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Fire ants

The Trick To Fire Ant Control In West Palm Beach

fire ants in south Florida

June 09, 2020

Is your yard currently off-limits? Do you worry about your kids or pets when they ask to play outside? Are your feet itchy and covered in tiny little welts? If so, you might be dealing with a fire ant problem.

Due to our warmer year-round weather in West Palm Beach, fire ants are a year-round problem. If you are looking for a way to get these tiny painful biters under control, we are here today to help you do just that. Here is our trick to fire ant control that you can use for your West Palm Beach property.

What Are Fire Ants?

Fire ants are social insects that live in large nests beneath the ground. Fire ants can be identified by their red bodies and sometimes darker hind section. One thing that fire ants love more than anything is sunlight and warmth. Just try to remember the last time you saw one of their hills beneath a well-shaded tree. Finally, fire ants are unique in that they have both a pair of mandibles to bite with and a stinger at their rear.

Are Fire Ants Dangerous?

What fire ants lack in size they make up for in threat level. The good news is, they aren’t going to put you in a hospital, that is unless you have pre-existing medical conditions or allergies that make you more susceptible to their venom.

What they will do is make it painful for you to walk for a few days. If you don’t already know, when fire ants sting and bite, they tend to do so several times working together. After being attacked by fire ants, the best thing you can do is wash the affected area with soap and water and avoid scratching until the wounds have healed. Topical treatments as well as over the counter steroid creams and antihistamines can also be used to reduce pain and itchiness.

Why Are Fire Ants Difficult To Treat?

One thing that sets fire ants apart from many other species of ants in our area is that they have more than just one queen. This makes them more resilient to treatments. If even one queen survives, the colony can regrow.

Even if you think something you have done has solved the problem, chances are you will find more fire ants in your yard within a few days to a week. Another thing that makes fire ants hard to deal with is how deep they dig their colonies underground.

Some nests have been recorded to travel upwards of 10 feet or more beneath the surface of the ground. This can make it difficult to get treatments to areas that will eliminate every single ant.

All of this being said, here are a few things you should never do to try to eliminate fire ants.

  • Pour potentially dangerous chemicals over their hills.
  • Douse hills with gasoline or any other flammable liquids.
  • Light hills on fire.
  • Drown hills in a flow of water.

What Can You Do To Get Rid Of Fire Ants?

When it comes to getting rid of fire ants, there is no one better suited for the job than Native Pest Management. Our team knows what methods work best and has the equipment needed to quickly get your yard fire ant-free.

Fully accredited by the BBB, and a recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award, you can be sure when you choose us that you have made the right decision.

Reach out to our team today to find out more information about our fire ant control, or to schedule a pest treatment for your West Palm Beach home.

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