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America's Buggiest States

Do bugs bug you? You're not alone. Our latest data dive reveals the top states where Americans search for bug facts and pest control solutions. From the relentless buzz of mosquitoes to the stealthy destruction of termites, we’ve crunched the numbers to uncover where Americans are most eager for a bug-free existence.

Delve into our findings as we spotlight the states with the most searches for pest control and reveal the top culprits behind these online queries.

Key Findings

  • California tops the charts with approximately 47,000 bug-related searches per month, with Texas (42,000 searches) and Florida (33,000 searches) following close behind.
  • Bed bugs generate a whopping 154,240 monthly searches across the states, while ants and termites trail with 76,210 and 75,930 searches.
  • Bed bugs are the most bothersome bug overall, with 154,240 searches per month.

Which States Are the Buggiest?

Looking through the search data, we've identified which states actively seek help with bug issues. The numbers show a combination of concern and curiosity. Let's examine the standout searches, keeping in mind that state populations can sway these figures. We'll focus on the most frequent bug searches, giving you a snapshot of the nation's top pest concerns.

where do bugs bug americans the most?

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In the sun-soaked west, Californians are logging about 47,000 searches for pest control each month. The spotlight is on bed bugs, with about 17,000 searches leading the pack. Termites and wasps are pretty close, each with around 11,000 searches, painting a picture of Californians' bugged-out troubles.


Texas steps up with approximately 42,000 pest-related searches. Bed bugs are the primary concern, with residents searching for remedies 16,000 times a month. Termites aren't giving any respite either, with 10,000 searches, and wasps are stirring the pot with around 4,000 monthly searches.


The Sunshine State shines with about 33,000 monthly searches for pests. Differing from the rest, bed bugs only amount to 8,000 searches. Termites, however, are the larger threat, with 14,000 searches, and wasps are on the radar, with 3,000 searches showing a varied pattern of pest priorities.

New York

New Yorkers are hitting up search engines with about 23,000 queries on pests. Bed bugs are the unrivaled issue, with 8,000 searches. Wasps come in second, with approximately 7,000 searches, while termites follow closely with 4,000, revealing a city actively seeking pest solutions.


The Keystone State registers around 16,000 searches on pests each month. Bed bugs take the lead with 6,000 searches. Wasps, surprisingly close, generate around 5,000 searches, and termites bring up the rear with 2,000, showing varied concerns across the state.


In Illinois, there are about 15,000 searches targeting bugs every month. Bed bugs dominate the discussion with 7,000 searches, wasps whip up 4,000 searches, and termites prompt about 2,000 searches, reflecting a city engaged in a multi-front pest offensive.


Georgians are just a little behind, with around 14,000 monthly searches for pest issues. Bed bugs are a significant concern, with 6,000 searches, followed by termites at 3,000 and wasps at 2,000, illustrating a state actively seeking to reclaim their peace from pests.

Peskiest Insects by State

Bed Bugs

states that are the most bugged by bed bugs

To see the search volume for each state, check out our interactive map here.

Bed bugs are causing sleepless nights in California and Texas, evidenced by California's 17,000 and Texas's 16,000 monthly searches for control solutions.

We asked David Smith, one of our most knowledgeable pest control technicians here at Native Pest Management, why bed bugs are such a concern.

“Bed bugs are one of those pests that are great travelers,” he said. “You can pick them up anywhere. Now everyone knows that whenever you’re staying at a hotel, on a cruise ship, or going through mass transit, bed bugs are an issue you need to be aware of.”


the states looking to terminate termites

To see search volume for each state, check out our interactive map here.

Termite control is a top concern in Florida, California, and Texas, with searches hitting 14,000, 11,000, and close to that in Texas. Florida's humidity, California's wooden structures, and Texas's diverse climates provide perfect habitats for termites, prompting high search volumes for effective treatment and prevention in these states.

The concern? “Termites are known as wood destroyers,” Smith said, “so if a homeowner finds out they have a termite infestation, they want them out as quickly as possible to avoid significant damage.”


states with the most-quitos

To see the search volume for each state, check out our interactive map here.

Mosquitoes are prompting Florida, Texas, and California residents to seek solutions. Florida's balmy climate, perfect for mosquito breeding, sees around 33,000 searches for control methods.

When it comes to Florida, Smith acknowledges that the climate makes it a great place to be an insect. “South Florida in particular is a haven for any living creature. With mild winters and wet summers, a pest will thrive, regardless of the climate they come from.”

In addition to the weather, there’s another factor that contributes to Florida’s mosquito problem.

“When looking for the source of mosquito activity in Florida, you don’t have to look any further than the amount of standing water across the state.” Whether it’s the Everglades in the south, the Chain O’ Lakes in the center, or the rivers and springs up North, Smith says all of this still water creates an optimal breeding ground for mosquitoes.


the most ticked-off states

To see the search volume for each state, check out our interactive map here.

In Texas, California, and New York, tick control is a pressing concern, with Texas topping the search volume, indicative of its expansive outdoor areas and warm climate extending the tick season. California’s varied ecosystems and New York’s rural regions also contribute to many searches, as residents across these states seek ways to guard against tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease.

The vigilant search for information reflects a population keen to enjoy the outdoors while minimizing health risks from these pests. And it all starts with searching for info about ticks in the first place. 


states that spy the most spiders

To see the search volume for each state, check out our interactive map here.

Searches for spider control are particularly active in California, Texas, and Florida, where climates range from temperate to moist and warm, ideal for various spiders. California's year-round mild weather sees many searches aimed at managing everything from innocuous spiders to the venomous black widow.

In Texas, the search intensity reflects the state's varied habitats and outdoor living, while Florida's humid environment has residents seeking ways to deter common and potentially dangerous spiders alike. 


the most app-roach-able states

To see the search volume for each state, check out our interactive map here.

Cockroaches, the unwelcome inhabitants of urban dwellings, are leading to a high volume of control searches in California, Texas, and New York. California's warm climate contributes to many searches, particularly in its bustling cities. The mix of heat and humidity in Texas and large urban centers like Houston and Dallas see a similar trend in search activity.

Over in New York, the dense population and compact living conditions of places like NYC amplify the quest for helpful cockroach facts and pest control solutions.


states looking for an ant-idote

To see the search volume for each state, check out our interactive map here.

In California, Texas, and New York, ant control is a significant issue, with numerous searches indicating a widespread battle against these pervasive pests. California's diverse climate nurtures various ant species, leading to substantial search interest in management solutions.

Texas grapples with the infamous fire ant, prompting residents to seek protective measures for their homes and gardens actively. New York's dense urban centers, particularly NYC, face challenges, with residents turning to the internet for strategies to prevent infestations.


wasp's happening in these states?

To see the search volume for each state, check out our interactive map here.

California, Texas, and Washington residents actively search for wasp control options as these pests become more than mere annoyances during outdoor activities. They contribute to an average of 72 deaths per year (along with bees and hornets)!

California's mild weather and outdoor-centric lifestyle necessitate strategies to deter wasps from being prevalent in garden and patio areas. In Texas, the blend of urban and countryside settings and continuous warmth means wasps are a year-round concern, leading to a high search volume for control methods.

Washington's diverse climates contribute to seasonal wasp problems, particularly during warmer months when outdoor leisure is most common.

Which Pests Do Americans Most Want Gone?

the pests that americans want gone

To see the search volume for each state, check out our interactive map here

If there's one pest that Americans unanimously vote off the island, it's bed bugs. With an overwhelming 154,240 searches per month, these tiny trespassers are the clear frontrunners in the unwanted pest popularity contest.

The data speaks volumes: from coast to coast, people seek ways to banish bed bugs from their beds and homes, searching for everything from prevention to full-scale extermination tactics. In fact, in 2010, the EPA and CDC came together to declare bed bugs as pests of public health significance!

Trailing behind, but still a significant concern, are ants and termites, garnering 76,210 and 75,930 monthly searches, respectively. Ants are a nationwide nuisance with their relentless pursuit of crumbs and knack for showing up uninvited to any household event.

Termites, on the other hand, silently wreak havoc, undermining the structural integrity of homes in a stealthy wood-chewing conquest.

These numbers reveal a telling narrative: bed bugs stir up a level of urgency and discomfort that puts them at the top of America's least-wanted list. Meanwhile, ants and termites represent a more gradual but equally pressing threat, leading many to seek strategies for a pest-free existence.

Whether it's the immediate itch of a bed bug bite or the slow siege of termites, Americans are clear on one thing—they want these pests gone.

Full List of Pest Control Searches by States

Here's a detailed list of pest control searches by state, giving you a clear picture of which bugs are causing the biggest buzz and where. This list highlights the diverse pest challenges faced from one state to another, from the most common pests stirring concern to the less frequent ( yet still noteworthy) searches.

where do bugs bug americans the most?

You can experience the full interactive chart by clicking here.


For this study, we used Google Keyword Planner to obtain the number of pest-related searches by state. We used a combination of different terms related to pest control for each insect. For example, “bed bug control”, “bed bug treatment”, “bed bug exterminator”, and “how to get rid of bed bugs”.

We compiled this information for the top 8 insect pests in the U.S, for each of the 50 states. The insects we researched in this study are bed bugs, termites, mosquitos, ticks, spiders, cockroaches, and ants.