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Can I Get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator?

If you’re finding cockroaches in your home, you may be wondering if it’s time to call the nearest roach exterminator in Fort Lauderdale. But in the back of your head, you’re also probably thinking “Can I get rid of these roaches without a professional exterminator?

This article is here to help you answer that question. You might want to try to get rid of the cockroaches yourself to save money, but you also want these pesky bugs gone! It’s definitely a toss-up, so keep reading to find out if it’s time to look for professional cockroach control.

Here are a few things to consider when looking into hiring a cockroach exterminator: 

The Cost of Hiring a Roach Exterminator 

If you’re uncertain about hiring a roach exterminator, cost is most likely on your mind. Depending on the pest control company, it can be relatively expensive or inexpensive for a cockroach control treatment.

However, cost shouldn’t be on the top of your list - value should be higher. When looking for a potential company, consider how many reviews they have. For example, Native Pest Management has over 3,000 reviews across Google, Yelp, Facebook, Homeadvisor, and Thumbtack, making us a trustworthy pest control company in the Fort Lauderdale area. 

The Cockroach Treatment You’re Looking For

Do you know what type of cockroach is in your home? One of the most common cockroach species in Fort Lauderdale is the American cockroach, which are typically called the “palmetto bug” for living both outdoors and indoors.

These roaches are typically on the larger side at about 4 cm long and like to be in dark, moist areas. Outside, this would be in hollow trees, wood piles, and mulch, while inside they’ll likely be in your attic, or near water pipes, sinks, baths, and toilets.

Other common cockroaches in Fort Lauderdale are brown-banded cockroaches, smoky brown cockroaches, and Australian cockroaches. If you’re having trouble identifying the cockroach in your home, a professional may be the way to go - since different species call for different treatments, your exterminator will be able to accurately identify what roach species is in your home and how to eliminate the infestation. 

Know the DIY Methods of Getting Rid of Roaches 

If you’re thinking of going the DIY route, it’s important to know your options. You can get rid of roaches in Fort Lauderdale with a variety of products, but they may not all work as well as you’d hope.

Here are a few ways to get rid of roaches yourself (naturally): 

  1. Baking soda and sugar: Use equal parts sugar and baking soda as cockroach bait. You can place it in small containers or plates wherever you have spotted roaches. The sugar will attract the roaches and the baking soda will kill them.
  2. Fabric softener: Fabric softener kills roaches by blocking the pores in their skin, leading them to suffocate (death by evil skincare!). Mix 3 parts fabric softener with 2 parts water in a spray bottle and directly spray the roaches. 
  3. Neem: Neem can not only kill roaches but can also kill other pests such as flies and ants. Mix neem oil with water in a spray bottle or sprinkle neem powder on infested areas. 
  4. Bay leaves: Bay leaves won’t directly kill cockroaches but have a scent that will irritate them, causing them to leave your home. Sprinkle crushed bay leaves around affected areas or boil bay leaves and spray the water. 
  5. Diatomaceous earth: Diatomaceous earth is a powder made of fossilized algae. While it doesn’t kill cockroaches on contact, it dries up their exoskeletons which eventually kills them. Sprinkle food-grade diatomaceous earth along areas where you find cockroaches. 
  6. Boric acid: Boric acid is a compound made up of boron, oxygen, and hydrogen, and is also called hydrogen borate, boron hydroxide, or boracic acid. It’s also a good product for other pests in Fort Lauderdale like ants, silverfish, termites, and fleas. While boric acid is naturally occurring, keep it away from pets and children. 

Know How Exterminators Get Rid of Roaches

Typically, professional cockroach extermination is more effective than DIY cockroach control. By learning the different ways exterminators control cockroaches, you may be more or less comfortable with your decision.

The treatment methods do depend on the company, however. For example, Native Pest Management is an eco-friendly and pest-friendly pest control company in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Our organic methods of cockroach control avoid quick sprays and use effective products such as glue traps and granular baits to get rid of common cockroaches such as American cockroaches.

Other companies may use pest control sprays that are less friendly to your family and may put a cheap price on the service to draw you in. That’s why it’s important to research any cockroach exterminator before you consider hiring one.

If the companies in your budget are not pet-friendly or eco-friendly, DIY cockroach control may be the best alternative - value should always be your best friend! 

Can You Get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator? 

Yes. It is very possible to eliminate cockroaches without professional cockroach control, but we recommend that you look into it. Native Pest Management offers the best eco-friendly and pet friendly pest control near you in Fort Lauderdale.

We’re focused on getting rid of your cockroach problem for good, so with our cockroach control treatment plans, we provide free follow-ups in between services if the results are unsuccessful.

Native Pest Management is all about being local, so on the day of your service, the technician that will arrive at your home is from our Fort Lauderdale office, which is located at 1818 NW 19th St Unit 1818.

We can get rid of any cockroaches you find in your home, including American cockroaches, Australian cockroaches, and more.

If you’re leaning toward hiring a cockroach exterminator in Fort Lauderdale look no further than Native Pest Management and contact us today!