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Ant Control in Hollywood, FL

Just like people, ants love tropical environments too. Hollywood, FL is as tropical as it gets. The number one pest we get calls about are ghost ants in Hollywood. Ghost ants are very small, almost invisible ants with a clear back end. Ghost ants are very sensitive to pheronomes and by using the wrong spray, one colony may split into two colonies, making more and more ghost ants in your home over time. 

Big Headed ants in Hollywood are also very common. Unlike the name implies, most of these ants do not have big heads. Only about 10% of them have noticeably large heads compared to the size of their bodies. Big-headed ants are quite difficult to control, since their colonies usually number in the millions. There are so many of them on some properties that it often will take two or three applications to eliminate them, since they consume so much of the product that we apply. 

Whether you are seeing ants in your kitchen, ants in your bathrooms, ants in the attic or ants on the countertops or in your yard, the experts at Native Pest Management know how to eliminate them. We have learned from the University of Florida that the trick isn't to come in with the nuclear option and spray and bomb all over the place.

Our technicians come into your home with a very scientific approach designed to not disrupt the ants on the day of service. We apply non-repellant products that don't allow their colonies to split into two, and before they know it we hit the queen(s) which collapses the colonies.

For a free ant control quote from the best pest control in Hollywood, FL, call Native Pest Management today!


Termite Control in Hollywood, FL

As wood-eating pests, termites slowly tunnel into, and feed on, the structural timbers of your house. Formosan termites, often called super termites, can consume one to three pounds of wood a day within a home. This weakens the construction and greatly compromises its structural integrity.

It is estimated that in the U.S. alone, home and business owners spend over $5 billion in termite damage repairs and prevention costs. Unfortunately, most homeowners insurance plans don’t even cover termite damage, so this expense ends up coming out of homeowner's pockets.

Termites in Hollywood cause a massive amount of structural wood damage on an annual basis. From the subterranean termites that enter your home from the soil, to the drywood termite swarmers that leave frass and droppings on your windowsills, we are local termite control experts. We specialize in various forms of Hollywood, FL termite control and prevention, from termite pre-treatments to tent fumigations, termite bait stations and whole home no-tent treatments. All of our termite control programs are warrantied.

Termite damage is absolutely devastating, and the threat of infestation needs to be taken seriously. A quick look at some high risk areas of your property can help you spot signs of termites. For comprehensive termite control and preventative treatments, call Native Pest Management today. Whatever the nature of your termite situation, we’re here to help and are also glad to answer your most commonly asked termite control questions. 

Why Choose Native Pest Management?

Native Pest Management is a family-owned company founded by third-generation South Florida natives. Native Pest offers complete residential and commercial pest control services to homes and businesses throughout Hollywood and the surrounding areas. Our pest control, termite control, rodent control, mosquito control and lawn care services are both eco-friendly and pet-friendly. We always use the safest, most updated products and treatments.

Here are some more reasons to choose Native Pest Management for your pest control needs:

Top-Rated Local® Pest Control Company
Combined 100 Years Of Experience
Over 1000 five star reviews on Google, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, BBB and Angie's List
Quarterly, Bi-Monthly, Or Monthly Treatment Plans
Pest-Free Guarantee

We also offer organic options to fit your particular needs and preferences. Whatever type of pest situation you’re dealing with, give us a call today. We offer free quotes, free inspections, and a pest-free guarantee that you can rely on.

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