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Best ant control company near me in Port St. Lucie

How to Find the Best Ant Control Company Near Me

In the craziness of everyday life, you’re probably not thinking about hiring ant control…until you see the ants control you. 

First, you’re outside and you notice ants on the pavement. No big deal, just your typical outside ant gathering. A few days later, you see ants in your car–it happens.  

A week goes by and suddenly, they’re inside your home. It’s no longer an outside ant gathering, it’s an ant house party. 

They’re all over the kitchen, in the sinks, under the carpet. How did they get there so quickly?

Now you finally realize, “I need professional ant control.” So, you go to google and you type in ‘best ant control company near me’ and when you see the results, you’re overwhelmed seeing just how many options there are. 

All of these companies that pop up can’t be the best ant control in Port St. Lucie–and you need to find the best. 

Ants in Port St. Lucie, FL are crawling everywhere, and they will be a year-round problem with the warm weather here. Since the quickest and most long-lasting ant control solution is professional pest control, you can’t avoid the search for a pest control company any longer. 

You shouldn’t let ants control your life–getting the help you need to get rid of ants in Port St. Lucie is worth the money compared to you spending your day worrying about where the ants are and whether your infestation will ever go away on its own.

We don’t want you to spend long hours looking for the right ant control company though. That’s why we outlined some guidelines you should keep in mind when looking for the right company.

Ant Control Services in Port St. Lucie

The first question you should ask when searching for an ant control company is whether they provide the type of ant control services you need.

Look for an ant control company in Port St. Lucie that has experience dealing with the specific species of ants that are infesting your home. Also, call ahead and make sure the ants in your home are species the company can treat.

Here are some different ant control services you may need in Florida:  

Ant Prevention

While you certainly want a company with comprehensive ant control services, ant prevention is just as important. Look for a company that not only provides ant extermination, but also provides preventative treatments and offers expert advice for keeping ants out. 

There are several professional repellents that ants hate and will avoid, as well as options for disrupting ant trails. All of these techniques will prevent ants from continuing to nest in your home. 

Sugar Ant Control

Sugar ants are some of the most common types of ants in Florida as they thrive in tropical climates.

Any “sugar ant” is called a sugar ant because they’re especially attracted to sweet foods, so you can find them swarming around cookie crumbs, spilled sugar, or drops of maple syrup. 

These household ants are also drawn to moisture, which means you can find them in your bathroom or near standing water on your kitchen counter. 

The best ant control company will go after these ants and give guidance on how to prevent them. Since a lot of ant prevention is related to cleaning, you play a key role in the number of ants you attract to your home.

Ghost Ant Control

Another common type of ant control you might need is ghost ant control. These ants may be confused with sugar ants (they also feed on sweet foods), but they can be distinguished from sugar ants by their appearance. 

Ghost ants are much smaller and only grow to one-sixteenth of an inch. These tiny ants also have a dark brown head and midsection with more opaque legs and abdomen. This makes ghost ants hard to spot, which is where they get their name. 

The best ant control company will use an extra close eye to control ghost ants. They’ll examine your home for any tiny cracks that these ants could slip through and seal them to prevent future infestations. 

Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ants in Port St. Lucie don’t eat wood like termites will, but they hollow it out to make nests inside the wood. They love wood with moisture, whether inside or outside. You may see these ants on tree stumps, logs, fallen trees, or wood piles. 

Inside, you might find them behind basement walls, in your kitchen or bathroom walls, on door frames and windows, in sinks, or in chimneys. 

As DIY treatments can take a couple of weeks to make a noticeable impact, if they work at all, you need a professional ant control company in PSL that has handled carpenter ants before. The best ant control company will search all sources of wood inside and outside for these pests so they can prevent further structural damage to your home. 

Big Headed Ant Control

Big headed ants got their name from their unusually large head, which makes these ants easy to spot. While you can find big headed ants inside, it is more common for them to nest outside your home. Some common spots are near trees, under logs or stones, under yard debris, near pavement, or in driveways. 

The best ant control company for big headed ants will provide pet friendly services, as they’ll be used outside where your pet likes to play. This will avoid potential health problems for your pet as you’re trying to solve your problem with ants. 

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are known for their bites, which can be even more frustrating than mosquito bites. Their tunnels can also go ten feet into the ground! 

With these facts in mind, you should be certain that the company you hire can get rid of fire ants. They should provide a comprehensive solution to your pest problem, including mound treatments, broadcast bait applications, and spot treatments to restrict fire ants’ ability to forage. 

Pavement Ant Control

Pavement ants can be found inside or outside, but they’re especially known for their behaviors outside on the patio or on sidewalks in front of homes. 

Pavement ants can’t damage your home, but they’re definitely a nuisance that can get out of hand quickly. It can be hard to keep track of the colony since they can be anywhere from the patio to the lawn to the kitchen to the bathroom. 

So, if you think you might have pavement ants, the best move is looking for a pest control company that uses advanced baiting kits and non-repellent sprays. These slow-working products will sneak up on the ants so it passes through the whole colony until it reaches the queen. 

Ant Control Treatment Plans

The next question to ask is whether the ant control company implements a customized ant-management strategy. Each ant infestation is unique as they all have different locations, different species, and different contributing factors. When a company treats your infestation just like they treat everyone else’s, you do not get the quality of protection you need. 

For your own peace of mind, make sure the company does a thorough pest inspection and understands your specific needs. They should design an ant management program that matches your location in Florida, your house foundation, and your lifestyle. 

The Source of Ant Infestations

A top rated ant control company will not just remove the ants you currently have, they will target the source of the infestation—this is the only way to provide long-lasting ant protection.  

A company like this will provide insights that other companies may not. They will tell you that the wood stacked against your house drew the carpenter ants inside. Or they will explain that your uncovered trash attracts sugar ants inside. They might even find a whitefly infestation, which will cause an ant infestation because ants feed on the honeydew that the whiteflies produce.

Look for a company like this that offers long-term solutions and comprehensive pest extermination. They should investigate your property and your ant infestation carefully to determine why the ants infested your home in the first place. 

The top priority of the best ant control company in Port St. Lucie should be preventing your infestation from happening again. 

Follow Up Ant Treatments 

In some situations, a one-time treatment for small ants may not be enough. That brings us to the final question you should ask in your search: does the company provide treatment follow-ups?

Of course, several companies do offer repeat services—for a price. But you should look for a company that offers follow-up services at no charge based on a service guarantee. If their ant extermination services couldn’t entirely remove your ant problem, they should be willing to come back and continue treatment until your ant infestation is eliminated. 

Professional Ant Control in Port St. Lucie

With those questions, you can narrow your ant control search quickly. But you do not have to keep searching for quality companies. Native Pest Management provides the ant control services you need for Port St. Lucie, FL.  

Ant Control Treatment Plans

Based in Florida, we offer safe ant control solutions for all the common ant species you may find in Cape Coral, Port St. Lucie, and other Florida locations. You can rest assured that we have the experience and knowledge to treat the ant species that have infested your home. 

Native Pest Management is proud to offer customizable treatment services that specifically target your situation. We will perform a thorough inspection of every nook and cranny in and around your home. We will check the foundation, your walls, and your attic for any pest problems you reported and for the ones you might not have known about. 

Then, we will provide a treatment plan that matches your location, the type of foundation your home has, and your current lifestyle. We also provide recommendations you can implement to keep ants and other pests out of your home. 

Long Term Ant Prevention in Port St. Lucie

The treatments Native Pest Management applies are eco-friendly and pet friendly, and they will prevent ants from coming back. We not only target the pest infestation you have, but we also do our best to eliminate the source of this problem, so that your pests don’t return.  

The Best Ant Control Company Near Me in Port St. Lucie

To sum it up, you should look for a company that services the most common ants in Port St. Lucie, effectively finds the source of the ant infestation, provides customizable treatment plans, and is set on not just ant extermination but ant prevention as well. 

Native Pest Management checks all of these boxes and more. With over 3,000 reviews across Google, Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List and NextDoor, our customers can ensure that we’re the best ant control company in Port St. Lucie. 

And homeowners aren’t just in Port St. Lucie when they Google “best ant control company near me.” We service all of St. Lucie, Broward, Martin, Indian River, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Leon counties. 

So if you’re looking for the best professional pest control in Port St. Lucie or any of our service areas, Native Pest Management is just one phone call away.

To learn all about our ant control processes or to set up your initial ant control service, give us a call today!