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Here's Why West Palm Beach Property Owners Should Consider A Pest Control Plan

West Palm Beach Pest Control

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The temperate climate of West Palm Beach makes our area the perfect place for bugs and wildlife to thrive. South Florida is teeming with life. While this certainly makes going out into nature an adventure, pests such as cockroaches and rodents can be a problem when they come into your yard or get into your home.

Why Should I Invest In Pest Control?

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Here are a few reasons you should consider investing in a West Palm Beach professional pest control plan to address the problems pests present.

Health Concerns

The first, and most important reason to have a pest control plan is to mitigate the health threat pests can pose to you and everyone living in your West Palm Beach home.

  • Some pests will sting you, and the venom of a stinging pest could have you making a trip to the hospital.
  • Some pests can bite you. If you are bitten by an infested pest, you could contract a disease. A scary number of these diseases have the potential to be fatal, and some can lead to lifelong medical complications.
  • Some pests spread harmful bacteria and parasitic worms. These can cause your stored foods, dishes, silverware, and food-prep surfaces to be contaminated.
  • Some pests can make you sick without biting you or contaminating your foods. As an example, the feces of adult fleas can transmit Murine typhus when exposed to an open wound.

Property Damage

There are many ways pests can damage your property. Some do it right out in the open, with impunity. Some do it in secret for many years and leave you holding the bill for costly repairs.

  • Carpet beetles and clothes moths can put holes in your garments.
  • Silverfish can feed on important documents, books, and photos.
  • The excrement of several insects can stain your drapes, curtains, and other fabrics.
  • Crickets can chew holes in your furniture, clothing, and fabrics.
  • Carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood boring beetles, and other wood-chewing pests can chew tunnels inside the wood of your home.

Effective Pest Control

There are many ways your pest control efforts can fail. It is important to consider the pitfalls of DIY pest control.

  • Some pest control treatments have the potential to work but fail when they are used on the incorrect species.
  • Some pest control products fail because the product is set in the wrong place.
  • Some products fail because they dry and become inert.
  • Some products fail because they are washed away by the rain.
  • Some methods and products fail because they simply don't work, at all.

Proactive Is Better Than Reactive

Some property owners wait until pests become a problem. This is not the best way to deal with pests. If you wait until you notice a problem, it is likely to be after you have been impacted in a negative way. You may become sick from a pest-borne disease.

You may have to go to the hospital for a bite or sting. You may have damaged belongings or damage to your home. It is best to be proactive. Your pest control plan will include routine visits from an educated professional who will catch issues early and address them before they can impact you.

Termite infestations are a great example of this. It is far better to pay a little each month rather than suddenly be strapped with extensive repair costs as you're about to retire.

You Don't Have To Think About It

You have enough to deal with. It is nice to have someone else inspect your property for pests and apply treatments to repel and eliminate them. Pest control is a lot of hard work. Wouldn't you rather be relaxing by the pool sipping on a fruity drink? We can help make that dream a reality.

If you live in the West Palm Beach area, connect with us here at Native Pest Management. We'd love to talk with you about residential pest control and commercial pest control options for your property, or we can set up a time to perform an inspection and give you a free, no obligation, quote for services. Life is a whole lot better when pests are properly managed. Reach out to Native Pest Management today.

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