach, FL

When you’re dealing with work responsibilities and social obligations, you simply don’t have time to deal with pests in your Juno Beach, FL home. To prevent pests from causing problems in and around your property, you need a pest control provider you can trust.

At Native Pest Management, we strive to exceed your expectations by providing complete home pest control services that get the job done right. Say goodbye to bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches, and other common household pests by implementing one of our home pest control plans.

Our experienced pest technicians will work with you to find the right program for your specific pest control needs. Call us today for your free quote!


Spider Control in Juno Beach, FL

Spider Control Juno Beach, FL

Spiders are common pests that can be found throughout the United States. These outstanding predators either capture or chase down their insect prey, depending on their species.

There are over 35,000 identified species of spiders in the world, though only a few are commonly found in homes and businesses. Despite their creepy, eight-legged appearance and bad reputation, most spider species are nuisance pests that pose no health threats to humans.

Some of the most common spiders in our area include:

  • Jumping spiders

  • American house spiders

  • Yellow sac spiders

  • Wolf spiders

  • Banana spiders

  • Orb-weaver spiders

  • Daddy long legs

Though all of the spiders listed above are nuisance spiders, there are a few species of dangerous spiders in our area as well. Black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders are the most common dangerous spiders here in Juno Beach, FL.

Bites from dangerous spiders can cause symptoms such as nausea, muscle stiffness, fever, chills, and difficulty breathing. If you experience any of these symptoms after being bitten by a spider, seek medical attention immediately.

To control and prevent spider problems around your Juno Beach, FL home or business, don’t hesitate to contact the technicians here at Native Pest Management today. We’re proud to offer effective solutions for all of your pest problems.

Bed Bug Control in Juno Beach, FL

Bed Bug Control Juno Beach, FL

Bed bugs are resilient pests that live almost everywhere that people can. Although many people believe that bed bugs are only found around beds, mattresses, and box springs, they are common in many public spaces as well.

These tiny hitchhiking pests are common in public areas that a lot of people travel to and from, such as movie theaters, hotels, airports, schools, and hospitals. Once bed bugs are brought into your Juno Beach home or business, it can be nearly impossible to get rid of them. When it comes to bed bugs, your best option is to learn how to identify them so you can contact the professionals for bed bug problems.

Below are a few ways to identify if bed bugs are living in your Juno Beach, FL home:

  • Bedbugs are small, reddish-brown pests that resemble the shape and size of an apple seed. They lay tiny white eggs that are no larger than the size of a pinhead.

  • Check your skin for rows or clusters of small, red bites. Bed bugs bite in a pattern instead of random areas, unlike most biting pests.

  • After feeding, bed bugs may leave behind bloodstains on your sheets, bedding, and clothing.

  • Bed bugs produce a strong musty odor that smells like coriander. This smell is often stronger and more unpleasant the larger your bed bug infestation is.

Bed bug infestations require professional help. Reach out to Native Pest Management today to remove bed bugs from your home or business.

Commercial Pest Control in Juno Beach, FL

Pests aren’t just a problem for homeowners, they often invade commercial properties as well. Once pests infest your business, they can damage your products, spread harmful bacteria, and ruin your well-earned reputation.

When pests threaten your Juno Beach, FL business, your best option is to partner with the local pest experts here at Native Pest Management. We provide flexible commercial pest control services that are designed to control and prevent pest problems without getting in the way of your normal business responsibilities.

Our pest technicians are experienced with handling pests problems in a wide range of industries, including restaurants, power plants, hotels, medical facilities, and warehouses. Call us today to schedule your free commercial pest control inspection!


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