West Palm Beach Pre-Construction Termite Control

Termite Pre-Treatments in South Florida

At Native Pest Management, we provide free termite pre-treatment inspections and estimates for both homeowners and general contractors. 

The State of Florida requires termite pre-treatment certificates be issued by a licensed pest control company prior to concrete slabs being poured. Most of the pre-treatments we do are for home additions or for new home construction. We also have performed these treatments for large commercial and industrial facilities. 

This certificate is required since subterranean termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage annually, and a mis-applied termite pre-treatment or the lack of a pre-treatment can make a structural vulnerable.

Serving the West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach,  Jupiter, Wellington, Boca Raton and all of Broward, Martin and St. Lucie counties, Native Pest Management is your go-to source for termite control and termite prevention.

What Is a Termite Pre-Treatment?

Termite pre-treatments are treatments that are required to help prevent subterranean termites from causing structural damage to new construction homes, structural additions, and commercial buildings.

In South Florida, we have a number of termite species, but the most threatening to new construction homes and businesses are subterranean termites.

In our service area, five native and non-native subterranean termite species plague structures. The most damaging is the invasive Formosan subterranean termite, often referred to as “the super termite.”

Keep Your Property Termite Free

How Do Termite Pre-Treatments Protect Against Termites?

Soil Treatment –  The types of termiticide products labeled for termite pre-treatments will either work by repelling termites or work by killing termites via a transfer effect when they come into contact with treated soil.

At Native Pest Management, we prefer products such as Termidor and Premise, which instead of trying to repel termites – work by eliminating entire termite colonies.

While termiticides such as bifen that repel termites are often the cheapest option for a termite pre-treatment, they do not last as long in the soil. The reason termiticides that repel termites are often cheaper is that they are less effective at achieving successful termite prevention. With a repellant termiticide – any tiny gap in spray coverage can be enough to allow subterranean termites to enter the structure.

Termite Bait Stations – Our favorite method of termite prevention is to install termite bait stations in the soil surrounding structures. Bait stations are effective at eliminating local termite colonies.

We only install and monitor the most advanced stations – the Trelona ATBS Advance Baiting System. This system does not utilize wood monitoring blocks like other types of termite bait stations may use. Every station we install comes pre-loaded with active bait so that they immediately begin to eliminate termites once installed.

To learn more about the termite bait stations we use for South Florida subterranean termite control, click here.

For South Florida Termite Pre-Treatments – Use Native Pest

At Native Pest Management, we provide Palm Beach, Broward, Martin and St. Lucie counties with guaranteed pest and termite control solutions. If you are a general contractor or homeowner who is building a home or commercial building in the South Florida area, or simply adding a small addition to your home or business, please contact us today.