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Whitefly Control in Aventura, FL

Whitefly Control in Aventura, FL

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Enjoy your whitefly-free yard with our ornamental pest control in Aventura. 

Schedule an appointment now that works for you and say goodbye to those pesky whiteflies for good.

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Let Us Take Care of Your Whitefly Problem in Aventura

Native Pest Management, a family-owned company founded by third-generation Florida natives, offers complete residential and commercial whitefly control services to homes and businesses throughout Aventura.

During our initial visit, we apply a systemic product and we apply translaminar products via foliar sprays during bi-monthly preventative services. We also apply a custom blend of 50% slow release granular fertilizer to ficus hedges 2x per year to supplement whitefly treatment and strengthen ficus hedges to keep them healthy. This comprehensive approach eliminates current whiteflies and keeps new ones out, letting you enjoy a whitefly-free yard.

Why Us?

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No more hanging around all day wondering when the pest control service will show up. We’ll provide you with a 2 hr time window and if we don’t show up within that range, we’ll credit you $25.

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Pet & Kid-Friendly

We use the safest products and treatment methods available for whitefly control. Our precise 30-point protection program effectively targets whiteflies while remaining kid and pet-friendly.

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We not only get rid of your existing whitefly problem but also take steps to revitalize your ficus bushes. Customers have been so impressed with our work that 88% would recommend us to a friend.

3 Easy Steps for Peace of Mind

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Book your initial ornamental pest control appointment today. We will contact you once we’re on our way, then knock on your door when we arrive.

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Our initial whitefly treatment utilizes a systemic product, while the bi-monthly follow-ups involve translaminar products via foliar sprays.

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To supplement the whitefly treatment, we apply a custom blend of slow-release fertilizer to ficus hedges twice per year to keep ficus hedges healthy.


What are the signs of whitefly damage?

When whiteflies get to your plants, they feed off the nutrients on the underside of the leaves. Rapid loss of nutrients will cause ficus and other ornamental shrubs to quickly defoliate. 

If your plants begin to show signs of stress, they could be under attack from whiteflies, so be sure to get in touch with us right away for our South Florida whitefly control services.

What time of year are whiteflies most common in Aventura?

While whiteflies can be found year-round in Aventura, their populations grow faster in warm summer months.

How do I get rid of whiteflies naturally?

Here are a few ways you can get rid of whiteflies:

  • Pick off the leaves: You might not be super excited to pick off your precious leaves, but a plant with whitefly damage is like hair with split ends. Damage from split ends travels up your head, just like these flies will keep traveling up your plants until the whole plant is damaged. 

  • Mix dish soap with water: Rinse whiteflies off your plants by mixing a little of any dish soap with water. You could also use a natural insecticide soap if you wanna get fancy. Just know that this will only kill the whiteflies and not the eggs they’ve laid. So it might only be step one to a few things you'd wanna do to get rid of the whiteflies completely.

  • Check nitrogen levels: Nitrogen is a whitefly attracter. So if your nitrogen is relatively high, that could be a source of your whitefly infestation. You can purchase a nitrogen testing kit from Amazon, Lowes, or Home Depot. Nitrogen might also be attracting other insects like aphids. 

  • Water your plants: A lack of rainfall can stress plants and trees, making them susceptible to whiteflies. If you see whiteflies on your plants, it might be time to add a little extra water unless it’s a particularly rainy month (then the issue is probably not related to water).

Do I need to prepare my yard for ornamental pest control services?

No, we do not require any sort of preparation for ornamental pest control services.

Which plants do whiteflies like the most?

Common host trees and plants of whiteflies in South Florida are areca palms, bird of paradise, cocoplum, seagrapes, hibiscus, golden duranta, and live oak trees. 

We have seen our clients have success using clusia plants as privacy hedges since clusia do not get whiteflies. The downside of clusia compared to ficus hedges is that they are much slower growing plants and are more susceptible to fungus damage than ficus.

How often should I get lawn and ornamental services?

We recommend that all clients get monthly lawn and ornamental service. For clients who don’t have a lawn or do not need the lawn care aspect, an ornamental service can be done independently.

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