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Mosquito sitting on leaf in Coral Springs, FL

Mosquito Facts Every Coral Springs Homeowner Should Know

Mosquitoes are probably not your favorite topic. They might make your skin crawl, and they definitely make your skin itchy. 

But surprisingly, mosquitoes can be interesting! There’s a lot to know about them. 

For example, did you know that there are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world? About 200 species inhabit the United States alone!

If you’ve lived in Coral Springs for any amount of time, then you might know there are millions of individual mosquitoes, and it makes sense why. Mosquitoes thrive in the heat and humidity, two things the area is known for. 

Although you can’t change the weather, you can always learn, so keep reading for all the info you need to help you cope with the tiny nuisances.

Basic Mosquito Facts

  • Mosquitoes can detect body heat and the carbon dioxide animals emit, meaning as long as we breathe, they’re attracted to us 
  • Mosquitoes have eyes that detect movement, so you’re more likely to get bit by running away from them than just standing still
  • But don’t let this fool you into thinking they’re going to out run you, they’re total slowpokes - they can only fly up to 1.5 miles per hour
  • Sources debate the exact timing all the time, but they say that mosquitoes have been on Earth anywhere from 46 to 400 million years 
  • Females are the only ones who need blood, and it’s because it helps them lay eggs
  • The male mosquito diet consists of nectar and plant juices
  • When it comes to blood preferences, mosquitoes love type O.
  • One study found that mosquitoes bug people the most on the east coast of the United States, but mosquito breeding occurs around the world
  • They flourish in humid climates, especially during the rainy season
  • Since females water to lay eggs, it’s a party when it rains - go outside around 6 or 7pm after any kind of rain and you’ll see what I mean. 

Mosquito History Facts

  • They’ve been around since the Jurassic period, which was over 210 million years ago!
  • Researchers believe that mosquitoes evolve quicker than humans
  • When Columbus arrived in the Americas, there were mosquitoes but they didn’t carry any diseases
  • 22 years later, mosquitoes were dropping population numbers fast 
  • The reason we have so much mosquito-borne disease around the world is because of the growing domestication of animals across the Middle-East and Europe
  • Mosquitoes have led to the outcome of many battles across history, including the Civil War and World War II
  • Because mosquito-borne disease exploded in Africa during the African slave-trade, many Africans have a genetic resistance to mosquitoes
  • Mosquitoes have been named “the ultimate agent of historical change” 

Interesting Mosquito Facts

  • Mosquito is Spanish for “little fly” 
  • In Africa, New Zealand and Australia, they’re called “mozzies” 
  • There are over 3,000 species, and 175 are found in America - surprisingly, only a few hundred feed on human blood (keyword is human) 
  • The state with the fewest mosquito species is West Virginia, at 26. Texas has the most with 85 species, and Florida has 80 
  • Only females bite, and they do this so their eggs develop
  • Male mosquitoes only eat nectar and plant juices (females do too when they don’t need blood) 
  • Mosquitoes don’t have actual teeth - they “bite” with a proboscis (butterflies have one too!) by piercing the skin and locating a capillary to draw blood
  • A mosquito can drink up to three times its weight in blood
  • Human blood is actually not they’re favorite kind of blood - they prefer blood from horses, cattle and birds
  • A female mosquito can lay up to 300 eggs at a time (yikes) and they do this 3 times before they die
  • And while *only* “3 times before they die” may sound like a relief, females only live up to 8 weeks. Sooo one mosquito can make up to 900 mosquitoes in two months… and those 900 mosquitoes can each make up to 900 mosquitoes within two months after 
  • Some mosquitoes have been seen at heights of 8,000 feet
  • Birds, bats, fish, dragonflies and frogs often eat mosquitoes, meaning they play a pretty important role in the food train 
  • They like to bite people wearing dark clothing over light clothing 
  • A full moon means more mosquitoes, since a full moon means high tides

Black Saltmarsh Mosquito Facts

  • Just as you would expect, the black saltmarsh mosquito is found in brackish, marshy areas
  • So, if you’re trying to go on a walk in Coral Springs at the Tall Cypress Natural Area, you’ll want to prep yourself with mosquito repellent
  • Unlike other mosquitoes, they lay their eggs in moist soil rather than water
  • Once they lay the eggs, the larvae are moved to water to develop 

Yellow Fever Mosquito Facts

  • Yellow fever mosquitoes are container-inhabiting - meaning they like to breed in unused containers like flowerpots, untreated swimming pools and bird baths
  • It used to be one of the most common mosquitoes in Coral Springs, until the invasive Asian tiger mosquito began to populate all around Florida.

Culex Mosquito Facts

  • There’s different types of Culex mosquitoes - the most common one being the southern house mosquito
  • They’re most active at night 
  • The female Culex mosquito lays eggs one at a time 
  • After breeding is complete, the eggs stick together to form a raft of 100 to 300 eggs
  • Their water sources for breeding include barrels, horse troughs, ornamental ponds, unmaintained swimming pools, puddles, creeks, ditches, and marshy areas
  • They mostly bite birds, but will bite people if other animals aren’t nearby

Anopheles Mosquito Facts

  • Unlike the Culex mosquito, Anopheles mosquitoes prefer to bite humans, but will also feed on animals 
  • They like to fly in swarms around dusk - this is mostly organized by the male mosquitoes, but females join to find a mate 
  • During the daytime, they rest in dark, sheltered areas

Asian Tiger Mosquito Facts

  • Asian tiger mosquitoes get their name from the silvery-white markings on them 
  • It originates from Southeast Asia 
  • But, they ended up invading the U.S. - it was first recorded in Texas in 1985. 
  • The next one was found at a tire dump in Jacksonville - so your tires are a culprit for catching mosquitoes too. 
  • Today, they can be found in all 67 counties of Florida - so there’s likely to be some Asian tiger mosquitoes where you’re at. 
  • Unlike their other mosquito pals, they like to feed in the daylight. Most mosquitoes are out and ready to bite in the early morning or evening - so if you’re in Coral Springs, it’s a little hard to escape the skeets completely
  • Like the yellow fever mosquito, they usually breed in items like flower pots and bird baths 

Mosquito Prevention Facts

  • Light colored clothes might do the trick - colors like black or navy trap more heat and make people sweat, attracting more mosquitoes  
  • Mosquitoes love strong scented perfumes and lotions, especially floral scents
  • You’re more likely to avoid them in the middle of the day or the dead of night (except the Asian tiger mosquitoes)
  • Two simple ways to repel mosquitoes from your home is to regularly dump your trash can and clear your gutters after it rains 
  • If you have a pool, it’s safe from mosquitoes as long as you take care of it 
  • Tightly seal all windows and doors, ensuring there are no holes in the screens. Examine screens for any holes and repair them so no mosquitoes can get inside your home. 
Close-up of mosquito in Coral Springs, FL

Mosquito Coral Near Me in Coral Springs

Hopefully, these facts are a wake-up call. You don’t have to be constantly itchy and uncomfortable from getting bitten by mosquitoes in your yard, and especially in your home! 

Just because they’re so common to the area does not mean they should just be accepted as something you need to get used to, mosquitoes are a problem that can be fixed. 

If your home has a mosquito problem, then you can attempt to solve it yourself or hand the burden over to trained professionals. Native Pest Management offers mosquito control in Coral Springs to reduce the impact mosquitoes can have on you and your family.

Our mosquito control services are pet friendly and can significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes bugging you. We don’t just apply a one-time treatment and never return to your home again - we want the protection to last! 

So that’s why I’ll emphasize that our monthly mosquito fogging works for up to 30 days. Then, we can revisit your home to apply a larvicide application with an insect growth regulator and insecticide mixture.

Yeah, I know “larvicide application,” “insect growth regulator” and “insecticide mixture” sound like scary words, but what makes it easier is learning the goal of mosquito control. 

The goal of mosquito control in Coral Springs is to reduce mosquito populations. Mosquitoes breed so quickly that they can be extremely difficult to get under control without a little extra boost. 

Larvicides and insect growth regulator and insecticide mixtures are that extra boost. After those are applied, you’ll notice over the next few months the mosquito population outside your home is way, way down.

And we have an annual plan - so if you renew your subscription yearly, your home will always be protected from black saltmarsh mosquitoes, Culex mosquitoes, Anopheles mosquitoes, yellow fever mosquitoes and Asian tiger mosquitoes. 

Our home mosquito control can quickly become an essential part of your home maintenance routine so you never have to worry about it. Sometimes, you’ll forget the mosquitoes were even there because we’re just that effective. 

We can move fast to control the mosquitoes in your home. Although mosquito treatments will probably not completely erase their numbers, they can be dramatically reduced so they don’t inconvenience or worry you and your family any longer. 

Since we’re so confident that we have the best mosquito control in Coral Springs, we’ll give you a guarantee that includes free follow-up treatments if they’re needed in between regular services.

This means we’re always just a call away from you to make your home as comfortable as possible. 

Since 2015, our reputation for comprehensive and family-friendly pest control has earned us over 2,000 reviews and several awards including the 2021 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics. Additionally, we are privileged to have been in the spotlight of local news outlets.

The Palm Beach Post and CBS News Channel 12 have highlighted our pest control expertise. In addition to local acclaim, we have been included on the list of the highest-rated companies in Florida by Top Rated Local. 

Our organization tops rankings in ratings from several leading customer review websites. In 2022, we were ranked #1,568 on the Inc. 5000 List of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies!

Mosquitoes shouldn’t be something you have to just deal with or get used to, even in Florida where they run rampant. You should be comfortable in your home and Native Pest Management is here to give you that peace of mind. 

And to bring that peace of mind, we work hard at our mosquito services to reduce their populations as much as possible. Whether our monthly treatments are enough or we have to come to your home for follow-ups, your home will be mosquito free in no time, while you’re in our hands. 

You can always count on our dedicated team for quality pest control services in Coral Springs and surrounding areas like West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and up in Tallahassee. We’ll do our best to protect you and your family from itchy bites and sleepless nights.

To request your free quote today for mosquito control in Coral Springs, call us today!