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What Is A Flea?

Fleas are very small, flightless insects that are an external parasite to various mammals including dogs, cats and humans. Fleas are equipped with sharp claws, which allows them to latch on to their host while they feed.

Known for their incredible jumping skills, fleas can jump a distance of more than 50 times their body length, allowing them to move quickly from host to host. A simple walk with your dog down your street or a trip to your local veterinarian may expose you and your pets to fleas.

Fleas are very persistent, and once they infest your home, it won’t be easy for you to get them out. 

How To Identify Fleas

We recommend first closely inspecting your pets. If you’ve noticed one or more of your pets itching or scratching themselves, or if they have inflamed skin, it may be an indication they have fleas. 

Fortunately fleas are easily seen with the naked eye upon close inspection of your pets if they are present. Carefully part their fur or hair to look for these small, dark insects moving on their skin.

If you don’t find any on your pets, check pet bedding in your home next. Fleas are most likely to be present where your pets spend most of their time – whether it’s bedding in the corner of your bedroom for your dog or possibly a corner of a living room couch your cat likes to sleep on.

If you or someone else in your family have bites on your skin, we recommend scheduling a doctor’s appointment to attempt to have the cause of the bite(s) identified.

How Did Fleas Get Into My Home?

The most common way fleas get into your home is via jumping onto one of your pets. This can easily happen on a trip to the dog park, the veterinarian or the dog groomer. 

Once in your home, fleas will reproduce as they continue to use you or your pets as a food source. Flea eggs will embed themselves in carpeted areas of your home and also in the cracks in hardwood floors.

If your pet is on flea medication and has never had symptoms of flea bites, the fleas may have come from another animal. It’s very possible you may have rodents or animals like raccoons or possums in your attic or on the exterior of your home which are carrying fleas.

We always recommend you contact us to schedule a free inspection to make sure your attic and the exterior of your home are checked to identify the source of the flea infestation.

How to Treat for Fleas?

First and foremost, make sure all cats and dogs in your home are on flea medication as prescribed by a local veterinarian. Be sure to follow the instructions on the flea medication to ensure it is effective. No flea treatment in your home will be effective if your pets themselves are not on medication.

Then Vacuum. And vacuum again, and again. This alone will immediately physically remove flea eggs from the flooring and carpeting within your home.

Next put all bedding, couch covers, and pet bedding in your washing machine on the hot water setting.

When all of the above is completed, if you still have fleas, call the professionals. We provide free flea inspections and offer pet friendly treatments to both the interior and exterior of homes for flea and tick control.

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Treating fleas can be a multi-step process involving flea medication, vacuuming, washing of pet bedding, and a professional flea treatment of the interior and exterior of your home.

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