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How Do Bed Bugs in West Palm Beach Get Inside Homes?

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When you find bed bugs in your West Palm Beach home, it's just like finding any other pest, right? It is easy to think this. But this isn't true.

The vast majority of pests that get into West Palm Beach homes are creatures that live in nature. They dwell in ground nests, tree nests, and in the nooks and crannies of rocks. When they come near our homes, they accidentally find their way inside.

This is not that case with bed bugs. You won't find these insects in your yard. They live almost exclusively indoors, with humans. This is important to understand because you won't be able to get control of bed bugs like you would all of those other home-invading pests. Here's what you need to know.

Passive Spread of Bed Bugs

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A bed bug doesn't choose your home. It is carried into your home. This happens passively. Bed bugs love to explore, and they love to get into tight spaces. They also love to lay their eggs in tight spaces.

If a bed bug gets onto you, it can hide in a pocket or seam of your clothing. It can also get into a duffle bag, book bag, pocketbook, purse, or wallet. When it does, you're not likely to notice because bed bugs squeeze into the tightest of spaces and hide themselves from the light.

Once inside your home, that bed bug will come out of hiding when it is dark. This might be at night or it might be when you place an item in a dark closet or room. All of this happens passively. A bed bug just does what a bed bug does.

What Do Bed Bugs Do In Your Home?

There are a few behaviors that dictate how a bed bug will move from one location to another and spread around in a new location.

  • Bed bugs are thigmotactic. They prefer to be squeezed on all sides. This is why they like tight spaces. This is why, when you check a mattress for bed bugs, it is a good idea to run a credit card along the seams of the mattress to uncover evidence.
  • Bed bugs are photosensitive. These insects hate the light. This is one of the reasons they come out at night. But they can also come out in the dark. Be aware of this when you go to a movie theater, night club, or take a ride in a taxi. Bed bugs can be in any location that is dark and where there are seats, couches or beds.
  • Bed bugs feed on blood, and they have a strong preference for human blood. When bed bugs find blood, they often establish themselves near their food source. If you spend the night in hotel accommodations (no matter how well kept) be aware that this is a prime location for bed bugs to grow their numbers. As each new guest comes in, they have the potential to pick up bed bugs or deposit bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs are drawn to humans. If something smells like a human, it will attract bed bugs. Laundry items are a particular attractant. We recommend putting laundry items in a sealed plastic bag if you are staying the night somewhere. If you have kids, teach them to do this as well.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

We've touched on some of the places you (or someone who lives with you) can pick up bed bugs. Here are a few more helpful examples. Keep in mind that this is not an extensive list. It is meant to give you a starting point for considering where bed bugs can come from.

When you have a visit from your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather. Senior living centers have trouble with bed bugs because bed bug bites tend to be minor for many elderly people.

When you have a visit from a relative or friend. Bed bugs can be picked up on route, or they can be brought from their home.

  • When your child returns from spending the night at a friend's house.
  • When your child comes home from school.
  • When your child is brought home from daycare.
  • When you go to work and are exposed to bed bugs.
  • When you go to a retail store, movie theater, library, etc.
  • When you take a trip on public transportation.
  • When your neighbor comes over.

Professional Bed Bug Control In West Palm Beach

Bed bugs are hitchhiking bugs that are very difficult to keep out. They're also difficult to get rid of. If you ever find bed bugs in your West Palm Beach home, contact Native Pest Management for effective bed bug control. Our service team members have the experience and education to eliminate bed bugs. Learn more about our home pest control options and more pest control services in West Palm Beach, FL.

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