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Pest Control in Belle Glade, FL

Belle Glade, FL is a city in Palm Beach County, located on the shore of Lake Okeechobee. Protect your Belle Glade, FL home or business from the area’s toughest pests by partnering with Native Pest Management to put into place an effective pest control plan.

We utilize environmentally responsible and pet-safe products to ensure we put an end to your pest problems in the quickest way possible. If you’re looking for residential pest control services, commercial pest management, or general pest maintenance, look no further than Native Pest Management.

We’re ready to provide excellent pest control services you can’t find anywhere else. Contact the local pest control professionals here at Native Pest Management to learn more about our guaranteed pest control and termite control solutions.

Home Pest Control In Belle Glade, FL

Pest Control Belle Glade, FL

You deserve the best possible protection for your Belle Glade, FL home. Just as you would install a security system to keep intruders away, you need professional pest control services to protect your home from invading pests.

At Native Pest Management, we go above and beyond to keep your Belle Glade, FL home and family protected from the wide range of pests that live in our area. It’s our goal to eliminate your pest problems using eco-friendly and pet-safe products.

Whether you’re looking for ongoing treatments or customized solutions, the professionals at Native Pest Management have you covered. We are committed to providing an effective pest management plan to keep your Belle Glade, FL residential property free of pests throughout the entire year.

Don’t wait for pests to invade your home and threaten your family. Instead, give a call to the local pest control experts here at Native Pest Management for pest control solutions you can trust.

Commercial Pest Control In Belle Glade, FL

Owning a business comes with many responsibilities, and one of those responsibilities is keeping your Belle Glade, FL commercial property pest-free. To protect your business and reputation from dangerous and disease-spreading pests, you need professional pest control services from Native Pest Management.

We do more than just rid your commercial facility of pests; we make sure they never return to your property in the future. By relying on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies and high-quality products, Native Pest Management offers superior pest protection.

Our commercial pest management plans include quarterly treatments, every other month treatments, and monthly treatments, based on the needs of your property. No matter what type of pest problem you’re facing we’re ready to protect your customers, employees, and business year-round.

Contact the professionals at Native Pest Management today to get your FREE quote.

Eight Ways to Improve Mosquito Control in Belle Glade, FL

One of the worst parts of our warm, humid weather is all the insect pests that thrive here in Belle Glade, FL throughout most of the year. Arguably the most annoying insect residents in our area face is mosquitoes.

These small, fly-like insects have narrow bodies and a long, thin proboscis used to feed on the blood of humans and animals. Although mosquitoes are annoying, they pose more serious threats than ruining your outdoor gatherings or leaving itchy red welts on your skin.

Mosquitoes spread a variety of diseases, including malaria, Zika virus, chikungunya, dengue, and West Nile virus. The best way to avoid the problems mosquitoes cause is to minimize how attractive your Belle Glade property is to them.

Reduce your mosquito exposure by following the eight mosquito prevention tips below:

  • Dump out items that may collect water, such as kiddie pools, buckets, tarps, and flowerpots.

  • Keep your lawn trimmed short and thick foliage cut away from your exterior walls.

  • Clean organic matter and debris out of your gutters.

  • Ensure your downspouts divert water away from your foundation.

  • Drain areas where excess water has accumulated.

  • Eliminate all other sources of standing water, which mosquitoes need to breed and lay their eggs.

  • Fill in low lying areas of your lawn.

  • Contact the professionals for effective mosquito treatments.

When mosquitoes take over your Belle Glade property, your best option is to contact the skilled pest technicians here at Native Pest Management for ongoing mosquito control services.

Get in touch with us today to get your FREE mosquito control quote.

Termite Control in Belle Glade, FL

A single termite crawling around your Belle Glade, FL home might not look like much of a threat, but when an entire colony of termites works together, they cause damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair.

Seeing fire ants in your yard? Did you know that a primary underground food source of fire ants is subterranean termites? If you are seeing fire ants in your Belle Glade, FL yard, there's a good chance there are termites present too. 

The most common type of termites we see in Belle Glade, FL are drywood termites. Native Pest Management provides both tent fumigation and no tent treatment options for drywood termites. Both of these drywood termite control services come with a one year warranty which can be optionally renewed for future years.

Each year, termites cause more damage than the damage caused by fires, floods, storms, and earthquakes combined. To eliminate a current termite infestation or keep your property termite-free in the future, the professionals at Native Pest Management are proud to provide excellent termite control solutions.

Our termite control services are designed to eliminate termites in all stages of life. For more information about how we protect Belle Glade, FL homes and businesses from pests, call Native Pest Management to schedule your free termite inspection!



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