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How Much Does Spider Pest Control Cost In Wellington, FL

I have lived in Wellington, FL. My wife and kids have yelled at me as they ran screaming from a large spider they found near our pool. So trust me when I say I know the fear that spiders in our area can create.

Fortunately, while many spiders in South Florida can appear scary and cause reactions like my family had, the vast majority are relatively harmless. Personally, I'd rather encounter a spider in Wellington than in some of the Northern states where I have read about the dangers of black widow and brown widow spiders hiding in nooks and crannies in various homes.

While we do have these dangerous spiders, from my experience treating thousands of homes for pests in our area, the presence of these specific dangerous spiders is very, very rare. 

So now that the good news has been delivered, breathe a sigh of relief, and know that at least the spiders you are seeing around your home are most likely not going to kill you. Below I've given a description of some of the common spiders in South Florida and some general prices to expect for spider control from companies in our area.

If you do happen to decide to give us a call, my team would be glad to help solve your spider issue and guarantee that spiders don't return to your home. Native Pest Management services from Vero Beach, FL to Miami, FL, and we have offices in Port St. Lucie, FL, West Palm Beach, FL, Margate, FL and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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Types of Spiders In Wellington, FL

Over 3,000 species of spiders reside in North America, but the good news is, the majority of spiders in South Florida are not dangerous. Many of these spiders are relatively harmless to humans, but that doesn’t mean you want them infesting your home. 

Before you can take the next steps in how to address these unwanted guests, you need to know what type you are dealing with. While there are many varieties of spiders in the US, here, we will focus on some of the species that can be commonly found in area homes, including the two types of spiders that everyone worries about. 

American House Spiders In Wellington, FL

Like many states in the US, the American house spider is commonly found in houses in Florida. These spiders are often dark brown with mottled dark and light patches.

These spiders may bite but their bite is rarely harmful to humans. Most spiders that you find in your home will be an American house spider or a similarly harmless spider.

Orb-weaver Spiders In Wellington, FL

Orb-weavers are the spiders that most commonly build spiral wheel-shaped webs in South Florida gardens. This type of spider has eight similar eyes, hairy legs, and no stridulating organs.

Many orb-weaver spiders build a new web each day. They are most active during the evening hours, and hide for most of the day. In the evening, they will usually consume the old web, and after a short time, will spin a new web in the ame general location.

Banana Spiders In Wellington, FL

These aptly named spiders are bright in color, just like bananas! They are found in warm climates and build impressive webs. Female banana spiders can be as large as 5.3 cm in length, which is quite large when you stumble across one unexpectedly. 

Most banana spider species have striped legs, and their bodies vary in color, from red, to yellow to orange. Banana spiders will bite you, but only if they feel threatened. They produce venom that effectively lets them kill prey, but their venom will hardly hurt humans. Don't be too worried about an accidental bite. At worst, it will likely cause a blister or redness, and possible muscle cramps or breathing problems if you have an allergic reaction.

Wolf Spiders In Wellington, FL

Wolf spiders are agile hunters with excellent eyesight. They live mostly alone, hunt alone, and do not spin webs. They will hunt down prey and pounce on it, and will even chase prey over short distances. They are such good hunters that they even have camouflage for protection.

Two of the wolf spider's eight eyes are large, which can be pretty creepy when you unexpectedly find them in or near your house. Fortunately, the majority of wolf spiders will be found outdoors.

Unlike most spiders, wolf spiders have excellent eyesight and are unique in that they carry their eggs.

These spiders will inject venom if provoked. Their bites may include swelling, pain and itching. Fortunately, they are not known to create necrotic bites, so if you do happen to be bitten you should recover quickly. 

Black Widow Spiders In Wellington, FL

Black widow spiders are found in every state except for Alaska. Unlike most spiders (which are harmless to humans), black widow spiders can cause a great deal of pain with their bite. These spiders resemble most other spiders in their shape and are completely black except for the red hourglass shape on the back of female black widows.

While these bites are rarely fatal, they are definitely not a pleasant experience and may require medical attention. Because of this, it is best to not try to remove these spiders yourself.

The good news is that we rarely come across black widow spiders in South Florida. They account for less than 1% of service calls we make for spider control in the West Palm Beach, FL area.

Brown Recluse Spiders In Wellington, FL

Unlike most types of spiders, brown recluse spiders actually only have six eyes (rather than the typical eight). These spiders are completely brown and are found more often in the Southern and Southeastern states.

Brown recluse bites are often considered to be the worst spider bites in North America. While these spiders rarely bite, their bites can become easily infected and cause an open sore that breaks down tissue.

Bites from these spiders often require medical attention. For this reason, it is best to avoid contact with these spiders and leave their removal to pest control professionals.

Similar to Black Widow spiders, we fortunately rarely come across Brown Widow spiders when performing our pest control services. Less than 1% of calls for spider control in the West Palm Beach, FL area are for brown recluse spiders.

Signs Of A Spider Infestation In Wellington, FL

There are common signs of spiders in your home that you can inspect for to determine whether you are dealing with a spider infestation or just a lone spider that found its way into your home. 

These signs include:

  • Spider webs in your home.
  • Spotting multiple spiders in your home within a short period of time.
  • Egg sacs that are attached to fixed surfaces or cobwebs.
  • Shed spider skins around your home.
  • Infestations of other insects (they will attract spiders).
  • Spider bites on yourself or others who live in your home.

If you see one or more of these signs, it is a good idea to contact a pest control service immediately. Native Pest Management proudly services Miami-Dade county, Broward county, Palm Beach county, Martin county, St. Lucie county, and Indian River county and guarantees all of its pest control services.

Spider Removal In Wellington, FL

Because spider infestations are such a common problem for homeowners all across the country, pest control services are often well equipped to handle the issue. While there are many “DIY spider removal” methods out there, nothing is as effective as a professional extermination service.

Pest management is especially important in the humid climate of South Florida, which is a breeding ground for many household pests. 

Professional pest control companies like Native Pest Management offer immediate and effective solutions to spider infestations that are both human and pet friendly. Additionally, Native Pest Management can set up recurring preventative pest control treatments to help you avoid any spider infestations in the future.

Spider Prevention In Wellington, FL

Prevention is always better than extermination. Because spiders are abundant throughout the South Florida landscape, it can be difficult to completely prevent them from ever entering your home, but there are some easy precautions you can take to make your home less desirable to them. These include:

  • Frequently removing cobwebs around your home, including hard-to-reach places (de-webbing is included in our home pest control service.)
  • Cleaning your entryways thoroughly.
  • Ensuring that your window and door frames are well insulated (gaps around these can be easy entry points for spiders).
  • Keeping food in airtight containers and cleaning up messes on the counters and floors. Food scraps can attract insects which can, in turn, attract spiders.
  • Watch what you bring into the house. Spiders can be brought into the house on boxes or other objects that you bring into the house.
  • Use "bug lights" on the exterior of your home. Use yellow or purple lights instead of bright white lights, which will attract fewer flying insects and spiders to your home.

While these practices may not completely eliminate spiders in your home, they can work to discourage them from making their home in yours.

How Much Is Pest Control For Spiders?

According to HomeAdvisor, a one-time spider infestation treatment costs, on average, around $350. The typical range of preventative spider control prices is $150 to $500m but can be as low as $80 or as high as $1000. In general, you can expect to pay between 15 and 20 cents per square foot of the infested area. 

As with all pest control costs, the overall cost will vary depending on the type of treatment and size of the infestation. For basic  treatments for spider infestations — which concentrate on reducing the overall number of spiders in and around your home — the cost is usually between $200 and $400. 

Preventative treatments are recommended since there will be constant spider pressure on the exterior of your home. These treatments will often range between $500 and $1000 a year. 

Ultimately, the cost of spider control in Wellington, FL varies for each home. It's important to get a quote prior to service so you can plan accordingly. Just keep in mind that there are many more factors to consider other than price when hiring a company, including response time, reviews, and awards that companies may have.

Professional Spider Control In Wellington, FL

There are many “at-home” remedies for getting rid of spiders on your own, but none of these methods are going to be as effective or immediate as hiring a professional pest control service. 

Spider extermination on your own may be difficult to accomplish, as it may take weeks or months to see results if the wrong products are applied or the wrong application methods are used. 

Our team at Native Pest Management has years of experience in removing and preventing spider infestations in a pet-friendly manner. So, if you think you have a spider infestation in Wellington, FL, it's time to call a professional pest control service that you know you can trust! With over 3,000 five star reviews on Google, Facebook, Angie's List, NextDoor, Yelp and HomeAdvisor, we are confident you will be satisfied with our service.

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