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When people think of fleas, they don’t typically think about how their home or business could be infested, but rather how their pet could be infested. While yes, a flea is more likely to go after your four-legged friends than it is your friends and family, but if forced to, fleas have no issue turning to humans for a source of food.

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What Exactly Is A Flea?

Fleas are very small flightless insects that are an external parasite to birds, mammals, and practically any other animal that is a source of blood. Fleas are equipped with sharp claws that allow them to latch to their host while they feed. Known for their incredible jumping skills, fleas can jump a distance of more than 50 times their body length, allowing them to move quickly from host to host. Fleas are an annoying pest, plain and simple, and once they manifest themselves in your home it won’t be easy for you to get them out — unless you contact us for our South Florida flea control services.

How To Identify A Flea

Identifying a flea infestation in your South florida home or business is a rather simple task. Fleas are almost always, but are not limited to being, brought in by a pet. So naturally, the first way to identify a flea infestation is to keep a close eye on your pet. Some common signs that your pet has a flea issue are scratching, inflamed skin, and general discomfort.

In addition to keeping an eye on your pet, it is important to keep an eye out for the fleas themselves, as fleas can be seen with the naked eye. They may be small, but fleas can be rather easily seen — especially when they are moving from your pet to their hiding spots.

What Are Some Signs Of Flea Activity

While fleas are not easy to see, they sure do make their presence known. Some of the most common signs that you can expect to see are pet scratching, bite marks, and feces. If your pet is the host of one or more fleas, it will likely clearly show as they will vigorously scratch to try and remove the fleas. One of the more apparent signs would be that of physical bites and feces. If you find signs of fleas, get in touch with your local South Florida flea exterminator.

How Did Fleas Get Into My Home?

As a homeowner, we can’t blame you for wondering how these tiny little pests have entered your home. One of the most common ways for pests to enter the threshold of your home is on the back of your trusted companion — your pet. Often times a flea will latch on to your pet and be brought into your home where it reproduces and looks for alternative food sources.

But don’t be so quick to judge your furry friend. It is not uncommon for pets to be subjected to unfair blame when the fleas were in fact brought in by another pest. Say that a rodent finds its way into your home. A flea might be on the back of that rodent, meaning if the rodent dies, or if the flea falls off, it is now in your home — and looking for another food source too!

How Are Fleas Treated?

Fleas are extremely small, making it extremely difficult to treat them on your own. In order to properly treat the fleas, it is important for the treatment to be extremely focused on the location that the largest part of the flea population is thought to be. Luckily, this means that if a flea infestation is caught quickly, killing the little pests might be as easy as washing your pet with a treatment that has been provided by your veterinarian. In fact, even with our limited knowledge of veterinary treatments, we can still confidently say that there is a variety of treatment ranging from shampoos, sprays, and dips.

Cleaning Post-Infestation

If you have pets, and they were the root of the infestation, consider putting them outside for a while as you clean — solely to negate the risk of having them infested again. If the infestation is serious enough, it might even be wise to throw away or destroy your pet’s bedding. After that has been done, wash everything you can. Sofa liners, area rugs, and any other cloth items that could potentially be a shelter for fleas. Once you have sanitized all surfaces, your flea problems should be over. If they aren’t, simply contact us!

Be Flea-Free By Contacting Native Pest Management

Once fleas are in your home, they are not easy to get out, making it critical that you contact your local flea control expert. When you get in touch with us at Native Pest Control, we will come to your South Florida home and begin treating it to exterminate the fleas. Treating fleas can be a multi-step process involving chemical treatment, vacuuming, the cleaning of one’s bedding, and more. If your home is infested, a quick call to Native Pest Management can get your home back to normal in no time. Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced flea exterminators.

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