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8 Unexpected Reasons to Work For A Pest Control Company

Have you ever thought about working in the pest control industry? Unless you’re a pest enthusiast, it probably isn’t the first career to cross your mind.

Should you work in the pest control industry? We think so!

Pest control technicians tend to work more behind the scenes. You may have hired a pest control service before, but did you think about it much before you saw your first trail of ants in the kitchen or a single cockroach in the bathroom?

We know pest control can seem like somewhat of an oddball job. It’s hard work, and there’s a good chance that you’ll get stung sometimes.

But there’s so much good in it too - and our technicians’ compassion for what they do goes to show for it.

We could just tell you to trust us when we say pest control is a great industry to work in, but we can do better than that.

Whether you have experience, or you’ve never thought about it as a potential career option, we can give you 8 unexpected benefits of working for a pest control company, and they may be pleasantly surprising. 

1. Making An Impact On Families

People with pest infestations like ants, cockroaches, or termites can experience a lot of stress, worry, and discomfort, especially those with pets or children.

Our team gets motivated every day by the fact that they are making a positive impact on the lives of the people and families they serve.

A big part of this impact comes from thoroughness. Our technicians are trained to never rush or passively complete a job.

They’re trained to do every job, no matter how simple or complex, to the absolute best of their ability. Working hard and seeing customers get their peace of mind back is the ultimate reward!

When you save homes from infestations every day, you’re a superhero, so that makes you even cooler.

Native Pest Management loves to give customers back the peace of mind that the pests in their homes took away from them. There is so much value in helping people out and making them happy.

Our pest control technicians deal with tough situations and lots of creepy crawlers, but these customers have to live with cockroaches, ants, rodents, termites, or whatever pest is in their home. So while it will be a bit tricky sometimes, it’ll all be worth it when they see a customer’s sigh of relief and their five-star review with your name on it!

2. Seeing Lots of Pets  

One of the best parts of working for a pet-friendly pest control company is the animals you get to run into. Our technicians get to see their customers’ unique and cute pets all the time, and this isn’t limited to dogs and cats.

Some families own squirrels, peacocks, turtles, rabbits, and bobcats. So if you love animals - you’ll love working for a pet-friendly pest control company.

You’ll never know what animals you’ll see daily! Each appointment brings surprises.

And since pest control is not the easiest of careers, seeing a happy dog wagging their tail knowing you’re doing your best to help ‘em out can change a hard day around, relieve stress, and bring good vibes. Especially when the customer lets you pet them!

And it’s even more heartwarming when you realize how much these families care about their pets when they choose pet friendly pest control.

Building relationships with customers is important to us, and it makes all the difference in the world seeing how customers treat their pets like family (because they are!). 

3. Health Benefits 

Pest control technicians don’t do a whole lot of sitting around. On their commute between routes, of course, but on the job, they’re up and moving!

The benefits of an active job are endless, and if you love South Florida’s year-round warm weather, our lawn technicians spend most of the day outside.

Staying active and getting regular vitamin D are two major mental health boosts, so pest control may cross off all of your health boxes.

Some of the benefits of an active and/or outside job include: 

  • Sleep improvement 
  • Less stress 
  • Stronger bones
  • Stronger immune system
  • Mood improvement 

Physical activity shares a lot of benefits with regular sun exposure (just don’t forget the sunscreen), so getting both is a killer combo for better physical & mental health and better quality of life. 

4. Saving On Gas Money

If you’re constantly frustrated about gas prices, you’ll love this - as a pest control technician, you’ll save money on gas!

Our technicians use company vehicles to take to their appointments and don’t have to pay for gas for their routes.

A lot of our technicians even have a vehicle at their home that they use on their commute. It depends on their living situation as some HOAs have rules about parking and business vehicles, but imagine how much money you can save from a free commute. 

5. An Always In-Demand Industry 

South Florida is warm all year round, and pests love warm weather. This puts pest control in demand all year, and a lot of demand equals a lot of growth within the industry.

Especially at Native Pest Management, you can grow your skills fast with a full schedule every day.

And while homeowners are our biggest clients, we also service the hospitality and restaurant industries. We help restaurants, hotels, and all kinds of businesses provide a clean and healthy experience to their customers, guests, and clients.

Did you know that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the pest control industry was (and still is) considered an essential job?

Since pest control continues to be essential, the industry continues making technology developments.

Modern pest control companies like Native Pest Management not only use the best, up-to-date, and pet-friendly + eco-friendly methods out there, but they also use modern technology to be as efficient as possible.

For example, paperless documents, easy-to-use scheduling software, and automated billing are just some of the ways we use technology to improve the process for our technicians and deliver the best pest control service in South Florida.

And the growth doesn’t end with technology - we’re already seeing major ways the pest population is growing and becoming more active.

Rainfall levels are going up in 2022, and who can guess what pest in South Florida is most likely to come out of hiding after it rains?

Ready to drive you crazy on your morning run by the lake, it’s none other than the mosquitoes.

This means there’s more water going into flower pots, bird baths, gutters, and your kid’s toys.

Shallow standing water is the perfect setting for mosquitoes to multiply. While people can try to prevent the excess water that attracts these pesky little bugs, the demand for pest control technicians is high to keep up with the growing mosquito population.

Mosquitoes aren’t the only pest that loves the rain; in fact, most pests thrive in as much moisture as possible.

Pest infestations are most common after a storm, which makes South Florida a treasure chest for ants, cockroaches, termites, and spiders. 

Termites including subterraneans, drywoods, and swarmers all tend to come out of the dark when it rains. Subterranean termites specifically can’t survive sunlight at all, so they’ll use a cloudy, muggy day to find an opening in the nearest house and establish a colony there.

The heavier rain can also trigger cockroach infestations, but for a different reason - they’re trying to survive.

Roaches that live in the sewer like German cockroaches get swept away and flushed out after a storm. Up your pipes and in your bathtub they go!

American roaches simply scurry inside your home to avoid drowning in the rain. They like the moisture in the air, but they can’t handle pouring rain and high winds, so they run to their homes for a haven.

These examples are why as rain goes up, the need for pest control technicians drastically increases. This is why South Florida is the best place to work in pest control - it’s the ideal environment for pests. 

6. Constantly Learning & Fast Growth 

If you’re thinking, “How can I be a pest control technician if I’ve never done pest control before, and don’t know much about pests?"

Some of our top-performing and highly requested technicians were hired with no knowledge or experience.

And some of them have grown beyond the technician level. Some were hired as technicians with no experience, then were promoted to specialty technicians and some have decided to become inspectors.

Anyone can become a top-performing technician at Native Pest Management. We provide thorough in-house training and send interested and motivated team members to Pest Management University so they can become experts in what they do.

Simply interested in the industry? Go for it and try applying on our Indeed page!

You might love it and you might go further than you think.

7. Traveling and Meeting New People

South Florida has a lot to see. Native Pest Management services all over South Florida, from Indian River County down to Miami-Dade County.

Traveling all over South Florida means seeing a lot of beautiful beaches, lakes, wildlife, and sunsets daily. It’s never dull or bland in Florida, and the sites to see and people to meet make every day a worthwhile experience. 

8. Applicable Pest Knowledge

Pest Control is a practical industry, and with that, comes a lot of practical information.

Once you learn about pest control and start helping people with the pests in their homes, you can carry the same knowledge to your own, and your friends and family.

Our technicians are constantly learning about new pest species, their characteristics, and behaviors. It can be like a puzzle sometimes to inspect the evidence and identify what’s going on, and having the knowledge makes it even more interesting.

Since Native Pest Management is an eco-friendly company, this opens up the importance of these qualities to your health. Working in an environmentally conscious job has helped our technicians learn about how to keep a home in the most eco-friendly condition, and how to apply those practices to their own homes.

Pest control knowledge also applies to inspecting your own home. Identifying rodent damage, termite damage, or other pest damage is a valuable skill to have when taking care of your own home or considering buying a new one. 

A Career At Native Pest Management

If you’re liking everything you’ve read in this post, being a pest control technician at Native Pest Management could be a great fit for you!

And if that’s true, we would love for you to learn more about our open pest control technician positions and apply. Visit our Indeed page to apply and read company reviews.

And if you want to know one more awesome part of working at Native Pest Management, it's our 5-star reputation. As we build relationships with our customers, our customers remember us and the exceptional service we gave them.

Part of the reward of working for a top-rated pest control company for our pest control technicians is they get to see a personalized five-star review with their name on it.

At Native Pest Management, you’re not just working behind the scenes, your work is valuable and noticed.

We understand that looking for a new job is a big search where you want to consider all of your options. By choosing the best pest control company for you, there are unbeatable benefits.

And if you choose Native Pest Management, we can guarantee that the benefits we’ve talked about are true. Even if you’ve never worked in pest control, we’re looking for people who are ready to learn, and ready to give customers their peace of mind back at the best pet friendly and eco-friendly pest control company in South Florida.

So if you’re impressed with the benefits of working at Native Pest Management, then move forward with your job search and apply today!