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How Did These Bed Bugs Get Into My West Palm Beach Home?

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Have you ever had vehicle trouble while on a trip and found yourself forced into selecting a hotel you wouldn't have selected if you were able to book in advance? This can be a horrible experience. You can find yourself in a room that has holes in the walls, cigarette burns in the blankets, a clump of hair in the tub, or much worse.

It is in situations like this that you might think of bed bugs. It is a common belief that bed bugs are only found in hotels and motels with poor housekeeping and poor maintenance. While there is some truth to this, it isn't entirely true. Bed bugs can be in any business that offers sleep accommodations no matter how clean the business.

They can also be found in businesses that don't offer sleep accommodations. In fact, you would probably be startled to know all of the many places you can pick bed bugs up. Our goal today is to show you how big this problem is and, more importantly, what you can do to prevent bed bugs from coming home with you.

How Bed Bugs Travel

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Bed bugs spread passively. They don't decide which homes or businesses they will infest. Bed bugs go from one location to another completely by accident.

They may climb into a piece of luggage because they smell a clothing item that was worn. They may climb into a pocketbook because it is dark inside. They may hide in the gaps of a furniture item because they are drawn to tight spaces. When bed bugs get into an object that can be moved from one place to another, they're able to be spread.

They can also climb into the pocket of a clothing item, lay eggs in the binder of a hardback book, or get under the laces of a sneaker. There are many ways bed bugs, and their eggs, can be transported.

Where Bed Bugs Can Live & Why

When a bed bug is passively carried to a new location, it will passively emerge and begin to do what it did in the last location. It will look to establish itself near a food source.

Bed bugs eat blood and prefer to feed on sleeping people. Hiding in a bed or near a bed will be high on the priority list for a bed bug. But beds are not the only place bed bugs can live.

They can be in couches, chairs, electronics, and other items. They can also live under carpets, behind baseboards, inside wall outlets, and in other spots within a structure.

How You May Get Bed Bugs

You can get bed bugs when you spend the night somewhere, no matter how clean or well maintained, but the risk is lower if the business has invested in routine bed bug inspections. Keep this in mind when selecting sleeping accommodations. As we've pointed out, bed bugs don't just live in businesses that offer sleep accommodations, they can be carried into any business, and they can live in any business that provides an opportunity for bed bugs to feed.

Here are a few examples:

  • Bed bugs can live in an apartment complex and go from one apartment to the next by way of the wall voids.
  • Bed bugs can be in a daycare, and they can feed while children are taking a nap, especially if children are in a dim environment. You can get bed bugs when your kids bring them home in their bags or their clothing.
  • Bed bugs can live in a nursing home. A surprisingly high percentage of seniors have little or no allergic reaction to bed bug bites. This allows bed bugs to get a meal without creating the itchy, swelling bite wounds that lead people to invest in a bed bug treatment. If you visit a relative, or have a relative visit you, bed bugs can spread.
  • Bed bugs have been found infesting taxi cabs, trains, buses, planes, and other forms of public transportation.
  • Bed bugs can be carried into an office space. While it is difficult for bed bugs to breed in this environment, it can be a hub for bed bugs to travel from one infested home to another.

Do You See The Problem?

There are many ways you can pick bed bugs up or have them brought into your home by others. It is extremely difficult to prevent bed bug infestations. At the first sign of bed bugs, reach out to Native Pest Management for industry-leading pest control services in West Palm Beach. A fast response is the best response.

We can help you quickly resolve your infestation, and reduce the risk of these bugs spreading from you to someone else, and potentially spreading back to you after treatment. Get immediate home pest control and commercial exterminator services in West Palm Beach by contacting us today.

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