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Everything You Need To Know About Brown Recluse Spiders In Port St. Lucie

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Brown recluse spiders tend to be one of the most difficult spiders to identify, though they really shouldn't be. While there are some brown spiders you might mistake for a recluse, they're quite a bit different than a brown recluse spider. Usually, the distinguishing feature you can look for is hair on the body. A brown recluse is visibly hairless. Wolf spiders, grass spiders, and hobo spiders are all brown spiders with visible hairs. You can also use size. A brown recluse is between ¼ and ½ an inch long.

Though you might mistake a southern house spider for a brown recluse because it has a similar appearance, the southern house spider is almost an inch long, and it does not have a dark brown violin marking on its back. It is important to tell brown recluse from other spiders because a recluse can deliver a bite that is medically important. The other spiders mentioned above do not. Though it is worth mentioning, it can be very unpleasant to be bitten by a hobo spider, and there are cases of southern house spider bites causing pain and swelling for up to two days. For help dealing with extensive spider infestations in West Palm Beach, get in touch with our experts today.

Why Brown Recluse Spider Bites Are A Concern

While many spiders can bite you, and a bite from a spider can be painful, they don't typically send you to the hospital - but a bite from a recluse spider can. Fortunately, most recluse bites don't result in more than a red rash, itchy bump, and an ulcer in the center of the wound. The concern is when the necrosis spreads through the tissue. To be safe, it is best to have your physician check out any bite you believe was caused by a brown recluse spider.

How You May Get Bitten By A Recluse Spider

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There are a few common ways people get bitten by recluse spiders. If you're aware of them, you can reduce the risk.

Bites While In Storage Spaces

Brown recluse spiders are true to their name. If spiders get into your Port St. Lucie home, they're going to be reclusive. In the still, secluded parts of your home, it is important to be cautious. If you go into a space that has these spiders in it, you could get bitten. They will usually hide close to the floor near tangled webs they create as protection. Unlike other spiders, recluse spiders don't catch prey in their webs. They establish webs near holes and recesses that are used as a retreat. If you notice webs near the floor, take extra precautions. 

Bites When Opening Storage Containers

Brown recluse spiders like to hide in voids. A common hiding place for these spiders is inside boxes and containers that are kept in storage areas. Be careful opening any container that has been in a secluded location.

Bites From Close Contact

Many people get bitten when they bring one of these spiders into close contact. We recommend shaking footwear, towels, clothing, and other items before using them.

Bites While Sleeping

Another way you could get a recluse spider bite is during sleep. The recluse is a nocturnal spider. If it accidentally climbs into bed with you, it could bite you. Before you slide into bed, turn your covers down and take a peek. We also suggest removing skirts from beds, pulling beds away from walls, and making sure blankets don't touch the floor.

What You Might Not Know About Brown Recluse Spiders

There are two medically important spiders in the United States. They are widow spiders and recluse spiders. Black widows, brown widows, and red widows prefer to be outside. If they get inside, they usually don't stay. But brown recluse have no problem living with people. When they get into a home, they can create a significantly large population. Some recluse infestations found in the U.S. have had thousands of spiders. It is best to address a brown recluse infestation as quickly as possible.

What To Do About Brown Recluse Spiders In Port St. Lucie

If you are noticing these spiders in your home, contact Native Pest Management. We use a field-tested process to locate areas of infestation, monitor spider activity, and systematically eliminate brown recluse spiders. If you have questions, or you'd like to request a home pest control or commercial pest control service, reach out to us anytime. We look forward to assisting you!

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