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Keep Your South Florida Business Pest-Free!

Much like your home, pests can be a nuisance and damage your business. Whether you own or manage a restaurant, office, warehouse, HOA, or apartment complex, it's in your interest to keep your commercial property free of pests. At Native Pest Management, we have the tools and experience necessary to make that happen. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free pest, lawn, or termite inspection.


Our Commercial Pest Management Services

In South Florida, we have no shortage of pests. Our semi-tropical climate provides pests with favorable living conditions both inside and outside of your commercial building - making commercial building infestations much more common than in other Eastern states. At Native Pest Management, we offer our commercial pest control services to address several pest infestations.

We do more than just get rid of the pests that have infested your commercial property; we also make sure that they don't come back. Native Pest Management is your go-to commercial pest control provider in the South Florida area, offering three pest treatment plans.

Our commercial pest management plans include:

  • Quarterly treatments

  • Bi-monthly treatments

  • Monthly treatments

  • Weekly and Bi-weekly treatments

At Native Pest Management, we don't limit our South Florida commercial pest control services to a few pests - we deal with them all. Rather than only giving us a call when you find evidence of rodents, roaches, termites, ants, or mosquitoes on your commercial property, we urge you to contact us whenever you notice the presence of any pest. Spiders, bed bugs, ticks, centipedes, millipedes, or any other pest that you might find are all pests that we deal with regularly.

Ant Control

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Ants are one of the most common pests that you will find being a nuisance in South Florida area homes and businesses. Ants, more specifically ghost ants, are an incredibly common indoor pest, as they scavenge residential and commercial spaces for food.

Rather than dealing with ants, get in touch with our team of experienced commercial pest control experts - because while ants are harmless, you don't want them to drive your prospective customers away!

Cockroach Control

cockroach in a plastic dish
The most common pests that restaurant owners call on us to eradicate are cockroaches. Not only are they disgusting and uncomfortable for customers of commercial establishments, but they can also be carriers of disease and create an unclean working environment.

Whether you are a restaurant looking to maintain a clean kitchen and dining space or a business looking to foster a pest-free environment, we urge you to schedule a free cockroach inspection with our experienced team.

Mosquito Control

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When most people think of mosquito control, they immediately think of residential spaces. While backyards in the South Florida area are notorious hot spots for mosquito activity, several commercial spaces can be affected by mosquito populations.

If you own a restaurant or dining facility, or any commercial space with an outdoor patio, you can directly benefit from our commercial pest control services in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas.

After treatment from our experienced pest control professionals, you can expect to have happier and healthier customers and employees in your outdoor space.

Rodent Control

rodent in commercial building
Rodents are one of the most tasking pests to have present in your commercial space. Regardless of the number of traps and poisons that you strategically place around your commercial building, more and more rodents begin to pop up.

When it comes to rodents, you must control their fast-growing populations before they get out of control. Rather than trying to manage the problem yourself, we urge you to get in touch with our team of experienced commercial rodent control professionals.

Reasons Your Commercial Property Has Pests

Our team of experienced pest control service providers will work with you to create a treatment plan that will minimize the risk of a pest infestation at your commercial property. Below are the most common reasons insects get inside commercial structures.

Trees & Shrubs

While pests may find their way into a commercial structure through an open garage door, or on an item delivered to your business, the pests most often enter buildings via nearby trees and shrubs.

Various insects like whiteflies and aphids consume plant nutrients and secrete a substance called honeydew Honeydew then attracts other pests that eat it like ghost ants and cockroaches. These pests then often enter nearby structures in search of water and shelter.


Many commercial properties have mulch installed at least once a year to keep a fresh and clean appearance on the exterior of the building. This new mulch often becomes a pest issue because ants frequently nest in mulch. When you put down fresh mulch near the foundation of a building, we often find ants will get inside within a few days or weeks.

Other pests like cockroaches, earwigs, and millipedes also find harborage underneath mulch. Since mulch retains water, it is even considered a conducive condition for subterranean termites.

We recommend keeping mulch at least several inches from the foundation of structures on your property to minimize the ability of pests to enter. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection so we can identify any conducive conditions that may attract pests to your commercial property.

Product Deliveries

Your commercial property may be perfectly clean, well maintained, and have regular pest control in place. However, if your supplier has a pest issue like German roaches or ants, these pests can often contaminate their products and delivery trucks.

Then it is only a matter of time until their pest issue becomes your pest issue as well. We recommend inspecting boxes and other packages delivered by suppliers either outside of your facility or in a separate room to ensure pests are not carried into your main facility.

We also recommend recommending us to your suppliers so that we may perform a free inspection of their facilities and delivery vehicles, in order to protect your property from pests. 


Here in South Florida, our tropical environment makes us the "Pest Capital of the United States". UV rays and heavy rains will degrade the active ingredients of pest control products, necessitating frequent exterior applications to ensure preventative pest control stays effective.

Due to our warm and humid climate, we also are the epicenter of termite activity in the United States. South Florida has the highest number of newly reported cases of the invasive Formosan subterranean termite, a termite which causes rapid damage due to their massive colony sizes.

Our local pest control company will work with you to create a pest treatment plan and advise you on how to avoid a future pest infestation. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection of your commercial property.


Commercial Facilities We Service

a fancy place setting at a restaurant table


One stray pest is all it takes to begin a series of one-star ratings and health inspections. Don't let pests ruin your business – let us keep pests away, ensuring proper food safety and customer health.

a nice clean hotel room with a view

Hotels & Motels

At the sign of insects or rodents, a good night's rest can quickly go away. From bed bugs to roaches, we make sure that no pest disturbs the quality of care you offer your customers.

a showroom for cars


Whether you're showing off new cars, an art gallery, or a new apartment space, nobody wants to buy from a showroom with pests. Native Pest Management will manage pests for you, so all you have to worry about is closing your next sale.

a friendly doctor greeting patient

Medical Facilities

You have a commitment to quality care and the health for your patients, which is why we commit to making sure your clinic or hospital stays pest-free.

nice clean commercial office space

Office Buildings

Your business partners have a lot of work to do, and the sign of one stray rodent can quickly ruin morale, productivity, and health. Keep your company on track, and let us handle the pests for you.

a large warehouse facility


Warehouses are big pest attractants, whether they're housing food, furniture, or simply offering a quiet place to nest. We keep warehouses clean and pest-free so that nothing in storage gets chewed up, damaged, or diseased.


Why Choose Native Pest Management?

As a local, family-owned business, Native Pest Management knows how valuable your customers are to you, as well as your overall processes as a company. That's why we only use family safe, eco-friendly products, and we won't treat your business until after business hours. After Native Pest Management tackles your pest problem, you can open for business, knowing that no rodent or insect will threaten the health of your clients or employees.

Companies in the greater West Palm Beach area can place their trust in us, because:

  • We provide eco-friendly, pet-safe pest control processes.

  • We offer comprehensive pest control via Integrated Pest Management practices.

  • We provide regular follow-up sessions to maintain your company's pest-free status.

  • Local offices in West Palm Beach and Margate allow us to provide same day service.
  • We offer quality pest management from an A+ business accreditation with the BBB, to over 700 five star reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Thumback, and Angie's List.

Once Native Pest Management arrives at your South Florida business, one of our expert technicians will inspect the premises and identify any pest infestation present. With our comprehensive arsenal of pest control tools and our certification in integrated pest management (IPM), no pest can escape our inspection and same-day treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are recurring services necessary?

If your goal is to both rid your business of active pests and keep pests out in the future, then recurring services are very important. While our treatments are extremely effective at eliminating and preventing pests, they begin to break down over time. By providing on-going services to your business regularly, we maintain its protection and keep it pest-free.

What industries do you service?

We provide our pest control services to a wide range of industries. These include: Nursing Homes, Hospitals, And Other Healthcare Providers, Schools, Homeowners Associations, Condos And Apartment Buildings, Warehouses, Churches, Camps And Cabins, Office Buildings, Storage Facilities. If you don't see your industry listed above, please contact us to see if we can help!

How does your scheduling work?

We understand that treating pest problems in a business setting can be difficult. You need discretion and the least disruptive service possible. That's why we will work with you to develop a service schedule that works for your business's particular needs.

Do your treatment methods comply with our industry standards?

Every industry operates under certain guidelines, standards, and laws. When we develop your pest control program, we'll address those standards to ensure we are complying with your industry's protocols.


Let Us Take Care Of Your Commercial Pest Control Needs

If you are currently experiencing pests on your commercial property in the West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Royal Palm Beach, Jupiter, Wellington, Lake Worth, Boca Raton areas, or anywhere within St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward or Miami Dade counties, we urge you to contact us today for a free inspection.

We will work with you to create an Integrated Pest Management plan for your commercial property because our goal is to get your business back to normal as soon as possible. We look forward to ridding your business of pests so that you can focus on what's important to your business!



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