Native Pest Management Announces Three Promotions

As a small pest control company, we see value in promoting internally. Read to learn about our 3 latest promotions!

Can I Get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator?

Is it time to call the nearest roach exterminator in Fort Lauderdale or can you use a DIY approach? Read to find out!

How to Get Rid of Small White Ants in West Palm Beach

Are you seeing tiny white ants or tiny clear ants around your home? While you might think they’re household sugar ants, they’re most likely ghosts ants.

How to Prevent Drywood Termites in Port St. Lucie

Repeat after me: Prevention is the key to controlling drywood termites in Port St. Lucie!

The Best New Year's Resolution: Pest Control

The most underrated New Year's Resolution that can benefit your home and overall well-being is prioritizing pest control.

How to Get Rid of Acrobat Ants in West Palm Beach

Acrobat ants are common in West Palm Beach. Looking to get rid of acrobat ants in your home or yard? Click to read!

How to Have a Pest Free Holiday Season in Miami

Happy holidays from the Native Pest Management family! Read this article to learn how you can keep your home pest free for the holiday season in Miami.

The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Pests in Tallahassee

From rodents in the fall to termites in the spring, this article will go over the most common pests you'll see in Tallahassee during each season.

Everything Your Need to Know About a Pest Inspection in Port St. Lucie

If you’ve decided to schedule a pest inspection in Port St. Lucie, you're probably wondering how to prepare. Read this to learn everything you need to know...

How to Keep Ants Away in Tallahassee

Our top secrets to keeping ants out of your home in Tallahassee, approved by experts. 

The ABC's of DIY Pest Control in West Palm Beach

If you're not quite ready for professional pest control, read this article to learn the ABC's of DIY pest control in West Palm Beach.

Mosquito Facts Every Coral Springs Homeowner Should Know

If you’ve lived in Coral Springs for any amount of time, then you might know there are millions of individual mosquitoes, and it makes sense why.

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