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Whiteflies and eggs

The Secret To Effective Whitefly Control For Boca Raton Property Owners

Whitefly control Palm Beach

October 28, 2020

If you are a Boca Raton property owner, whiteflies are common but invasive pests you're likely to encounter. Because the area has many ficus hedges, the preferred food of the whitefly, these pests can ruin your yard by destroying hedges. While there are other pests in the area that can destroy ornamental plants, the whitefly is the most difficult to control.

There are two different types of whiteflies here: the coconut palm tree whitefly and the ficus whitefly. They both look very similar, so we've provided a brief overview to help you identify these pests. Early identification can help you address the problem before the damage grows.

  • They can be as small as one-twelfth of an inch long.
  • They look similar to moths.
  • They have triangle-shaped bodies.
  • Their bodies are pale yellow, and their wings are white.
  • They have small antennae.
  • Their wings have a waxy sheen.

How Much Damage Can Whiteflies Do?

Because of the large numbers of whiteflies in an infestation and because they reproduce quickly, these infestations can soon grow out of control. Whiteflies pierce the leaves of plants and eat the juice and sap. They are also able to spread many other diseases that can ruin and kill your vegetation.
While whiteflies most commonly live and eat ficus, they can also destroy other plants. Ficus whiteflies are live throughout the southern portion of Florida and consume the nutrients from the plant, causing wilting, defoliation, and branch dieback. The other common whitefly in the area, the coconut palm tree whitefly, usually destroys coconut palm trees and gumbo limbo trees. However, there are a handful of other plants that whiteflies can kill, such as birds of paradise and other palm trees.
Along with decimating plants and ruining branches and leaves, whiteflies can also cause sooty mold. This substance is a blackish color and shows up on plants, concrete, and around the infested area. Sooty mold is created by the honeydew (sugary substance) that whiteflies produce. The honeydew left behind on plants turns into sooty mold.

Can You Get Rid Of Whiteflies On Your Own?

Because whiteflies can destroy many beautiful and privacy-creating plants around your Boca Raton property, you might be wondering if you can prevent or remove them yourself. However, whiteflies are a notoriously difficult pest to deter because they are resistant to many pesticides. Natural enemies of the whitefly, such as ladybugs, are often necessary to control their numbers.
There are, however, a few steps you can take to prevent them:

  • Use reflective mulch in your landscaping.
  • Get rid of any ornamental plants that have become infested.
  • Remove leaves that have been damaged by whiteflies.
  • Wash off whiteflies using a garden hose.
  • Get help from pest control experts.

The Most Effective Whitefly Control Services

Since whiteflies are so difficult to keep out on your own, the best and most effective way to prevent and control whitefly problems in Boca Raton is to get pest control from the experts at Native Pest Management. Our technicians are the best line of defense against these invasive pests. We are also committed to providing environmentally friendly, pet-safe pest control and lawn care services in South Florida, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your children or pets. To learn more about our whitefly control program, contact us today to get a free quote.

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