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The small city of Atlantis, FL, was built in 1959 and continues to offer all the quintessential Palm Beach charm you could ever want. Unfortunately, pests are also big fans of life here in Atlantis.

Looking for sources of food, moisture, and shelter, local pest populations seek entry into our homes and businesses. That means we’re exposed to potential pest infestation, and that’s a nightmare that no property owner wants to face, especially not alone.

Not to worry, Native Pest Management has your back.

Since 2014, our family-owned and operated pest control company has been servicing Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie counties with complete pest control solutions.

As a company of certified Top Rated Local® Experts, we can safely say that when you go with Native Pest Management, you go with the absolute best. Whatever kind of pest situation you’ve found yourself in, we’re here to help.

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Residential Pest Control In Atlantis, FL

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Here at Native Pest Management, we treat all of our customers like they’re part of the family. That’s why we’re so committed to keeping your Atlantis home, and your loved ones inside it, completely safe from pest activity.

Our residential pest control services protect over 500 homes from the dangers of household pest infestations. We cover the interior and exterior of your house as needed, and we perform ongoing lawn care to keep your yard healthy year-round.

Our treatments are always eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and totally safe for your property and those inside it. In addition to our general pest control services, we also offer attic decontamination, insulation replacement, lawn and ornamental services, and preventative applications.

Our follow-up services are available monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly to suit your needs.

Reach out to us today to discuss your residential pest control needs, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Commercial Pest Control In Atlantis, FL

Your Atlantis business is very enticing to local pest populations, and that puts you and your entire facility at risk of experiencing an infestation. Our commercial pest control solutions give local businesses year-round pest protection they can trust.

Some of the properties we serve include office buildings, warehouses, apartment buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, and grocery stores. We also provide complete pest control for yachts, boats, and airplanes.

After a thorough inspection, we determine the best plan of action and perform the appropriate treatments to the interior and exterior of the property. Through the use of our trusted IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies and the most advanced pest control practices on the market, we guarantee year-round pest protection you can count on.

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Spider Control In Atlantis, FL

Spiders are infamous, eight-legged arthropods that mostly feed on insects. So, if there are insects in your home, chances are there are spiders close behind looking to eat them. What else brings spiders into your Atlantis home? Well, there are a variety of attractants to be aware of.
Some spiders are attracted to moisture, while some like drier environments, but something they all love is dark hiding places. This includes cracks, crevices, piles of leaves, piles of clothes, empty containers, etc.

If your house suffers from sanitation issues, or a lack of general cleanliness, spiders will have an easier time finding places to hide because of all the mess.

Overall, anything that attracts insects to your home will also attract spiders. The best, most effective way to deal with spider activity on your property is to rely on a team of experienced pest experts.

Native Pest Management is proud to provide comprehensive spider control and prevention services that Atlantis homeowners can trust all year long.

Whitefly Control In Atlantis, FL

Closely related to mealybugs and aphids, whiteflies aren’t actually considered flies, though they do have wings and can take flight. These small pests cause a lot of problems for vegetation and horticulture.

They’re most prevalent in the warmer, humid months, meaning here in Florida, they’re active pretty much all year long.
Whiteflies can often be found on plants, specifically on the undersides of leaves. They cause plants to wilt, yellow, shrivel, and stop growing. You’ll also find a honeydew secretion where they’ve been, as they produce this as they suck up plant juices.

If you want to be proactive to avoid whiteflies, try to pay attention to your plants, looking for eggs and nymphs. Also, make sure to always inspect your plants before bringing them home.
It’s a good idea to avoid chemical pesticides, as whiteflies are usually resistant to them. You can try a variety of DIY treatments and home remedies, but none of these methods will be as reliable as ongoing services from the pest professionals.

Call the team at Native Pest Management today for all of your whitefly control and prevention needs.

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